Advice for $40k

I make 464 a week. Basically 400 after tax.

I need 40k for limb lengthening surgeries to make me go from a 5'5" midget clown to a 5'9" midget male (trust me, the difference in appearance is huge as shit. Don't bullshit me about not looking proportional. 4 inches more for the tibia will make me look better. It won't magically make me look like my body is 99% legs. Not interested in dumbass responses like "just accept your height dur hur". Fuck off with the bullshit). I have no credit history basically. Just used a debit card because I was never really guided in the slightest with this life. Inwas groomed for failure by my parents. Shit financial advice along with shit genetics. Fucktards should have been killed Hitler style. By that, I mean eugenics is the answer.. I digress.

I will kms soon if I don't at least get my surgeries before turning 25 (I'm 24). Even with them, suicide is 100% guaranteed, but at least my ending won't be AS sour. At least this way I won't see it as shit head god having the last laugh.

Help me get the closure I need to end this misery. Guide me to my surgeries. What the hell can I do to get them asap? I need one more yr for a bachelors. No debt currently. I was thinking of getting sacked with a shitton of student loans. I just don't know how to go about it. Can I just go to a bunch of different places to get private loans and just say it's all for school and then illegally use the money for the surgeries? Fuck the consequences. I don't give a damn if it results in jail time.

I just know I need them NOW.
Life is NOT WORTH IT without my surgeries. Help me get them with financial advice. How the fuck can I do it?

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Business & Finance, sorry, kek

Fuck me laughed harder than I should have at this

Just pay a hooker you retard.Why do you want to risk your life just to be visible to a whore anyway?

You're retarded as shit if you think I'm doing this to impress some dumbass bitch whores.

I actually want to get surgeries to castrate myself afterwards.

drop what you're doing and go live somewhere and teach where you double your income and halve your expenses.

also, buy $OTO

>need 40k for limb lengthening surgeries

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Just kill yourself now and stop wasting everyones time and money.

Become a horse jockey.

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I'm a manlet and I really want to grow taller, but I would never consider this, because you'd never be able to lift.

What's the point of being tall if you're scrawny as fuck?

Being both tall AND swole is Chad af.

Jesus christ user stay the fuck off Jow Forums and Jow Forums it's not safe for your mental health. You have so many fucked up beliefs I don't know weather to help you or not because you are such a fucking faggot.

Credit history is a meme you don't need it, never take out a loan. Be glad you parents didn't shill boomer tier credit advice too you.

Your height, your penis length, doesn't matter. Only thing that matters is money. Just focus on accumulating money. Just buy some fucking Chainlink, if you are going to kill yourself at least you will be burning those tokens for eternity. Just buy LINK and become rich and quit worrying about your body problems. Plenty of rich guys are short and get tons of positive female attention. Height is a total meme from poorfags trying to compensate on shit boards, and I'm 6 foot not a manlet either, as if it mattered. If you are a poor 6 foot guy you get treated like trash too.

No fucking shit.

At age 12, I would do 100 pushups in 1 minute and 20 seconds without stopping. At age 16.5, I used to do 17k pushups with 45lb in a month, 51k situps in a month, curl a 20lb dumbbell 1,800 times per arm in one single set, almost maxed the machines I used for 2 yrs (ages 15-16), curl 50lb dumbbells, hand stand pushups, Etc. That's just a brief summary. I basically did one of everything. Trained 2-3 hrs everyday for 4.5 yrs from age 12-16.5.

As for the weights in the machines that I used, I couldn't tell you. I put pins randomly. I tried to put it in the heaviest I could handle, but never looked at the amount. The fitness room in my highschool also had pins for bench presses. I had my own bench press too with not much weights (maybe about 200lb. Nothing really).

I was planning on doubling my routine and doubling of that and doubling THAT, but it hit me I wasn't going to grow anymore and it completely destroyed me to oblivion at age 16.5

I would have been the most dominant male in all of history. Retard bitch god knew that. He was jealous so he trapped me in the body of a boy to prevent me from becoming the real me. That bitch was jealous of my potential. I would have broken world records by now. Retard bitch god cheated. Instead of throwing trials at me, he straight up cheated by making it LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to change my situation. That mother fucking. Incest shithead probably fucks his son's anus all day up there

I feel for you man.
It sucks that only a couple decades ago, people were less judgmental about this sort of thing.
Don't get me wrong, they did, but it really wasn't as big of a deal as it is today.
Still, it's only a big deal because women on average have higher standards today, due to destructive forces like Instagram and Tinder.
The point is, even if you get to 5'9, you will be in a much better spot, but it doesn't change the fact that everything is getting harder to do in this society. Make money, own property, get a long term committed wife, etc. (Presuming you live in the collapsing empire of Burgerland)
Go for trying to improve your height, but either way we're all fucked anyways. There's literally no point in trying anymore.

