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Only 1,5k left

if it goes there it won't stop there that's my problem

So I should cash out at July 2020

We go to $8k

everybody who is not taking profit from BTC and going all in LINK is quite literally retarded

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nah, link has no durable usecase any smart contract platform can do the same thing without link tokens and when centralized service are the data source they can just gin and authenticate their data for smart contracts.

*sign and authenticate

we know what link by now

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i love how the asuka prophecy was seen as way too bullish and now it's bearish

then you know eth could be used to stake distributed oracles just as easily why would anyone buy link?

not to mention protection from sibyl attacks which is not possible in a trustless permissionless system.

when will they get that it is just right

if by some miracle we stop dropping on $9200 and bounce or if the monthly trendline settles there.

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This isnt an original Jow Forums crop, its the same fucking Google image all you fucking summerfags use. Check the 77,is cropped


Omfg wat a fucking newfag. You bumped your own thread. Saged, unbased and kys

and now you bumped it

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and now I'm bumpin it
based asuka with based prophecy

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we all gonna make it frens

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Anyone got the full image?


Whales are massive Asukafags and crashing the price
makes sense

only around 1k left!

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If dubs then the 87,00 prediction is not a typo.

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