Make fun of NEETs

Hi this board is slow right now. I made around 1.5 million dollars at current valuations for my crypto and other assets. Despite this, I have only been able to fuck gigantic whale chicks for the last 2 years. Feel free to give me advice or to laugh at me for being such a failure

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If you send me 10k so I can move out, I’ll tell you how to break the cycle. I used to be you, and because I broke the cycle and can fuck any bitch I want, I don’t give a shit that I’m a NEET. Besides, you probably spend around that much on a date with one of these fatties I’m sure they work up an appetite.

Haha you wish buddy. I said you can make fun of me or give advice. I’m not pathetic enough to give money to homeless people even I have limits

That's pathetic as fuck user. I'm average as shit in every respect and I've managed to bang at least 7/10's consistently


Just keep doing you OP, pussy is extremely overrated. t. Have fucked 60+ chicks

Yeah I am low self-esteem now. I am pretty sure all my friends and family think I have a fat fetish because of the chicks I have been bringing around but in truth I just want company

I’m not homeless but I could use a new spot to take these married slabs. I guess you’ll just never know the key to getting ass. Money is definitely not it as I’m sure you can tell by now. But good luck, make a thread in the future looking for me if you re think your foolish decision. However my price will then be 25k.

Thanks user. I do get pussy now it’s just nothing to be proud of. I got autism from bitcoin before my bitcoin life I fucked around 10 hot chicks

Look I am pretty pathetic but you are cringe. Take a hike

Dude claims he made a million but is also a failure for fucking fatties. I know I’m a nufag but this ain’t right. You’ve won bud.

Look up 'the game' by neil strauss. Him & mystery. Best of luck OP.

learn to love the whales, you might be rich, you might even good looking but we all know you're a fucking hideous spud on the inside. go nut in some 300 pound guts and accept yourself faggot

Would you rather spend it on food for your whales? You’ve probably indirectly produced so much feces by pouring thousands of dollars of food into these processors who’ve in turn churned out literal tons of shit. Why would you hurt the world like this?

You should look up how not to be a gayboy who uses a “dating” handbook. Fuck man


Can you elaborate?
I’m so pathetic I did read that and even tried some of it. Truth is that Neil strauss is a jewish scammer. He came out with later books that admit he was a bullshitter
Alright thanks
Desperation to nut. After I made it I did not get with any chicks for about 6 months then I started to expand my standards

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Fly to eastern Europe and start shopping. You're welcome

How disgraceful. You’ll think back to this when you tie that belt around your neck and remember you had an opportunity.

Your 7s are the regular person’s 3s.

I know tons of chicks that use that app. It’s a scam they hate all the guys they go out with they just do it for clout

honestly I just Read "I hope they serve beer in hell" and saw how conversations that lead to sex go and went from there. Babe Ruth struck out 1300 times but is remembered for the HRs. same applies to sex, trading etc

How do I do that? Any tips?
Stop projecting. I have zero interest in killing myself outside of chicks my life is great now. Take a hike broke boy

where do you live? this is 100% objective and most likely false

download the dating apps, these are your tinder,s your bumbles, HOOK UP DATING, your meet me app. you know your way around the internet, find ways to automate tinder, or bumble so you can spend less time swiping and more time piping -- i believe in you user

You made a decent amount of money.. don’t let your ego get carried away just cause you fucked a fatty and felt shame afterwards. Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished in your life? That’s all that matters. Pound them fatties like a pro. Plus you’re fucking unlike some fags around here

sound advice, +1

Holding UND is like passively removing Neetdom.

Put half a million into it and you should be able to remove 75% of the NEET pheromone stench (you know what I'm talking about) within 3 months. The rest should fade naturally after your ascension completes in give or take 1 more month after you start noticing the initial rush fading away.

I have tried that briefly and was getting decent matches on tinder but my “girlfriend” caught me on it so now I use plenty of fish and it’s all fatties I match with
That’s a good post user. In general I am happy with my life and I have great goals for the rest of adulthood but the one shining area of weakness for me is women right now. I just want a skinny chick I can bring around to social outings

Thanks I will read this. Rejection is not a major issue for me I get over it in a day or so

there was an old ios app that autoswiped on tinder it would match at a super fast rate, like 1-3k matches every 24 hours -- but it got delisted. i know there's gotta be a similar service, just haven't done the research. $9/month and a swipe bot should do it for you honestly -- you can literally just choose to be confident, put yourself out there take a little risk

I’m pretty bad at taking pictures so the only decent pictures of me are with fat chicks which I think fucks me over regarding tinder. That auto swipe app is a good plan though I will try it anyway

You want that trophy piece- not being a dick just stating what I think. And that’s alright dude. Men and women are fucking superficial. Just don’t let pussy misguide you. The skinny ones are they worst. Especially if it’s due to meth/eating disorder. In all seriousness tho I wish you luck. Just don’t forget the fat ones

>OP likes fat whales but cant admit it to himself

Nothing wrong with that. Who would not like a BRAPPPPPP

Ya pound those flabbys like a something that's great. Fat girls only happened twice but depressed me both times. They liked me so much and like sex just sucks, a doll would have been better. No wonder your all depressed if you just get desperate Fatty's that can barely roll over.

