I wish I never discovered this crypto shit

I wish I never discovered this crypto shit.

Fuck all of you fucking faggots. I lost my life savings, 401k, my family, and all of my friends. I went into this shit during a depressive state of my life where my parents died and I wanted to make it to start a new family.

I have nothing now and before this I worked hard for years and didnt even need this fucking scam shit to make it.

I swear to god I am about to start taking names and murdering each scam team that did this to me. especially the fucking gooks like the vechain and icx team.

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You're not smart.

I wonder where these people will go when the mob comes for them.

>vechain and icx

Bro do u have invested 401k and u are a crypto noob?
I have 20k of saving and i'm all in with only 500 in Harmony ONE, if it goes ok if not im out. Why u are so dumb?

do it user

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>getting gooked 2k19
What did you expect supproting china?

Why would you wager more than you can afford to lose? It's not Jow Forums's fault you have a gambling problem.

Take a loan and buy the dip of link.
You can still recover your loss

smells like larping but if not, you deserve it anyways for being a retard
never invest IN ANYTHING more than that you can afford to lose, especially in crypto

This is your only hope out.

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Let me guess, you bought some "biz approved" shitcoins instead of investing in solid projects like Ripple, Cardano or Ether?

You bought scams, sorry retard. Trying to get rich quick is a sure way to become even poorer.

I feel you man trading is gut wrenching I've lost about 10k thus far and keep trying to get back to where I was but it's like 2 steps forward 2 steps. My recent 2k liquidation really hurt as I was getting so close to breaking even.

>>Solid Projects


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how did you become SUCH A PUSSY?

If I'd just held from 3k up to here, I'd have broken even, my sins of 2018 all forgiven.
But I sold at 6k on the way up, literally a day before Schiff went parabolic. Im am idiot.

Lol, laughing at u, laughing at his pain


Learn to meditate and buy link.

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Sell your scam coins dude. You are no smarter than OP kek

your loss is their profit. crypto is a scam all along, targeting people like us. why didnt u stick to stocks?

solid advice