WTF is going on

What is this ? Why is everything down?

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damp eet

Newfag get out from my board, NOW!!!

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Market crash

China is dumping dumping right now. Also, the euro is WAY over valued.

Tether stopped printing.

It happens every Chinese weekend

Just the usual crypto shit. Totally organic dump. ayy

Im glad you half circled the drop or I would have been beside myself trying to find it

you want organic, go to the farmer's market

actually dont, most of them are scammers who buy a box full of commercially grown vegetables and setup a table at a farmers market, write a fake organic sustainably farmed locally label on a piece of cardboard and jack the price up 5x

my buy order at $10600 just happened. next is $10500. Should I go lower?

buy the dip

we are going to 7k easy

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Maybe in the shitty city. But here in the country they don't do that. Usually because you can see the fucking vegetables being grown right behind the stand.

Tether 'accidentally' printed 5 billion

Yes. YES
Smash it all to the ground so I can BUUUUYYYYYY

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Dippity do dah, dippity day
Someone, somewhere is having their way.

Because it's crypto, thats what it does. BTW stop calling crypto a market, it isn't.

>baby's first dump
It's not even a bart down, pathetic

Idk but it's pissing me the fuck off I just recovered $166 out of three wallets last week and now I'm down below $140 WTF

fuck I didn't buy for 5$

how new are you ?

holy kek i completely forgot i bought some eth in march

>China is dumping dumping right now. Also, the euro is WAY over valued.

Disagree since bags of euros on the same level as the US dollar

You guys said it would go up

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Exchanges dump on weekends so burgers can sell ATL and buy back when they organically pump the price back up.
Literally only reason why weekend dumps happen.
I hope trump bans crypto in burgerland so we get rid of those fucking spaghettis.

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simple reason OP:

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