>Credit history is a meme you don't need it, never take out a loan.
Let me guess. You're poor? Not taking out loans is retarded. Normally it creates an opportunity to make an actual profit outside of work. To create another source of income outside of being an employer's bitch.

In my case however, I need it to fix my deformity.

Also... Again, don't give me your bullshit about how "only money matters". That's your fucking opinion, not a fact.

I get pissed as SHIT when people mention women as if I'm doing this to impress some retarded used up whore.

This has nothing to do with women, but I do agree this country is a shithole waiting to implode.

limb lengthening surgery is a meme. it wont save you from inceldoom, is incredibly painful, you will look disproportionated and wont be able to walk normally in a few years. you will always be a manlet, JUST ACCEPT IT DUDE AND START COPING.

I mean it does one way or another.
Even if you're not directly doing it to get women, they still have an overall impact on everyone's standards raising.
They are the ones who define desirable traits in men, and they have defined height as one of them.
They are the ones who create the negative image of short-men.
Very few men care about the height of another man.
Even Hitler didn't. Joseph Goebbels was 5'5"

Don't forget to thank me sir

No, it literally doesn't at all.

I was defined by training. Did women motivate me? Did society? Nope. 0%.

It was 100% instinct. My brain was WIRED to be king. To be the most dominant in all of existence. Nothing else matters to me.
I set my own standards, not some retards that live in society.

I'm 5'8" and it doesn't matter, it's still short as all fuck.

Just put the money in crypto and hope to make it.

It will be a lot easier to live as a rich 5'5" guy than a poor 5'9" guy with fucked legs.

If you aren't doing it for women whats the fucking point?Do you want to impress males you faggot.

Are you OP and are on your phone with a different ID? If you actually want to castrate yourself I have no interest in helping you or correcting any of the mistakes you have made. Just KYS.

And no I'm not poor.

Please tell me you went full retard to trigger me and not because you're actually this retarded?

You literally mentioned everything I BTFO'd in the op.

>Very few men care about the height of another man.

Irrelevant. I've ALWAYS cared. I remember when I was 5 or 6. I compared my height to people all the time in school. It was 100% instinct, not some standard set by society. I did that while in middle school too. Then highschool. Then college.

Don't project.

I also don't know who joseph goebbells is nor do I care. Just because 'x' person can accept being a deformed disgusting midget doesn't mean I can nor should too.

Sounds like you have a height obsession.

I compared heights in middle school but that's because we were all experiencing growth spurts so whoever was tallest and shortest would change in the span of months. After that I stopped giving a shit.

Do be the most dominant human was my dream. Bitch god was jealous though so that's what happened. He cheated. I would have been the ultimate human. I don't care about prestige. I don't care about being some smart engineer or cs guy. I don't care about being the best employer's bitch. All I cared about was the ultimate form.

After God,what you need is money in your life not height. Dude if you have money,everything is better. Gorls,peole everyone treats you differently you become the role model people wanna be like. Fo look this guy WIZ KID. He's around your height obvious with a small dick too. But nigga has baby mama everywhere and more guys tattooing him on their body. All you need is money in your account. Without money doesnt matter how tall or handsome you are,you get treated like trash,just they way you feel you are being treated now. You suffering from the lack of money and has nothing to do with your height. Work hard and become rich.

I have to use my 4g right now and I keep switching it off and on so yes, my ID is changing but I am op.

There's also literally nothing wrong with castration. It's a good thing for degenerate scum to do. I 100% believe in eugenics. Only reason I am still here is because I don't want bitch faggot god to win. I want my surgeries so I can laugh at god's face and show him even after he cheated, I still beat him. I want to show that retard that not even he was capable of stopping me.

Limb lengthening is a meme retard

Lol you fucking retard, it was you who fucked yourself over. Lifting and doing weight training stunts your growth you fucking retard. You made yourself a manlet. You aren't supposed to touch weights till you are 18.

>retard bitch God

Is this real

I want financial stability so I don't have to be someone's bitch (aka an employee).

It is retarded to want money just to try to get respect from a bunch of nobodies. I couldn't care less about society.

You say money is everything. To me, physical power is everything. Money is good to escape the rat race (and for my surgeries). Nothing more.

Except it's real, retard.

Stupid logic. Height is basically predetermined by genetics. Both my parents are fucking midgets. I'm actually taller than both of those shitstains.

check out a rich famous argie dude that did this shit called Ricky Fort, look what happened to him. This surgery shit is a disease, you'll never stop doing surgeries because your image of yourself is warped, until you completely fuck yourself up or turn into a monster

>Inwas groomed for failure by my parents. Shit financial advice along with shit genetics. Fucktards should have been killed Hitler style. By that, I mean eugenics is the answer
You say you support hitler style eugenics, yet even hitler didn't kill short people.
Because in all honesty, 5'5" is not even that short. The average woman is 5'4". However their dumb fucking standards raised the limit requiring you to be 6'3" or whatever nonsense that is.
It's such an arbitrary thing that should be irrelivant.
And trust me, I know how you feel. When I was in high school i was 5'5. I was extremely self conscious about it.

