It's over, isn't it?

I've held 12k LINK since 40 cents I worked my ass off accumulating (poor college kid) and at one point I had over 50k, now i have 33k and it keeps bleeding. Why didnt I sell at $4.5?? Why did I hold on and listen to you fucks rather than my brain fuck me this is going back to 40 cents isn't it and im going to be back to square one FUCK YOU BIZ

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just buy more

This, buy my bags.

Didn't read; not selling you fucking kike tool

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Believe me for this one time. DO NOT SELL TILL EOY

If you sell before staking is live before even the first Oracle startup goes live...fren, just hodl on.

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Shut the fuck up faggot. People like you are the reason we're bleeding right now. Alt-gay spergs that think they're going to bring the 4th reich with their link gains are killing this project.

Yes sell now its over

what is staking gonna earn you? You don't know.
How much free LINKs will be given to the start ups? You don't know.
What will BTC be worth when this happens? You don't know.

How big will the demand be in the first 6 months? You don't know.

How will the world index develop in the next 6-36 months? You don't know.

>imagine not selling the top...

im listening fellas but its hard......seeing my balance on delta just bleed everyday it hurts bros 20k gone in a week that's more than the yearly wage of people here

One thing I know for sure is $1000 eoy

Yep. Sell now.


You could try to swing trade. Conebase fomo was an obvious sell signal. Especially since there is nothing exciting happening in July. You can prob buy back for $2.20 in a couple weeks and then there are a bunch of conference and other shit happening August and September

i thought that wasnt until sept

>People like you are the reason we're bleeding right now. Alt-gay spergs that think they're going to bring the 4th reich with their link gains are killing this project.

>people that are never selling are the reason why link is dumping

honestly just kill yourself

>nothing ecitigin happening in july
uh yeah there is on the 17th

we are going to bring the 4th reich with our gains though, you can accept that or you can go back to r/lgbt

i would have sold at 4$ but i was on holidays and didn't check much and it bleed to 3.2 which i thought it would bottom but with btc bleeding im scared now, do u think i should and have buys in case of breakout and buys for dip?

what exactly?

Zoom out

They are having some big talk about there road map.

You’re a college student. You likely own nothing of value. You put in 5k into a memecoin on biz and 10x’ed your money and didn’t take profits? You didn’t adjust your portfolio? This is madness. Why don’t you own one BTC right now and 32 eth? And still have a large stack of link? And 5k to spread to more moon shots. Jesus.

>dopamine running low
>curtains closed
>vitamin d depleted
>feeling the depression coming on
>"w-we're going to be rich a-arent we??"
>breathe a sigh of relief
>other anons are reassuring you you're going to make it
>ten minutes pass
>the feeling has worn off
>time to make another thread
>"link price prediction thread"
>yeah that's nice... look at all those numbers
>put all the posted numbers and multiply them with your stack
>haha wow, thats a lot of money
>imagine what all you could do with that money
>maybe i'll finally have sex...
>sun peeks through the curtains
>you hear your parents waking up
>hehe, fucking wagies
>the depression comes back
>the dopamine rushes dont last as long as they used to
>time to make another thread
>"is 300 link enough to make it?"

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people told you to sell but you didn't listen because you were euphoric. it happens to everyone.

I already have 75k and I'm still buying every time it dips below $3

user, please..


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Sell and buy back in when it finishes dumping.

microsfot partnership soon bro

I posted in every fucking shitty "WHAT WAS THAT" thread to take fucking profits, but nobody ever listens. You'll just hold this shit until it's back down to 40 cents and wonder why everything went so wrong and hate yourself.

Stop listening to retarded shills who do nothing but meme outrageous goals and take fucking profits when it's an obvious FOMO pump PLEASE

We Support Link! They have good protocol and are very knowledgeable!

You're a homo, this project isn't dying you absolute faggot. It's still 16th. Stop fudding

Will LINK hit $1000 EOY?!?! That’s right. You don’t know.

Have sex

Why the fuck would the developers be selling relentlessly if they knew it was going to pump on news next month? They could have either sold into $10-$15 or relentlessly crush it to $2 and watch it moon to $3. It doesn't wash.

just hold for a few more months and you can sell at a better price. Don't be a weak handed faggot.

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