>mfw BTC whales are flipping in to LINK

as we speak

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Proof it

dilate you fucking schizo tranny

Look at the order book fags.
Fat stack orders popping up.
>proof it

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September will be interesting

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Who is this chick? I see pictures of her all the time



real stink shady here. i put up a 13 btc buy wall to help give support. im using all the money i made off buying eth at 7 bucks to push chainlink up now. i will not let us fucking crash

Sweet, thanks. Fuck I miss living in Asia, American girls are absolute shit comparatively

Thank you sir.
Did you throw up that 50K buy wall?

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yeah but someone sold into it now it's only 39k link. you guys shilled me eth at 7 bucks in 2016 so i have to pay it forward

It's a matter of finding the best of both worlds.

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It’s time.

7/14 = 777

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imagine being so autistic to even think something like this.

Thisnis what it’s all about brother. Thank you for your service. Cant wait to make it and help out people here like yourself

>4k BTC volume

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Not nice user.

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Real men buy into bonzis, www.ankerid.com

well that and i cant be humiliated by making 3 chainlink songs in a week and it dumping

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Real men buy bonzi, www.ankerid.com

>says the shizo tranny
YOU forgot to dilate

We are just starting fren. Relax.

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checked and keked

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Sorry fren, but I don't want you to lose a shitload of money when LINK will seriously dump.

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Yeah I might just be sour because I live in the Midwest in a larpy cowboy town. Most of the Euro girls I met were awesome


oh yes guys we're finally DECOUPLED

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I also support link, just sold 1300 qnt

>Both dumping

I'll just buy more fren.
I've been DCAing for a long time now.

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