Did the glow niggers get 42 yet?

Or are you still here to teach us? That user is onto something. He was expressing in detail exactly my experience of being in the light. What’s crazy is while I was in the light I just plainly and naturally understood what it was... the KEY to life itself. Luriking biz, I am back in the dark again not understanding how to get back in the light and his posts were really helping me because I was there once. Everyone can be there. We just need that blueprint. 42 please come back

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sad. i liked that guys posts too, but it turns out he was exploiting anons natural tendency towards 'magical thinking' in order to defraud you into buying his bags.

>'1000 eoy'? kek wills it?

Come on. That person is no bro, and no real fren to user. He and the others dumped their bags on the newfags at 4 bucks, and laugh at the suckers waiting for 1000 eoy.

These are not good lads. Not mentalgen. Not user at its finest.

>Come on. That person is no bro, and no real fren to user. He and the others dumped their bags on the newfags at 4 bucks, and laugh at the suckers waiting for 1000 eoy.

Sad but true.

09, 90 literally mirror images of eachother. The post content also reflects this observation



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>42 please come back
Hey fren, was just sleeping for the night
Glad you really grokked the ideas, I’ve been trying to tell and share them with anyone willing to listen
Just got up on this lovely Sunday. About to put a coffee on the pot and have some breakfast.

>but it turns out he was exploiting anons natural tendency towards 'magical thinking' in order to defraud you into buying his bags.
That’s not possible since I’m only buying and not selling any of my chainlink
Anyone selling their link right now is getting it ripped out of their hands.

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>>'1000 eoy'? kek wills it?
Yeah I don’t say that
What I do say is $81,000 USD by 2026
>pic related

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>He was expressing in detail exactly my experience of being in the light. What’s crazy is while I was in the light I just plainly and naturally understood what it was... the KEY to life itself.

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>He and the others dumped their bags on the newfags at 4 bucks
If you were paying attention I was telling people to buy right before the major pumps
Check the dates and see for yourself
>see with your eyes, not with your mouth

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the black pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the “42-pill” - you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Remember: all I’m offering is the Truth. Nothing more.

June 12th (night before Google announcement)
>wake up...
>follow the white rabbit...
Then a week before the oracle announcement a riddle comes in:
The answer comes back a week later (days before the even bigger oracle pump)

Check the dates, it’s all true

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Look fren this happened to me at a point of extreme duress. Everything instantly and completely changed about me. I was no longer thinking of what rehearsed response I could throw out to buzz phrases, but was creatively manifesting everything. I would be attentive to everyone and helpful all day long just to throw myself into a god given feel 8 hour rest to feel entirely renewed the next day. When I closed my eyes to rest I could see the fractals. I could create and destroy them in my mind. How do I return to this place of freedom?

>Anyone selling their link right now is getting it ripped out of their hands.
Don’t believe me?
See (pic related) for an example of what I’m talking about

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When will the next great big pump be my Sire? I still need time to accumulate. I am unsure if I am going to make it with my 3k stack and it won't be a while til I can get out my locked funds and dump it all in LINK.

Help me bro

People received me very well. I wouldn’t even have to say a word and they would just melt in front of me. All that was in my heart was warmth. All that came from my eyes was joy. And even the most confused beggar was comforted around me. If we could all get like this our society would enter warp speed

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$20 million USD
He failed the marshmallow test and couldn’t wait 5 mins just like some of the children in this video:
By the way this experiment is a big indicator of your success in life.
Can the anons reading this understand what I’m saying? Will you eat the marshmallow or wait until you have a marshmallow printing machine?

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Waiting for pic related

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>If we could all get like this our society would enter warp speed
It’s why I’m trying to show this all to those who will listen. It’s a different way of life. People and animals understand it subconsciously when they’re around you.

>how do I return to this place of freedom
It’s like entering a meditative state, certain conditions can induce those feelings and thoughts. I don’t meditate per se. Instead I focus on my body and clearing my mind. When I get in that state of mind or mode, I get waves of goosebumps and energy pulsating through my skin and body.
I don’t quite know how to induce it but music on loop really helps get my creative juices going.
Everyone is different and will have their own unique way of reaching a zen like state. The thing is, it doesn’t last forever, you have to leave the divine and come back to the mundane lol.
>song related

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I wish I could help you but chasing pumps is a poor mans game
Make long term plays. Accumulate chainlink (I also have some rsr)

For those who would ask me to tell them when the next pump is, it does quite work like that. I clicked into something in the global consciousness regarding the google and oracle announcements. Doesn't always work that way though.
Here’s a relevant poem for you:

There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing

Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing
>t. Willy Honka
does /user/ have what it takes to hold onto his golden ticket through Willy HONKA's wild ride?

