Claymore exitscam

The shitclone of nuke which called Nuke a scam has now exitscammed.
This is just the start.
I'll give you a few names of shitclones I know of. They're literally made for a money grab.
6) desu.. everything except
NUKE AND BOMB have a high chance to exit scam. You better get the fuck outta them and buy some nuke for financial freedom.
I warned you. Screencap this.
I'll be back when nuke hits 100 .
Also.. someone tell the poor guy he's been scammed. Prolly put all his money in it.
I don't understand why people hate Money. Buy nuke at this price and your grand kids will love you forever.

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Maybe the rest of them but Ethplode is legit. Sort of a mix between Bitcoin and Bomb.

I lost so much money on Blaze. Feeling good about Void and Ethplode though. Don't kill my vibe OP.

Meanwhile the nuke Dev.
The balls on her.
I would give her my entire savings. Nobody else deserves it.

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Good thing you've made money from those.
But, beware. Trade your way into nuke. Everyone likes money. Make as much money as you can from these airdrops .. and go all in into nuke.
Sooner or later, they'll exit scam too. This isn't fud. This is just a precaution.
Beware user. I've heard someone say
" Two of the Deflationary clones of nuke are made by my friend" do you think his "friend" is gonna develop them? Ofc not. They'll exitscam too.
Why chose the shitclones when you can buy nuke? It's at bottom. Buy now,and hodl. Godspeed to all who lost their money in this shit.

>bring literally nothing new to the table
>still gets money
Good to see all those pajeets going soon to the rope room thank you Claymore very cool

ETHPlode finna 10x pretty quick here, IMO.

Don't make me say " I told you so " again.
Please user. I want your kids to go to college.
Sell all shitclones, and buy nuke.

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This is the psycho who’s doxxing people ? Nah, hard pass. ETHPlode devs are pretty cool actually. My money is on them for the next run.

Someone attacked her family.
I would literally rip the throat of anyone who would do it.
Just try to see it user, I understand you hold ethplode. Just sell at a good price and buy nuke. Pretty sure they're gonna exitscam too. It's all running with the referral system for ethplode. Idk how long that lasts. Good luck.

still have mine from the airdrop...
Worth around $90 still...
Not selling till it's higher.

This is true. Ethplode has like 100 million tokens so it's insanely over valued, but they aren't scammers. The rest of them besides bomb and nuke will 100 exit scam you it's just a matter of time.


Nuke dev is an admitted scammer and will exit. Screen shot this.

Lol ethplode has 100m tokens. If you buy it for more than 1c you are literally retarded

Lol dude.
You've no idea. Why do people always hate money? I'd say nuke is the only project that will last. Screenshot this too.

Hi CLM dev,

Trying to escape the heat? Hahahaha

Ethplode has 100x more tokens than bomb or nuke it's insanely over valued.

I love Rachel. It's why I hold Nuke, I love her

Deflationary token = scam

ITT: Desperate nuke bagholders

The only deflat coin that isn’t pre-mined with a huge percentage in the devs pockets is BSOV. It’s not even on the radar yet as all the smart people are busy mining it now instead of shilling it whilst the difficulty is still low.

what does exit scam means in this context?
they don't have any deposits.

Get the fuck outta here. No place for dog shit

Nuke will be $100 after all the shit clones exit scam and you will stay poor

The only desperate bag holders today are clm bag holders


remove yourself nuke fag. Your tranny leader will either exit scam or have another mental breakdown and kill itself leaving you blind faggots with nothing.

Look at their website

Why even try to cover up when you've already exitscammed

Ethplode is old and has no traction. It’s either bomb or nuke that will make it.

>he has no clue what nuke is working on
This is why you still live at your mommy’s house Kek kys

fuckin asswipe scammers monkey balls grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr who the fuq told me about claymore i want to kill you

Cope harder faggot nuke is going to $100

I tried to tell you everyone who isn't nuke or bomb is a scammer

You didn't listen

golden token

are no scams

rest is scam

All the deflationary meme coins are a scam, at least bomb was the OG scam, nuke is just another copycat

What a waste of fucking trips you tiny dick no nuker

Nuke fixed the bomb tokenomics. It's literally a bigger better bomb.

nuke is a scam

you little piece of indian shit

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nuke is a scam run by a whore

everyone who pays 1 cent for this worthless piece of shit is retarded as fuck

aftershock and golden token have staking
void is run by community without access to the contract
bomb is legit anyway

rest is scam and now fuck off

nuke is the biggest scam of all

lol what a faggot

Shill harder faggot. Your shitty centralised nuke coin has already dumped over 10x from its ath. When your leader necks itself you’ll all be left with nothing faggots.

Mixing apples and oranges with your generalizations fud shill.
BOMB is already out there
NUKE got a bad rep and is going to take time to recover, but they got what it takes
VOID is community-based
MOAB has serious development for their concept
DYT has amazing marketing skills and community
The rest of them have yet to be prove themselves worthy.

Wow clm holders are pissed today wonder why lmfao

they are mocking the retarded pajeets they scammed

>nuke has a bad rep

Why? Because girls get naked for Nuke. Cp is on the btc blockchain but incels are triggered by nuke whores...what did they mean by this?