1. stop eating u fat fuck

You’ve never fucked a living human being fuck off. You may have fucked your fat ass dog a couple times. fucked a fat girl “two times” lying ass. We’re trying to help OP out and your showing how much of a whiny bitch you are. O wait he did ask for mockery

okay that's fine, just take a photo of yourself in even white-lighting for now to get you going and over the next few days go outside to have someone take a photo of you so you have some product shots. honestly, make a MeetMe too, it has the tinder features mixed with a FB style social media aspect, I've met girls through here that turned to IRL relations, it's simple. Also, psuedo-spiritual advice if you want a hookup it's easy. If you want someone to bring around and keep around focus on yourself, taking care of yourself, eating well, drinking loads of water, getting sun, meditating (even small amounts), keeping motivated, and honestly that's the mindset that will attract one you might actually want to kick it with more than once.

This dude fucks. But honestly the latter half is what you need to pay attention to on his post. Focus on yourself, bitches ain’t shit

I don’t mind the fat ones I just want clout so you are right
I’m not fat at all. In great shape
Thanks for the advice friend. I used to meditate I will take this as a chance to get back into it.
I did focus on myself and built a sweet life just trying to get some balance now

Los Angeles


>fat whale chicks
Why would you buy such a stupid commodity

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Dude ignore anyone giving you shit, remember

Stay salty, virgins

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clean yourself up. if you yeeted yourself out of poverty on coins congrats but that doesnt buy you social skills. if you were born rich find equally socially inept 2nd gen or better rich kids.

if you seriously cant get a date on tinder its because you're in nowhereseville or are socially retarded

Supply and demand. I am in low demand and fat chicks are in high supply
I am trying to clean myself up by asking for advice

Incredibly pathetic

OP is going to make it

Status is what women desire in men. All else is proxy for that, money, looks, muscles. It all comes down to how you stand socially. A millionaire who gets dabbed on by some unemployed chad won't appeal to women.

So first you need to get into a leading mindset. Sorting out looks is part of that, so get in shape, get surgey if you need to and dress nicely. That means a decent shirt and trousers not anything stupid. Get a normal haircut too. Women love shoes for some reason so make sure they're high quality.

Then try get into a millionaire's mindset. Most people are far below you so you need to keep that in mind. Say no to fat women as you lower yourself to their level otherwise. If you need to take coke or something on nights out or dates as a crutch to get out of your anxious hole.

Thanks buddy
Good post and I agree with most of it. What surgery do you suggest? You’re right that my best experiences with women have come when I am drunk that is probably due to me being more of a dickhead when I drink

Well that's highly dependent, say you had a massive nose or balding head, perhaps fucked up teeth.

Looks are very important despite what some naive people say, but mostly for confidence. If you are ugly doing something about it will make you feel so much more at ease in social situations. You'll also be less likely to 'act out' and dress in weird ways for attention. Like getting weird dyed hair or cringeworthy "peacocking".

Ultimately though the important thing is that when in a group of people you appear in charge and the focus of attention. There are different routes to this but as a millionaire you have the objective grounding for it.

As for how looks help in social situations it makes you less self-reflective. You engage directly to the world not always first thinking about yourself. Women and men can easily detect someone who is second guessing themselves.

I think heidegger gave an example of playing a piano on your own, well and engaged with the music. Then suddenly someone comes to watch. Now you aren't engaged with the music, you are thinking about your fingers and how they are playing and so you play badly. Social engagement is like that and you want to remove as much self reflection as you can.

Getting drunk is a common way of doing that but you won't get far with strangers absolutely blasted. Coke should be a very temporary crutch to show you how well you do when confident. Really you want concrete changes.

Get a passport, a ticket to ukraine, download tinder, and tell the girls there that you're looking for a wife.

You can tell them that you're a millionaire right away and theyll try to fuck you. Getting one that likes you for who you are will be alot harder but you are exotic so it might not be impossible

Just download tinder plus for a month and send your location to Kiev

But then you’re set up for life with a gold digging slab. Such a sterile artificial life. Perfect for a soulless loser.

do not get surgery. exercise and realize your limitations, work with them. also, just go top tier Asia.

also, buy $OTO.

Is that you wagu beef user?

Bad advice

Don't forget to thank me sir

Chubby girls are the best anyway.

sure thing mr. virgin

want some advice? stop larping you poor retard hahaha

I'm a 25 virgin, average looking.
Any tips for the 1st time? I'm scared shitless and that's the only thing that keeps me from losing my virginity.

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Thanks for the tips user. Very useful perspective.
I’ve never been to Ukraine how would I communicate? I only speak English
I’m not into Asians and I do not know $OTO
Yeah I agree in terms of sex but I want a normal gf I can bring around without social shame
Just bang someone lower status than you for the first time then you will have no nerves

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BritBong Chad here - Ill teach you the ways of colonizing pussy for the low price of £50 an hour.

>take trip overseas and fuck foreign qts
>take loads of pics at exotic locations
>come back home and put these pics on your tinder
>seem worldly and rich
>bang domestic thots

Thanks that is the most concise and realistic guide yet. I am 510 can I bang thots oversea at that height

>tfw i won't be able to save my dad when the cancer hits because im a brainlet

Take roids, stop fapping, lift your ass off or do MMA, and move out of the west. You’ll get laid guaranteed but you’re too much of a pussy to do any of the above so shove your false self pity up your mouthbreather rectum

How will moving west help? Steroids will make my balls tiny

Step 1. Begin going to the gym and eating healthy
Step 2. There is no step 2

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