0xDad keeps transferring away his linkies to Binance

0xDad keeps transferring away his linkies to Binance.
What does this mean for the price in the near term?
Latest transfer to Binance: etherscan.io/address/0x5034e3b2414d69be94c2adb9bf7047d0d21a1805#tokentxns

This raises questions we still haven't answered.

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In the real world, expanding tech start ups need funds.
>not even %1 of the 35% they have been allotted
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Who is doing the selling? Are they doing it on behalf of the team or themselves?
If they're selling on the market through Binance, why not transfer straight to Binance?
If they're using Binance as a middleman to obscure the destination, why not transfer straight to Binance?
Who owns the intermediary wallets, and why do they hold other crypto?
Why would any team members sell Linkies, instead of the ETH earned from ICO?
Why would other devs not be selling?
Why would the be selling on Binance and not Coinbase?

Is there any chance the team/team member is selling on Binance now only because it's come after the string of initial announcements, and are now selling because they know there is no immediate news coming next? Do you think the devs have some sort of internal Blackout Date for selling?
If they are transferring to a hot wallet, they need to be selling only under the guise that they are not participating in insider trading, right?
If they are waiting for the next announcement, then selling the top, they might be brought under investigation.
If they are selling now, before a new announcement, they have plausible deniability that they are using their insider knowledge.
What would the most logical strategy be? Are there alternatives?

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link is being dumped. this dump will continue for weeks. the only way to make money in crypto right now is to short all alts

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Check wallets 12-17 etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca#balances

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They already sold all the ETH from ICO to purchase Town Crier. Now they need more funds for the 5-10 new team members and also to acquire other companies like Clause.

I don't have answers to your other questions about the path of the transfers though.

yeah, this is equally strange.
The combined holding of those wallets is greater than the amount of linkies transferred out of 0xDad's wallet.
But they are doing something equally suspicious, obscuring their transfers from Binance through one or two layers of dummy wallets.

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The team has never shilled, they’ve never lied. They have been the definition of professional from the start. If they are selling then I would imagine they have a perfectly plausible explanation.

We won't know until Sir Gay speaks

I'm not suspicious about the integrity of the team, but I'm curious about if this selling will put a short term weight on the price.
I'm also curious about whether the cause for the selling is for the individual holder or for the team at large.
Between these two terms, we have a range of possibilities for bearishness or bullishness.

why didn't they tap into the larger 350m wallet then?

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I agree. I don’t mind the wait either. The big guy has earned our trust in my opinion.

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