I wouldn't mind turning into a monster if it meant more physical power.

Fucking lol. Just kill yourself now you waste of space manlet loser.

This must be a larp, no one is this stupid. Your teenage lifting made you a manlet not god. And now you want to cut your balls off too so that your muscles go as well. Just KYS faggot.

Only reason you're not self-concious about it now is because you're not a complete disgusting midget anymore.

>dur hur you have 100% control over your height. Genetics is irrelevant
Jesus christ

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Only partially by nature, some part is by nurture. By nutrition and what activities you do. Hell your fucking posture can take a few inches from you. If you are that desperate go look into fixing your posture and straitening out your spine, might add an inch to your height you fucking retard.

Anyways your lifting in your teenager years cursed you to manletism for life kek. I remember when I was 14 and wanted to get a weight set and my mother and father fucking veto'd the idea, banned me from gyms and told me it would absolutely stunt my growth and that I was to wait till 18 if I wanted to start weightlifting, which I did.

Don't forget to thank me sir

For Fucks SAKES. Lifting didn't stunt my growth. It was my fucking genetics. Get that through your skull.

I mean, true. I am like 5'8, which is nothing to be self conscious over, but even now I sometimes am.
Even if you get to 5'9, you will still be self conscious.

When will they learn?

>ooh!! I got an extra inch from doing yoga!!

1 fucking inch won't fix this body. Jesus

Well ya. The damage to my mental health has been done. It's too late to be 100% fixed. This is basically PTSD hence why the suicide is 100% guaranteed.

Who's the doctor? Is he reliable? From my search some time ago 40k seems to be on the cheap side

>as if I'm doing this to impress some retarded used up whore.
Then why are you doing it for? Society? Yourself?
If it's society, then it's no different than doing it for a used up whore.
If it's for yourself, then you're fixing a mental problem with physical surgery. You're basically a sex change dilating tranny but for height. It's pathetic.

I'm 6'2" and I wear lift insoles for an extra inch
Height doesn't make up for my boring personality though.
I'm not sure what the point I'm making is.

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Look, you discovered PSL last week and you think you're hot shit now? I hope you understand the risks of LL, have fun having sitting in a wheelchair for an entire year, never ever going to be able to do sports the same ever again. Is that the price you're willing to pay for pussy?

Contain your manlet rage friend, suck it up and move on. Take your incelposting back to incels or whichever shithole you came from. You can circlejerk with your other victim mentality buddies there.

>inb4 shitskin
What gives me confidence is that he had to move to germany so he's doing the surgeries there and I figure he has to do things in a more stringent manner.

And yes, this is basically as cheap as it gets while not totally sacrificing quality (I hear horror stories of ones in russia, china, and india). In the u.s., it might cost 2-3x just for 2ish inches. Fucking stupid price. Oh well, life is based on LUCK, not effort. Genetics predetermines success, not effort.

I'm 186.5 cm tall, and I'm totally fine with that. I'm blond and medium muscular, although a bit fat. But I'm blond and have chad facial features, so I don't need to feel or act taller or wider than I am.

You people need to just learn to accept who you are.

It's all in your head bro. Just be more confident.

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that dude is Olivier Richters
and he is 7 2", not 6'2"
nice meme.

I literally answered those questions above. Fucking read, brainlet.

I'm not gonna read your entire blog and I don't care about you personally. I think you're making a big mistake that you'll regret. Similar to dilating tranny.

That's the joke. Yeah, he's a fucking monster. Imagine if he was built like Hafthor Bjornsson. That'd be fucking scary, kek.

You're literally retarded

>Look, you discovered PSL last week and you think you're hot shit now?
Hot shit? What in the god damn hell are you talking about?
>I hope you understand the risks of LL, have fun having sitting in a wheelchair for an entire year, never ever going to be able to do sports the same ever again.
Like I didn't fucking know that already. Jesus christ, you think I didn't do research on this????????

>Is that the price you're willing to pay for pussy?
Literal retardation lmao. Read above, idiot. I plan to castrate myself. This LITERAAAAAAAAAAALLY has NOOOOOOOTHIIIIIIIIIIING to do with women. Fucking HELL, how many times do I have to repeat myself?

>Contain your manlet rage friend, suck it up and move on.
I'm not retarded enough to accept this height.

>it's all in your head

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Didn't read

At least I'm not 5'5

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Lmao keep projecting your bullshit. Also, if you didn't care, why he fuck ask then??

Also comparing me, the human with the most dominant personality, to a piece of shit tranny is hilarious.

