Fastest coin ever.

Zero fees.

Just got out of the top 50.

Price keeps on decreasing while progress keeps on increasing.

If you're not buying NANO, you literally hate money.

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I agree. Such a good deal!

Please see: Anchoring bias

Go back to plebbit Louisa

nobody gives a fuck a bout 'fast' money

its glorified sms

sell your three ton bags and buy couple dozen of link, thats all i can advice you

XNOS is better. No one wants your boomer grandpa ass Nano coin nigga

>reddit coin

Feel like I'm stealing at these prices!

I hate money cause I won't be an asset that's continually decreasing in value? Riiiight.

I have a shop and I would like to accept Nano payments directly. (not through Coingate or anything) How can I dentify different payments? Is there a memo/reference field in the clients?

What would be the best solution?

I would like to accept Nano because its free but Coingate have 1% processing fee.

If I cant use Nano directly its completely pointless.

bump for adoption

Nano devs and community lied about 7000 TPS in dec 2017. Video. Pushed by Italian scammers. Reality now is 130 TPS. Visa is calibrated for 60 000 TPS to deal with peaks like Christmas, summer holiday etc. Visa does not include the unbanked and is not a global currency. Nano must at least have 100K TPS. First, Nano will never be able to do that within the next 5 years. Secondly, even if they managed, it would be so insanely expensive to run node that Nanos crazy commie idea where every node operator do it for free and take all the costs, would crash. In top of that you can take the scammy Jew Zack Shapiro that together with his friends got millions of Nano out of Bitgrail, while everyone else was stuck, and at the same time lied through his teeth what kind of great guy bomber was.In short, Nano is a scam. Stay away.

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How many tps is bitcorn?

You know what? They should make a commercial. I got an idea!









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Brainblocks I think, it's quite easy to integrate and it creates a new receiving wallet for every payment before sending you, so it's able to identify what payment it is, and has no fees whatsoever. But it isn't a FIAT gateway, don't know what the best one is, but they certainly have fees.
Hasn't been following Nano recently, so I don't know if there's something better than Brainblocks for it now. There might be.

>How many tps is bitcorn?
Why do you want to compare with BTC? Don't you know that there are so many cryptos ready to roll out 100K+ TPS within the next month or year, including ETH working on one million TPS. Then you will have a global, currency. How can Nano compete with Zuckcoin?

Thank you.

Nano is going to 15 cents. Screencap this.

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blatant scam

all crypto is glorofied sms

why use some incel autists "coin" when you can use usd ?

New people should look up what "RAIBLOCKS" is and know that this has nowhere to go but down.

Buy $OTO

Ill buy in at twenty cents-ish