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>doesn’t quite work like that**

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>The thing is, it doesn’t last forever, you have to leave the divine and come back to the mundane lol.

Can confirm. Lasted a solid 3 months for me. That was 7 years ago. It’s been mundane largely since that time

I understand, I'm in it for the long run as well. I feel pretty inferior to all the other anons here with big stacks, my stack is measly in comparison. I wish I had discovered Jow Forums sooner, it wasn't until a friend told me about LINK lately that I decided to look into it and then found biz. Yes I'm a newfag :(

Care to elaborate on your experience? Since it was 7 years ago I’d be curious to get a QRD on your situation.
You don’t have to go into any personal details but for the purposes of research I’d like to know
By the way did you get a chance to review the Rosicrucian texts?
I was reading them and saw something that really struck me as a coincidence
>28 years old was when I fully came into this understanding
>pic related

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>I feel pretty inferior to all the other anons here with big stacks, my stack is measly in comparison
I wouldn’t sweat it. Living in those kinds of emotional states is taxing and tolling. I’d be less concerned with what others have and more concerned with what you don’t.

>I wish I had discovered Jow Forums sooner
It’s never a bad time to make a good decision. Again don’t sweat it. You’re here now. That’s how I thought when I first got into crypto back in 2012-2013 regarding btc and look at it now.
>hint: You’re still early, but you’re not the first. Big deal
>I’m still a newfag
Keep that attitude of yours and you’ll be just fine friend.
Also don’t let some of the haters get you down, some of hem will attack you viciously for being a newfag. You’re going to need a thick skin and a calm head to make it.

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Hello 42

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Pic related

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I’d like to think we’re not coming to an end and will work tirelessly to make things better in the world so that doesn’t happen
But that synchronicity is out of this world isn’t it hahaha
What do you make of it?
I’ve got some speculative theories lol

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>did the glow niggers get 42 yet?
Lol that would never happen, I was given breadcrumbs and helped along to get here. I’ve got some ideas who’s behind it
>hint: God

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>did you read the Rosicrucian texts?

Not yet but will

I was 23. Been arrested 12 times for small things. Was in drug court. Was looking at prison.. I jumped into a rock quarry in Florida that had alligators I just wanted to conquer a beast. I conquered fear at that point because before going in I was afraid but also just fed up with life and didn’t care. After this something drastically changed. I became a role model to even my best self. It was the behavior of pure form. I can’t really explain it but I know you understand what I mean. I became smarter, more coordinated, more persuasive. I’m not exactly a 10/10 but I could go up to any dime piece and if I told her to drop to her knees she would right there.

Honestly I think because I started relishing in that power, I became therefore robbed of the light. I thought I could get away with more things in drug court. Drank a beer on a Friday night, etg tested the next day and that put me in prison. When I got out slowly but surely I learned to code and am okay now but still in the dark. Very much tunnel vision and the shitty thing is I’m aware of it now and it’s not changing.

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>42,000 in New York without electricity due to a power outage
>I’ve got some speculative theories

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1k eoy is fud 100k is true

o boi get off the fucking shrooms

Mfw God has been giving me breadcrumbs and helped me along to get here.
What an absolute bro
Unbelievable and I’m dumbfounded and in awe
Thank you. I certainly didn’t deserve it but am more than glad to receive and share with my brothers who are willing to hear your message
>notice how the grid lattice structure features in both paintings?

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>their faces when
Thank you for sharing and for taking the time to explain it all. 23 is very young. I’d go into detail about my story but people know it already and I leave details out for my own sake.
People will know about all of this eventually. It’s bigger than you or me or anyone in particular

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>Mfw God has been giving me breadcrumbs and helped me along to get here.

Again, very similar. I looked at it like.. there was this ball wrapped up in the palm of my hand.. when the 42 pill hit I was able to unwrap that ball... when I unwrapped it in the palm of my hand what I saw there was the world. It made me stop and think... you know.. if anyone could fluently speak the language of the heart the world would be theirs too. Everything centered exactly where they stand.

I haven’t done any psychedelics since uni and only a couple times when I was in uni
However they were enough to help me understand

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I had these bits of knowledge that were just being given to me. I am convinced that in some way all of this can be derived from a single root vibration. Everything. Including what we see and touch. I know this doesn’t make sense to most people, but those who are enlightened are living it!! I am seriously envious of you right now

Eulers beautiful and elegant formula feature the infamous “imaginary” numbers labelled “i”
>mfw he’s a smart guy
>4 i

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This is just the beginning. Chainlink is the missing piece of 4 industrial revolution, this will usher in a new age of slavery. We are fortunate or is this the mark of the beast?

