Key support broken! It's Happening!

The prophecy was correct! $9200 incoming!!!!

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Trump just lost my vote. He could of been our greatest ally but I guess the banking elite paid him off well. Voting for Bernie in 2020.

key support is 10.2 dude...not broken yet.

we just need to cool off, revolution is here

The next dump will blow right past $10,200 like it wasn't even there!

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>wet mud support @ 10500
we're going to make it, frens

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9200 first, then 80000 by end of 2020

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im getting strong buy signals. thanks, just bought 100k

Save yourself 50k and buy that “100k” in a week

You will regret this decision shortly


you're the cuck if you still support blumph after this MIGA

stfu glow nigger

>Orange man GOOD!
>Crypto BAD!

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Bruh, in 2019 Trump is the cuck candidate. The meme magic is behind Tulsi now.


As if Bernie would be any better for letting people control their own wealth

maybe he called him a cuck because the dude was implying that trump was amazing before he shit on crypto, there has been red flags all along the way, senile ass old man

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There will only ever be 1 greatest ally.

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Only argument for Bernie is accelerationist


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grab them by the Bitcoin