This. Clm is rubbing it in everyone faces that they robbed them. Should have bought nuke.

thanks, just sold 100k

Bomb and SHOCK master race

>buy another scam
fucking retard

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Nuke isn't a scam. Everything dumped today because btc is an inflationary shitcoin.

Except nuke. Nuke pumped.


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>nuke is the biggest scam of all
Nuke was the first one to make a better bomb. Nuke was the first to release a dapp. Nuke will be the first to launch multi tiered staking. Nuke is one of the few with actual solidity devs. Nuke is still standing but you call it a scam. Fucking kek how retarded are you?

This. Nuke has some of the best solidity devs in the business.

No nuker = nigger. Fuck off.
And come back when they all exit scam. I'll be fucking your wife coz she'll leave you for investing in dog shit nigger.
I'll say hi to your wife for ya buy nuke now or be a cuck


You're right, but there's more to it.
Moab is trying hard to beat nuke by paying Devs to build for them, and paying exchanges to list them. Idk how it can increase in price with all the Devs selling to buy development. Void guys were caught talking about price manipulation and also some admins were kicked out for some reason. Kinda fishy.
Idk about dyt but marketing doesn't matter. Source? Look at electroneum.
>Richard Ells they said.
>Marketing Jesus they said.
>Shit coin.
I think, nuke and bomb. Are gonna rule the Deflationary market in the long run,and many die off. Most exit scam,and a few others will probably love long enough to dump back down again.


SHOCK will be the next King and I will be back to say I told you so. I personally know the devs and they will not give up till they are the only ones left.

They're the first ever Deflationary project with built in no lock staking.

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This is a real conversation, and I’m posting in it. Great work everyone, just went all in for 100k and am feeling so comfy

This exactly. Nuke and bomb are the only ones who are in it for the glory. The rest are just cash grabs by criminals and scammers.

They are a shitclone that will scam or give up.

Do I smell a jealous nuke fag?!

Im new to solidity. They could mint it because their contract has the _mint function? Why would tokens with a fixed supply have that function in the contract?

You mean to copy nuke's idea?
You know nukes's staking is coming within a few weeks from now right?

It's there.. to scam the peeps.
People are stupid to not check for that function.


Why would I be jealous? Pic related

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Because they were planning to scam from the start. I told everyone clm was a scam from the beginning. Should have listened. All the other nuke clones will do the same. Get out while you still can.

AfterShock didn't copy shit. It's the first to market deflationary token with built in staking. Absolutely no lock up, you never lose control of your tokens.

Nuke is making you lock up your tokens while they jack the price up and exit scam.

Good luck getting CLM exit scammed 2.0 by nuke. kek

Nuke devs told everyone that clm was going to exit scam.

>nuke is a scam, it's underwater 7d Chinese checkers that they tried to prevent clm from scamming everyone

>trust me, a literal nobody, I promise nuke is bad even though they never lied to anyone and the worst thing they did was send girls nuke to get naked

Fuck you faggot

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looks like we found another faggot here

Do you have any values to shit on the very coin you copied?
FFS do you kiss your momma with that potty mouth? Wtf nigger
Fuck outta here

That dude was banned from twitter lol
Account deleted

he was 100% fag confirmed

Yeah he was a nuke hater. That illegal on Twitter.

Based. Kys NUKERS xd


Cope harder. Nuke pumped today while all other shitcoins dumped.


Nuke is the biggest scam on the planet and I wish you pajeets would stop spamming this board. Your shitcoin is dead, give up. You decided to shill your coin by attacking every other community you could, and it failed.

>all this dumb drama between deflationary shit tokens
This is the dumbest speculative bubble in recent memory

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The way i followed it, everything else as BOMB are merily copies of it coming later. Just some people copied most of their smart contracts, their modus operandi. Some slight modifications here and there to attract retards.

It's really just the pajeets at NUKE attacking everyone they see

Nuke fixed the flaws in bombs broken tokenomics. Read the source brainlet.

Cope harder. Nuke is pumping now while everything else dumps.

Nice to see you here, Satoshi.

look at golden token. better tokenomics than nuke . already on 5 exchanges and only a few days old

and you can buy it at 0.04$

while nuke is at 60 cents and you buy the tranny devs bags. before she exit scams

No one mentioning fire? I love that coin.

>clm exit scams
>nuke pumps

Biz accuses nuke of being a scam

No one mentions it because it's a scam


how is it a scam


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Well that didn't age well.

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you give some people $500 they will get a logo tattoo.

rachel has a second account and wanted to start disruption in MOAB today because he's a sad sad tranny. you nuke kikes are never hitting .6 again retard. just remember you are scamming people you sociopath

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Rachel doesn't have time for that bs. Keep fighting ghosts you sad fucks.

Btc dumped
Nuke pumped

Your emotions are stopping you from making money.

That's the first pizza bought with nuke and the first nuke tattoo.

Nuke pumped today.

https:/ / /

what Nuke is literally .66c right now dumb retard