Tipping camgirls


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I pity the poor souls who are not on board yet.

fuck checked m8

findom is a thing, every normal man have it in a way or another, stay out and still poor

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Did anybody say digits?

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go back to your telegram pajeets. you had one chance and you blew it

Salty pajeet. Fckn fud hahahaha anything new? We going to moon without you

I’m not selling yet. It might actually take off if they expand. I’m not going to hold my breath, but you don’t buy penny stocks or this type of coin expecting your money back. You buy it expecting to lose all of it, or go 1000x-5000x

We dont need fud we can moon while they are fudding us. Mercatox listing sooon and we are set to fly

I have 100million stocks. And i never doubt the project even if there are many fudders that try to copypasta brappers. Youll see we will go 1000x and make the fudders cry and kill themselves. Kek

Good luck guys. I’m hoping you make it on other exchanges. You will probably make some money if you can

Nothing is as exciting to hold as a phat Brapper

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I can see 1000x with a token like this as fomo can push it there but 5000x man?! That's some serious hopium.

It could do what doge did, ~1500x ez


we need to meme that every women need to have a brapper address, because its women empowerment

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this, it's so easy to make too so why wouldn't they

its your key to financial freedom and independence from the evil white boi, the true is that only 10 ethots will receive tokens, but it will spread the word

You pajeets are pathetic

the dev team is unironically 100% white lmao

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You do not dissed our druglord xander!

Soon we will be snorting coke off a hookers ass while she brraaaaaps


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.69 by eoy!!

I pitty poor souls who want to get rich of absolute degeneracy like camgirl tokens.

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Kek has forsaken you long ago, Jesus. But Kek is with brap.