Sergey Nazarov is Satoshi Nakamoto
S.N = S.N

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the secret is out, the fat autist is actually satoshi nakamoto. Suck it up craight wrighto

based and cheked, but why is he using ethereum?

>invent a pseudonym with the same initials as your legal name

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stop being so retarded

This delusion is getting out of hand

S N... SN

T V T?

I'm seeing signs everywhere for this coin lately.

Yeah the guy that failed to patent the term "smartcontract" developed Bitcoin.

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how heavy are your bags?
there is absolutly no logic in this

Dont tell the new fags they cant even triforce they are not worthy

Very comfy 2200 will I make it?

>apply complex mathematical concepts and software engineering while majoring philosophy

Yes, he developed Bitcoin at 22 years old.

Philosophy is the fundamental underpinning of all reason and thought. Without philosophy, there is no math, there is no engineering, there is no consciousness. Sergey Nakamote is this millennium's Socrates.

Although I do believe serg was close to satoshi in the creation of bitcoin I dont think he wrote the whitepaper. Sticking with nick szabo on that one. (With a couple of others). But I think Serg was the man they bought in to take it to the next level.

He got interested in blockchain at 2014. Just check his Twitter. Before that no blockchain stuff. Apparently he was interested in startup business before blockchain. I'm wondering though why haven't anybody suggested Ari Juels to be Satoshi?

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Yes, because the real Satoshi Nakamoto wouldn't possibly lie in real life about when they got into crypto

>advocates reason and thought
>brings forward unsubstantiated claims and defends them by abstraction
What did you mean by this.

based and redpilled

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Holy fuck

Seeing this unironically discussed makes me want to market sell my entire stack.

do it faggot. post proof

What if it's just a coincidence?

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Sergey is market selling his stack why shouldn’t you?

yeah, well, you wouldn't have believed anyway. so theres that.

Szabo, Nick

Being the richest man in the world from bitcoin just wasn't enough . 700k a day linkies dumped.. does his greed have no end?

Take the satoshipill frens.

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This is dumb. Satoshi Nakamoto is a japanese name. It's likely that it's I don't know, A JAPANESE PERSON! Gee you guys love your conspiracy theories.


A gay boy’s chat. What do you mean ‘source’? It’s two usernames talking to each other. Dumb linkie.

I didn't ask you, faggot. Stop quoting me

Back in 2015 USA media found some old jap living in America literally named Satoshi Nakamoto and announced to the world he crated Bitcoin. Then they harassed him for some time when he refused to cooperate.


An obese leftist philosophy grad with a pathetic centralized shitcoin


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you either larping or a fucking retard

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