>Over 10% of supply already burned (just went sub 900k).
>Price beginning to go orbital on DDEX
>Mcap still ridiculously low, around $100k
>Community and team not criminally retarded unlike nuke and some other deflationary tokens

If you want to build a rocket to the moon, you must first start with FIRE.

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FIRE is legit. Great dev and community.


ez money.

Also were now listed on delta and fight the pajeet menace with memes

Coinmarketcap, blockfolio, and coingecko this week

Awesome community

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Literally the only non scam besides Bomb in this space


not the worst project i've seen

these threads will always die fuck off

We have an anti paneer posting rule sir

Yet you bumped it by posting that, keeping it alive longer

I love the way autocorrect turns pajeet to paneer which is an Indian cheese. What did Samsung mean by this?


FIRE whale*

Get it right sir

Isn't this just the CLM devs under another name?

Sure throw your money at a nuke copy paste and get exit scammed again.

Biz will never learn

What price is it at currently?

About 7 cents atm on DDEX. Project only just started and already lots of progress is being made. More exchanges coming soon as well.

dev already airdropped like 750k of fire thru contest and giveaways and still continuing to do so

pajeet coin

They literally have anti-pajeet countermeasures in their discord. Try typing "sir" in the general chat and see what happens.

I started this because I hate all discord faggots and scammers

Nukes dev poor guy aka Rachel and all the POWH scammers are terrible for the space.

Seeing people got scammed by claymore pissed me off

I’ve done nothing but deliver so fuck you

Agreed. Another deflationary currency meme. When will these pajeets leave and go somewhere else?

No one is buying OP. Go neck yourself. You all talk and type the same.

Lol you created fire because you got triggered by nuke pumping

Great reason for a project there mate.

Fire is created by claymore devs.

Get scammed again biz

Low tier fud pajeet

I unironically hold 3000 FIRE. Some from airdrop, some bought myself.

FIRE's one of the only deflationaries without some serious drama so far


damn I forgot to sage this time, it's over

Total scam. Please get smarter, children of Jow Forums

This doesn’t even make sense. I am the fire dev retard. Only 1

proofs (tits) please

I’m a straight white male so I can’t do that

show me your net worth if you are really the fire dev, also post your new Delhi address and indian flag

this is the greatest defense against fire

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curry leaf?

Given the nature of this schizo posting fud I’m guessing it’s Rachel aka poor guy.

Hope you’re taking meds for your issues, you’re a sad person coming back to scam again from your little precious NUKE holders lmao

Thanks for the bump though, haven’t been able to SAGE on Jow Forums in years

>child porn on btc blockchain

This is OK

>nuke for nudes


Explain yourself retars

You're the only keeping this sinking ship alive.
just end it right now

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Hey Rachel fudding on Jow Forums isn’t going to solve your problems

Nuke is pumping today while btc and eth dump. I don't have problems. How is your shitcoin doing?

You probably don't even realize you just outed yourself and your intentions in here with this post.

Good job dumbass. Keep up the fud campaign.


More like a limpdick dead cat bounce off a 90% price implosion as everyone fled the coin once they twigged Rachel is a fucking psychopath.

Nukes price performance is nearly as bad as fucking Claymore...

The amount of cope from you chucklefucks is nothing short of legendary

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Where can you even buy this?

Outted myself? Take your fucking meds schizo

Are you a bot? It’s the same response on every thread

FIRE is up today too idiot now fuck off

That chart looks exactly like the btc chart.

Learn how to read a chart dumbass









That chart isn't even from today. Old stale fud.

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Fire is made by the clm devs and they will exit scam again

Btc dumped 90% in the last 3 weeks? Really?

Literally gonna moon

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More like the last year. The chart looks exactly the same as btc chart 3 months ago. I bet you didn't buy btc at 3k either did you?

Literally not.

Can't even afford your own Jow Forums thread

Nuke definitely has the best schizos in the crypto space right

You guys literally worship a discord tranny


>discord tranny

Are you jewish user


No, but you’re getting awfully desperate Poorguy

10x your crypto with moon3d. bonus schemes awaits

haha the HONK HONK meme, nicely played fellow based user. Redpilled AF over here.

Who the fuck is poorguy? you fucking schizo...

>nuke is a scam
>a bunch of other fud that makes no sense


Yeah you don’t know who poorguy is yet still posting 10+ times in this thread.

Poor guy is the scammer dev named Rachel who you like to felate

Yeah I agree,most are pretty cool

Rachel ,you are a tranny now go take ur meds