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In my opinion, I feel like we’re all in the same spot and place
We just project an outside world and have a model of it in my head
But the shimmers of consciousness and sentience are from somewhere else
Somehow like Plato’s model, a higher world informs this one and informs our thoughts. And everything is bound within
>pic related

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>the black girl eating without even listening to the instructions

>Chainlink is the missing piece of 4 industrial revolution
It certainly is
It’s the link
>book related
And yes we are definitely fortunate. I’m not saying it’s all peaches and cream but we’ve been helped along. A lot of the highest levels of people in this world understand and agree with our sentiments. The course of the world and his-story is being corrected now. We are entering a new golden age. The old guard and way of doing things is coming to an end. We’ve broken through the yoke of our bondage and we will be making a quantum leap in development for the benefit of mankind
>a rising tide lifts all ships

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Lol so close haha

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Lol they can be shown too
It’s my belief that even children can understand what I’m preaching here
Things can be better
Haha I’m pretty sure even some animals can be trained to learn concepts that we, at present, believe they are unable to

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Mfw we are basically antennas tuning into streams of consciousness from the great beyond

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>Look fren this happened to me at a point of extreme duress.
It usually does

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Me too I hit Rock bottom and I understood your message clearly

Why pic tho ? Lol

Lol dat picture tho
>inb4 “dark magic”
There is no such thing as magic or the supernatural
Our minds construct a “normal” reality through the use of our creative imaginations

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Thoughts on the current slow disclosure?

It’s relevant to me for reasons...

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Dude, that's a future doctor. She'll have money for plenty in the future.

God exists, when that is going to be revealed or when most people will understand is another question
They used to call “aliens” angels, now I guess the modern mind needs a more “scientific” explanation
This has been happening for a very long time, much longer than most people are willing to admit
Fundamentally I think humans are the aliens here and another thing, I suspect what we’re seeing now are humans from the future helping to shepherd us along.
Once we figure out time travel we’ve automatically ensured the existence of humanity for all “eternity” since you can make enclosed time loops that ensure consistent outcomes which you can then branch off of for experimentation on sub loops or branches of time. If it fucks up, you can always reset back to that main loop or branch of time.

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I smoked dmt and met an all encompassing orb of energy, instinctively I knew it was God and that I had met it before. I agree with your observations.

>Eulers beautiful and elegant formula feature the infamous “imaginary” numbers labelled “i”
>mfw he’s a smart guy
>4 i
Bonus tip: imaginary numbers is how you simplify the partial differential equations (PDEs) that describe voltage and current in electrical circuits into phasors. PDEs map onto the imaginary axis and the equations simplify to algebra due to the fact that the voltage and current equations become a kind of pseudo scalar value when mapped in the imaginary space
>gif related

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I haven’t done dmt
Just experimented with mushrooms and salvia in university

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Euler’s formula is the most beautiful formula in math in my humble opinion
>pic related
>link related:
>video related:
You know I have one of these disks, very fun to play with and even more fun since it helps in conceptualizing these concepts. Watch the video to the end

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Can you guys feel me in on this, I see testimonies of you guys saying you had strange manifestations and stuff, but what did he reveal, claims of enlightenment are being put into the table, I myself have been going through a spiritual awakening to best put it in the last 6 months, and I have experienced strange things happening like divine signals and certain “in my ability to control” the situation moments. I been researching a lot about the Bible and it’s origins, and have excelled proficiently in many things, I even feel older than what I really am, thank you anons

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It’s too many to write down
But I’ll give you helpful advice:
If you’re still asking how and when then you’re not there yet. You will know the time when that happens and you won’t have any doubt about it whatsoever.
You will be supremely confident in your feeling and everything will align in that direction.
Enlightenment is simply self evident. Everyone and everything around you will “know” that, whether it is consciously or unconsciously is another question.
Good luck.
>video related might be helpful to give you some context:

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>Just got up on this lovely Sunday. About to put a coffee on the pot and have some breakfast.
mfw its SUNday

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Impressive, I have studied many hours of professor J.P, and I understand the basics of what you have provided in those links, I will continue my works, God bless

>I have studied many hours of professor J.P
You’re on the right track
He is one of the shepherds. A fundamentally good and extremely brave man.
Of course he can’t say everything he knows by virtue of his academic opinion and his denial of Milo was a bitch move.
Still, he’s a very good and beautiful man. You can tell, especially if you watch his earlier videos and lectures.
He’s going to be prime minister of Canada one day and I’ll help him get in.

