The funniest thing about Chainlink is that most of the holders haven't even read the whitepaper...

The funniest thing about Chainlink is that most of the holders haven't even read the whitepaper, and everyone knows this, so it's super easy for whales to just say
>this white paper is incredible! you're missing out if you don't buy this
>DYOR tee-hee
Yeah, well I did read the whole thing, and if you actually put the time in to read the damn thing, you'll realize that the what they're trying to do is impossible, and they know it.
Basically it boils down to this two man team came up with a philosophical question, attempted to answer it with a fancy white paper, and are selling it to the unwashed masses to make a profit.
>two people
>1 philosophy major
Get the point?

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Terrible, low-effort FUD. Go back to Discord to get more material from your masters

using your brain is fud?

>ari juels
>cornell tech
>town crier
>evan cheng/fb
>adelyn zhou/google marketing/ai
>john wolpert/ibm
>yorke rhodes/msft
>tom gonser/docusign
>klaus schwab, andreas antonopoulos, gavin wood, vitalik buterin/annotate chainlink
>~$13t derivatives market
>swift smart oracle
Bend the knee like everybody else.

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Lazy tranny. Lazy.

I admire your dedication to lower the price in order to accumulate.

DOS whitepaper is actually superior

Why yes, I've read Alex Coventery's paper on threshold signatures. Quite an ingenious solution, don't you think?

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It's always been a scam for newfags

Only Bitcoin and Monero matter

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So many dank OC Chainlink memes. The memes are the decentralized oracle.

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They admit they can't solve sybil attacks but that it isnt necessary for this to be efficient.

Boom, there you go guys, the extent of this FUD explained. Carry on.

When your brain is the size of a walnut then yes when you use your brain all you can produce is low effort fud that affects nothing.

Back then FUD was incredibly believable, people had to argue in order to BTFO the fudposter
Nowadays it boils down to either
>muh mcdonalds 2 man team
>muh whitepaper and/or coffee price it says there!!!
I unironically want to go back in time

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Are you me fren?

Bitcoin is shit. There's no reason it should have a higher market cap than Monero or literally any other project in the space. It is inferior to all, superior to none. BTC maximalism needs to die so that crypto can live.


pls go back you shitter.

very cool meme

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software engineer here, holding chainlink for 2 years, never read the whitepaper unironically, i trust the memes fren and I trust other frens and their spoonfeeding, never did dyor or anything except for breadcrumbs posted here, if you post chainlink partnership with amazon today and everyone on biz posts agreeing and 1000$ eoy memes I will unironically believe you.
i'm like a christian, i don't need to book other than the bible (/biz)

kek same.

i'm an engineer at a top-2 tech company and i've had "read chainlink white paper" on top of my todo list for months now. i skimmed the first few pages.

when you have faith in the memes you don't need first hand knowledge

this, whenever i'm tripping i think about how Jow Forums functions and especially biz and i understand memetics and how it all works (then i sober up and forget the understanding but keep the faith and buy more)

>i understand memetics and how it all works
no you dont.

Stay poor linklet

The whitepaper is too long. I was going to read it but instead I didnt!


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stop taking drugs bro. Dab a book once in a while