>dominant personality


Only one projecting here is you btw, get back to wagecucking FAGGOT.

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>uses "projecting" wrong

Here, piece of shit. I've actually DONE this

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5'5'ers are like chihuahuas. Cute, angry and harmless, kek.

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Stop being such a little princess. Surgery at 20? Kek. Play the hand you’re dealt. Goddddd.

Also, buy TRV if you really want to stop stressing

Maybe if you didn't lift weights before your growth completed you wouldn't have turned out to be a stunted retard.

Keep crying bro, your manlet rage is amusing

It's not even the height
this brainlet is willing to severely harm his temple, just to gain a few inches. Not only that, he's planning on castrating himself. Self harm is a great indication of dominance.
He's angry and emotional.

fucking disgusting

Ypu fucking retard. That isn't how it works. Genetics is the PREDOMINANT FACTOR THAT DETERMINES YOUR HEIGHT

I wouldn't be surprised if at most I stunted half an inch if even that.

>To me, physical power
Re-assess your priorities. Physical strength is NOT power.

unless you have a much greater reach than your heighy, you’ll just end up in t-Rex mode with limb lengthening

This thread isn't about you, though.

it wont, it will kill you physically literally, you wont make it past 40-45

This is OP right now

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Castration isn't self harm. It's more of an enhancement. God fucked up by giving me one. That retard can't do anything right.

Except it literally is lmao
>I'm 1ft tall, but I have money so I'm powerful!

It's about balance. Obviously I don't want to be a body builder + homeless and obviously being a deformed puece of shit but rich isn't good either. What I want is to be the real dominant me again along with financial independence (i.e. not relying on an employer for survival).

Without both, life is 0% worth it.

Cool. I planned to kill myself before 30 anyways. 28-29 (probably 28) is my limit.

absolutely pathetic
I think this is the worst thread biz ever had

If this isnt larp then I seriously congratulate you, this takes balls to do. Now on the more important part, DO NOT think that by giving yourself additional 4" or 5" is going to change everything in finfer snipping style. You will need to work on yourself and your relationships with the people around you you love, your life wont magically become worth it just because you gained 10cm in height.
Godspeed user, we're all gonna make it

here is op post surgery

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You aren't fooling anyone retard. Lifting stunts your growth. Genetics is only a part of it. My uncle is 6'2, his son, my cousin is fucking 5'7 because he did shit that stunted his growth, his younger brother is 6'0. You likely culled 2-3 inches from your height with the lifting.

>only a part of it
Like 99% of it, dumbass. Fucking idiot, I swear.

No, like 50% of it. You severely underestimate how much fucking up the nurture part of it can fuck you over.

>thinking you only need to cover the surgery costs

So wtf you gonna do in the years worth of rehab you're doing while you can't work?

>I was never really guided in the slightest with this life. Inwas groomed for failure by my parents

Baby Boomer parents too eh?

Look, if you put 800 into VID-T, you probably can get about 40,000 by next year when it goes to $10 a coin. People here who know bout Lition might be able to sell you on that but I don't know anything about Lition.

Honest Injun Advice bro.

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*citation needed*
Most of the pro BBs over 6'2" lifted heavy from their teens and still outgrew their parents by a mile

No, YOU severely underestimate genetics. Again, my parents are short as fuck. My mother is like 4'11" and my father is like 5'3".


Rehab? The fuck?
Anyways, homelessness is an option. So is drug dealing. In all seriousness, I don't give a shit anymore. Couldn't care less if I did become homeless. My life already got destroyed by having my final height be 5'5". It's already over.

Kek is this multi generational manlet rage coming through. Why on earth did you ever delude yourself into thinking you could be the most dominant man on earth when you come from that sort of stock.

There are probably drugs out there to stop the growth stunting, also eating healthy and eating the specific rights foods helps, they probably did that. But it's retarded to deny that lifting as a kid will stunt you if you aren't careful about it. OP didn't even check the weights he was lifting going by his post here he absolutely stunted himself.

Those fucking boomers.
Anyways, I'll look into it. I'll probably buy (please don't be a memecoin with no future).

VIDT and Lition are both meme coins with no future.

You magically think you're going to get extended bones and be able to walk instantly out of there?

You're as retarded as this thread suggests.

Because I used to see the world differently. I did in fact have the most dominant will power. I was OBSESSED with training.

My mentality before was "with enough will power, I can overcome others with good genetics" and I still think that as true SO LONG AS I HAD HEIGHT (5'10" would have been perfect).
Without height, there's 0 point in trying.

Also, get btfod about the genetics thing.

Nope. YOU'RE the retard.
Rehab definition: "a course of treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, typically at a residential facility."

Also, I emailed the surgeon a while back. He said I have to wear the braces for a year. After the year, the moment he takes them off, I am healed. I know it's a year long process.