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Have you no shame?

If you want to escape the forces that led you to embarrass your ancestors, I recommend you buy CHR. Lock it up. And wait. You'll never have to sling ref codes again.

The plot for this movie is extremely interesting

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The nigger is on the grass

He is checking Dem dubs

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>that’s a big marshmallow
> 4 u

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Yod, Y, corresponds to the world of atziluth, the archetypal world. According to one of the ways of seeing this fourfold relationship, it is 'the father.' It is supra-rational creativity.

H, corresponds to the world of briah, the creative world. The word used for 'creative,' briah, implies creation from nothing.

W corresponds to the world of yetzirah, the world of formation. Formation, yetzirah, implies giving specific shape to something which already exists

H This physical realm corresponds to the final H, which is the world of assiah, the world of action.

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That gif is how time works
You can think of the yellow as the magnetic field oscillation
And the blue as the electric field oscillation
Their interaction produces the unfolding of spacetime
>pic related

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When you stop seeing your self as something that can be percived

for example:

Sound can be encoded as geometries and symbols as illustrated in the video below:
As shown in the video, symbols can be used to represent sounds and sounds can be used to represent symbols (geometries)

In much the same way light waves create the geometry of time through which we perceive motion as shown in the tesseract scene of interstellar
You can (visualize) what it would (look) like if you could move through time as if it were another temporal dimension

It would be a kaleidoscope of fractals with you in the center and your whole field of view would be filled with slices of space in distinct times that you could move through similar to this picture

notice that the separate slices of time in that scene of the tessereact in interstellar are bound by light beams
light bounds time, in an analogous manner to the sound waves on the drum bounding the geometrical patterns we see

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What if one marshmallow is the perfect amount for me and I don't want to waste 15 minutes for an extra marshmallow I won't eat?

Think about the trajectory the world is heading in and you’ll find that you will reconsider your opinion
Unless you don’t plan to have children
Then that’s a different story

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>imagine the shill

You know an esotericist is legit when he understands Euler's formula.

so we still using w10 on 2026..? sad

>You know an esotericist is legit when he understands Euler's formula
Wasn’t larping when I said I have a formal education in physics and quantum information
A weird way to come into this knowledge, but I’m grateful for it.
Just in time too

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I’ve got plotter servers still running xp

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42... is that an image from the future?

g-g-g-guys I don't want you to freak out or anything but there is no 42nd entry on coinmarketcap.
If you click on the 42nd, it will redirect you to the 43rd. If you click on the 41st it will show the 41st.
What is happening mommy.

Attached: 1492708928341.png (3072x3118, 2.31M)

>what is happening
Did you say

Attached: power up.webm (1280x720, 2.83M)

And yes I understand it to be from the future
Furthermore, I think I was the one who posted the riddle and the picture, but from the future haha
There are reasons that I can’t go into detail (for personal identity) for why I think this is the case
See this post for more details
Check the time stamps and you’ll see I’m right:

Attached: 6D163FCA-BC95-489F-944F-018A7D3B06FE.jpg (480x480, 51K)

Not really. I asked if this photo was taken seven years from today?

Works fine for me
Is it just a problem on your end?

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was a reply to the other poster, accidentally tagged you
My answer to your original question is here though

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This is weird, the guy who made the Clause LARP was named Siddhartha....

Surely just a coincidence...
Got sauce on that LARP?

Also (pic related):

Mara created himself in the perfect image of Siddhartha.
Mara said, “Will you be my God?”
Siddhartha Gautama: “Architect. Finally, I have met you. You will no longer build your house in me.”
Mara: “But I am your house.”
Siddhartha Gautama: “Oh lord of my own ego. You are pure illusion. You do not exist. The Earth . . . is my witness.”
Upon hearing these words, Mara instantly knew that he was dealing with a man whom he could no longer sway.
And thus he, once and for all, disappeared.
Mara is known as a demon.
In my evaluation of Mara, I will say that Mara is The Mind.
And there is one particular thing against which The Mind is helpless . . .
It is the greatest force in the world . . .


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The man who gets everything asks for nothing

>Mara is known as a demon.
In my evaluation of Mara, I will say that Mara is The Mind.
And there is one particular thing against which The Mind is helpless . . .
It is the greatest force in the world . . .

Heh...I don’t mind

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It’s like clockwork

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Song related is how my weekend has been going during this beautiful July

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>mfw God has been giving me breadcrumbs and helped me along to get here
Thank you.
Praise be to God

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>what is the most impactful book you’ve read?
Plato’s dialogues
>do aliens exist?

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