Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman

Holy fuck lads, I'm getting second hand suicidal urges just from watching this.

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Better than a day in the life of an Ethiopian living in Somalia

But he seems happy with his life.

Tfw no Tokyo drift 2

> Wage cucks have been ideologically brainwashed to believe this is normal and there's no point in doing anything differently.

Worst part is even STEM is like this.
I went to the BCF and the top Japanese company offered 40k starting for EEs. This is the company that people from Tokyo University go to; the wages are absolutely cucked over there for younger workers.

At least they’re in japan tho.

does anyone here know if there's significant groups of japanese who loathe us and our culture for absolutely obliterating their traditional way of life beyond recognition?

Insectoids gonna insectoid then we let these fucks and the poos come to our countries and hire whites and pay them subhuman wages. All boomers must die.

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yeah but no one cares about somalians tho, they're basically chimps

how can one experience true happiness without disparity? is a person truly happy if they believe they are satisfied doing something when they've never tried anything else?

lol, first day away from Jow Forums I take it?

Lmao @ the random whitoid

Wagiecuck thread?
Wagiecuck thread

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>get up at 7:00

lmao, soft.

>just wageslave literally all day every day and don't get paid for half of it while using slow public transportation and a bicycle you have to pay to park

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I don’t see any problem to live like this. You can stay always uplifted if you’re working hard and you can be depressed and frustrated if you procrastinate on your job

Judging by his house his wages are at least 3 times higher than mine and he only "works" about 20% more than me in a day. (if we can call meetings and answering emails work) Me, an eastern european engineer.

Asians have no souls so they can put up with this kind of work.

He intends to stay in this job forever. Do you know what this means? Assuming he has 7 hours of sleep, over 80% of his waking life will be spent working for some fucking sim card company.

Is spending 80% of your waking life selling sim cards in exchange for a basic salary a worthwhile investment?

Its unironically culture, not the people. Lots of western born asians (like me) are repulsed by this kind of lifestyle.

I'd rather live in eastern Europe than Japan.

No its not, but Japanese are programmed to think its the norm. No wonder suicide rates are high imagine how lonely you must be when you realize the system is fucked up and if you want to be part of the society yo have to work crazy hours as everyone else does it too.
If I was Japanese I would probably be just like them, but if I realized how fucked up it is I legit would move to one of the isles and become a fisherman.

I don’t think that type of companies will exist in 10 years. So no, he’s not gonna selling SIM cards all the rest of his life

i just made this actual face involuntarily, for real while watching that video, which is radioactive to the cringe glands and uncool.

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Eastern europe is a trash shithole compared to japan. Hell even america does better.

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Think i made a similiar face too.

Poor and free vs rich and a slave.

Stop reminding me of the fact that I'm stuck in this shitty wagecuck job.

Slavs are poor AND slaves. It's literally in the name

He lives in his parents home

This is hell on earth

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>Wake up at 3am, have a shower, set coffee on stove, get uniform ready/iron it if needed
>Drink coffee and read some news
>Get in car at 4am and warm it up. Roll a couple of cigarettes.
>Leave at around 4.10am
>Drive for 1.5 hours
>Arrive at work. Check in through security, clock in, arrive at dining room at around 5:45 for morning briefing
>Start at 6am. Have one 15-30 minute break somewhere between 11am and 12:30pm
>Pack up and head to front door, clock out after 6pm
>Begin drive home. Petrol or a coffee stop means I get home after 8pm most nights.
>Have a shit, eat dinner, fall asleep.

Did this shit for four years. Not fucking worth it.

what job was it?

Correctional Officer in the private jail system.
Let me tell you, jails are one thing that should not be run according to a corporate budget.

seems like hell

so much effort for essentially useless work
his company doesn't produce any real goods or services

Totally different story in this one though
I'd kill to work at a place like this, and i already have a pretty high paying job in Canada

God tier. Now compare this to an american open space

They say it's his parents house right at the beginning you adhd sperg

>I've never interacted with a non white
"T-they're just like us! RACIST!"

I'm literally nonwhite retard

that's actually like a lot of companies, its all useless superstructure or middlemen

>No wonder suicide rates are high
That's a meme perpetuated as part of the strategy to get Japan to accept immigrants.

The thinking is that immigration is meant to solve the population decrease caused by suicides (and the low birthrate meme), and also that immigrants would provide more "vibrancy" and "color" to Japan, making them suicide less.

Don't fall for this shit.
Suicides are high in any highly developed and highly urbanized area.

>listening to your whitey boss on the floor
How is this even possible in Japan?

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Here's my day in the life of:

>wake up at around 9:30 am or whenever the fuck I want
>make a bowl of cereal
>open computer and check emails and general internet entertainment
>eat lunch
>eat dinner
>maybe work some more if needed
>some TV and sleep

Freelancer working at home master race.

>average Japanese commute is 1hr
What happened to muh efficient public transportation

1 hr is not so bad for a giant city

>e-sim becomes standard

Makoto commits seppuku

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thats fairly efficient actually

This type of workload is only worth it if you have stake in the company.

>it's a myth

Eastern Europe has highest suicide rates.
Next in line are east asians (South Koreans, Japan)
Only and only then do rich countries such as Germany appear.

Also note males in Eastern Europe suicide about 6-8x as much as females. Polish women suicide less than women in Switzerland or other super-rich places. Eastern Europe is very matriarchal and being a male here is pure suffering.

What do you work? I wanna be masterrace too offices and teambuildings and work meetings are so fukken retarded.

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>the absolute state of bigcityfags
I live in a suburb and take the freeway to work in my car, 15 minutes average

ew lol

Not it ain’t

This looks very comfy. It would be my dream job to live in Japan and work in small game studio as a 3D graphics artist with this type of living and commuting situation.

so he sleeps in a bed like people?

