Sunday will be over before you know it

Sunday will be over before you know it

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Whoever did that deserves to go to jail seriously

Based shit poster


>a redditor had to clean it up

they deserve an award, not jail

yeah, this is why cctv will be everywhere


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Who that fuck would actually clean that shit up? Just walk the fuck away from your job. The absolute state of humans.

>always make sure to empty my xxl drink and piss jars on the seats after im done
>always dump my melted cheese nachos in the cup holders
>always put chocolate between the seats so they melt and stick to everything
>always empty my hot buttered popcorn bucket around me "Oops, my fingers slipped, silly me ;^)"
>always shove my finger down my throat and projectile vomit over several rows in front of me "oh im feeling sooo sick today XD"
>always give a cheeky smile to the workers as I leave the cinema
>sometimes fake throwing a punch just to watch them flinch

Pick it up wagecuck

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Americans are fucking disgusting animals

Now that's a shit dick.

lmao im dying

I don't think anyone can actually force you to clean this. Cleaning human waste requires special certificates and training and it's against the law to force an employee to clean something like this without that specific training. He should call OSHA and sue them for putting him at risk of several diseases that can be potentially transmitted by human waste.


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you know your life isn't going in quite the right direction when you're cleaning a dick shaped shit stain off a wall.


lmao i kekd hard

They literally aren't allowed to force workers to clean that. It's a biohazard and a proper cleaning crew needs to be brought in.

dude who did that is seriously fucked up

>I had to clean this poop today
>had to
cagie wagie clean that poop or you dont get wagie

He was trying to do the wagie a favor. It was a sign saying "quit this fucking job, you can do better. I believe in you"

The wagie failed the test and he cleaned that shit. We all smeared the poop on the wall.

Doesn’t matter, I’m all in TRV and don’t have to work since I sold 200k Link.

I remember when I was 15 we had one toilet for each gender at Kroger some kid keeps grabbing her self over and over goes to bath room flushes pad
Later on bagging up
Bathroom flood's clean it for hours
Have gloves on reach shoulder deep in the pipes to retrieve pad
Was making about 5 an hour

If that's biohazard you should see the analhazard I make in public toilets after some tacos.
That's like Chernobil tier shit on an anal level.



You know how I can tel l you’re a nigger?

Why do people do this? Is it just niggers?


I thought it was a space rocket at first :(

Nope, just s poop dick :(

This, it's a biohazard. But that won't stop a reddit cuck from doing it anyway

>you know your life isn't going in quite the right direction when you're cleaning a dick shaped shit stain off a wall.
that is definitely a sell signal

For the first time in recent memory, the terrible shit wasn't on the screen

>sometimes fake throwing a punch just to watch them flinch
my sides

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I work in a pizza place when i moved to hawaii and i sat on the fryer for an hour while the entire staff didnt do shit. I heard over an hour ago someone fucked up the bathroom. They literally all dont do shit for an hour and make me go clean it up. I told them all to fuck off and i wont do it. What kind of place has cooks cleaning toilets anyways? When this shit happens you just quit. Nothing is worth cleaning up literal piss and shit

I forgot to add that after i quit everytime i went there i’d piss all over the bathroom. Every. Fucking. Time. Its a popular spot and my dad and friends all know the owner and spent at least +50k a year there. Everytime i go in i just piss all over wverything cause fuck that place

Wagie wagie in a cagie!

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