UK owned company, I'm in the UK and do work with a Japanese owned company. The boss took all the staff to Japan, only like 10 of them but still cool.

This, don't perpetuate (((this stuff)))

slave morality

Learn to read.
Japan is a hugely urbanized country, the Tokyo supercity is the largest urban conglomerate in the world.
Suicide rates in densely urbanized areas are high everywhere.

And males suicide at much higher rates than women everywhere.


you have no soul either

it is a fucking metaphysical abstraction

The problem is to find a willing-to-pay demand, given that competition among uneducated (lack of an Ivy League degree) is something 1 to 10000.

Everything else is trivial.

But Eastern Europe is a slav shithole, where youth and health are the only competitive factors.

White-skinned snowy Africa, like fucking Russia

on the contrary my friend, everything but the soul is a metaphysical abstraction

Russia and Eastern Europe have a higher per capita GDP and HDI than 90% of Asia. You could say China is a yellow Africa then.


I work maybe a quarter as much as that guy and probably make double or triple, it really is all about how much dollar value you can provide, not how many hours or retard tier in-person meetings you attend.
I'm pretty depressed as it is but at least I have it way better. I would probably kill myself if I had to live in that kind of situation, glad I live in a western country.

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If the characters in New Game were slaves then I too wish to be a slave


fucking degenerate

yes, still a bit more than India (not for long) and Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Compared to Japan or Singapore or Honk Kong it is a fucking shithole.

Industrialized mainland China is already ahead. Fuck off, Ivan.

The worst thing is that you have to respect your elders and senpais, even when they are stupid boomers that know nothing about the job

China has a lower per capita GDP than Russia, let alone EU Slavs like Czechs. Sorry Chang.

None white and so happy I’m not. White girls love Maoris and being a rich Maori feels like being a god among mortals.

i wouldn’t be surprised if in the future apple make a reprogrammable simcard built into their iphones forcing the phone industry to implement it, it’s ancient tech

Here are some numbers
Czech Republic 20.368,14 USD
Croatia 13.294,51 USD
Russia 10.743,10 USD

China 8.826,99 USD
India 1.939,61 USD

tu meke. onya kient.

>white zoomer has another racial cuck fantasy
Varga would like a word with you.

i start early shift at 6am, accidentally woke at 5:45am still made it to work on time. Living extremely close to work is underrated.

Going by my experience from just getting back fron Japan, an hour should be about 10-12 miles with a station (not line) transfer.
Pure propaganda YouTube tier.
Note that she is a direct worker for a temp tier place, so she gets to be a Stacey thanks to "Waggies, Waggies get in the Caggies for Minimal Waggies and no Bennies"

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Jesus christ all those girls are so fucking hot. All the butthurt former weebs who say Jap girls are ugly IRL are retards. I've fuck each and every girl there. Also why the fuck is there 1 random white girl working in a Japanese office building kek.

Also that company is the complete opposite of the stereotype I've heard about Japanese companies. That's honestly better than where I work by a fucking longshot. I'd love to do something easy and fun looking like that.

>a fucking zoo in the building

Just kek

This one wasn't too bad. At least the guy gets to go out and do a lot of walking during the day and isn't just sitting in a cubicle, and actually gets to talk to clients face to face. Doesn't seem like rote work.

what do you know, have you lived in Ethiopia? Then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

He seems happy with his life. The mentoring part at 7PM is clearly a choice.
His work was only from 8AM to 6PM, with a 45mn lunch, and a lot of time just walking around one of the best cities in the world.

What's not to like?

now, fucking degenerate, analyze population sizes and try to understand what does it mean

Yeah it means China is a shithole and India is worse than Africa.

Somalians and other Horn Africans are literally nothing like West African monkeys. We are genetically closer to West Eurasian populations. Low IQ in the Horn is caused by dysgenics and poor nutrition

whatever man enjoy your internally contradictory super-modernist metaphysic

What's your idea of life? Doing nothing?

Reminds me this video of Jerry Seinfeld (at 1:25)

He's a millionaire, he doesn't need to work but he does, because rich people (and you got to give it to the jews on this one) know that being on vacation is okay for a few weeks, then what?

Found the retard

kek I would unironically kms in your place, I worked in a bank (software engineer), they pay well but left after 3 months, now working in a university, I don't so shit and start at 8:30am, I always arrive at 9am, and end at 5:30pm, always leave at 5pm, with a 1 hour break at 1 pm- 2pm, I sometimes take a 2 hour break, take coffee breaks whenever I want and walk through the university full of hot roasties.
And I still complain.
55k linkies though, hopefully they set me free one day.

>get to work in a company for the rest of your life
>Make lifelong friendships while working your way up the ladder
>Get to go home and fuck your Japanese QT wife in a myriad of fucked up ways because you both learned all you know about sex from doujins

Yeah sounds awful OP

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"at least they're in Japan" - only an idiot would say this. most loathe their country and can't wait to live.

stop fantasizing and get real.

ahhh, poor people

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>>Make lifelong friendships while working your way up the ladder
wow, you are seriously retarded... XD

>white girls love maori

As soon as a WASP Chad walks into a room you are going to be completely ignored.

>Japanese women
>reading heterosexual doujins
pick 0

Jesus fucking christ

Good luck competing with this "rich Maori", I saw the film about you ethnic subhumans, do you beat your wife?

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I work freelancer too but sometimes it gets boring. Your friends are at work and they don't have time to hang out. By the time they're off, they don't have time to be with you anymore since they also have to be with family. So you're stuck at home conversing with nobody and the only time you get to socialize is when you go out of the house to buy something

Don't forget to thank me sir


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japanese are honary you nigger. they arent insectoid.