What is the point of eth when bitcoin exists?

What is the point of eth when bitcoin exists?

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There is none. The point will only arise when BTC dies.

computational money you fucktard

Turing complete smart contracts

What is the point of BTC when ETH exists?

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Distract retards

this. it's fascinating how unaware people on Jow Forums are despite living and breathing crypto 24/7

b-but buttcoin was first, it doesn't matter if the tech is worse! It deserves to win!

Bitcoin is a cash payment system. Etherium is a blockchain you can build applications on. You googled a picture of etherium without putting in "What is Etherium" How lazy

Note that smart contracts are also possible with bitcoin.
Turing completeness is totally overrated.

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Note that BTC is vaporware with no scaling pipeline, and ETH is actively working on increasing throughput by several orders of magnitude

> lightning network works like a charms since months
> no scaling pipeline

You have no idea what you are talking about.

Theoretically possible, but does not exist yet. Ethereum is THE smart contract platform, no matter how shitty it is at the moment. Bitcoin isn't all of a sudden going to change from "store-of-value" to "smart contract platform" in 5 years if/when they finally release a working version. Clients want solutions now, and integrated solutions are all using Ethereum. The first mover advantage here is massive when comparing to what is "possible" with Bitcoin.

faster transactions, more transactions, cheaper transactions

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ETH wouldn't exist without bitcoin, because all vitalik did was copy and paste bitcoin's code and changed a few variables. It's literally the poor man's bitcoin. Eth maximalists are a bunch of late adopter cucks

> faster transactions, more transactions, cheaper transactions
You are describing the bitcoin lightning network perfectly.
I even make money by supplying liquidity to the lightning network.
All you need is a raspberry pi, a harddisk and one or two bitcoins.
(also an IQ above 90 in order to correctly copy and paste shell commands into the terminal)

>You have no idea what you are talking about.
typical fucking buttcoiner sharing drivel and being smug about it simultaneously

YOU don't know what you are talking about

LN is a layer 2 solution; every time you fund, refuel or close a channel, you perform a LAYER ONE TRANSACTION - that means scalability ultimately depends on LAYER ONE. Bitcoins layer one is DOGSHIT. you see the problem? :-------)

fucking crypto illiterate buttcoiners I swear to god it's like a self fulfilling prophecy with you idiots; ETH has been the clear fucking choice for so long but you dimwits are so numerous you drive up the price of BTC which reinforces your dumb fucking crypto illiterate shit opinions and you mistake yourself for being right

dumb fucking boomers

if bitcoin had a contract system even harder to use than ETH it would out compete ETH due to how much more decentralzied and secure bitcoin is
nobody actually wants to hold and use autism tokens that were premined and used to scam with ICOs


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RSK is basically ETH
taproot graftroot is more limited but also very good
it's only a matter of time, and in what 3 years ETH hasn't had any success in their Dapps anyways besides ICO scammers

Bitcoin allows very sophisticated contracts[1]
They are just not turing complete which is an overrated feature anyways.
Most simple ETH contracts can be translated 1:1 to bitcoin.


>shoehorning dunning-kruger into everything phase
I used to be a cringy 16 year old too

I need the 1 Bitcoin part

>ETH has been the clear fucking choice for so long
>dumb fucking boomers
Fucking arrogant Zoomers

>RSK is basically ETH
Except transferring real BTC into RBTC requires you to give them to a centralized authority. (Technically 15 orgs, but they're still pre-selected by the team)

We had this exact conversation literally yesterday
using BTC miners to secure their own network is a very smart idea, but unless they can eliminate the centralized RBTC minting mechanism, it's a pile of shit nobody is going to use.

>not turing complete

and for the record I have more BTC than ETH
you guys are still full of shit
why would you even shit on ETH to shill BTC? It's the king anyway, the only possibility is that you're all brainlets hoping to get positive (You)s to reaffirm your beliefs

If you don't supply enough liquidity, nobody will use your node for transactions.
Except you allow free transactions, which kinda defeats the point.

also this
I use a multisig to secure the majority of my coins and it doesn't lock up with parity
bitcoin is just better it's not even close

>he doesn't know that the game is up
eth and every erc is undoubtedly finished

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>no argument
why am I wrong

>every time you fund, refuel or close a channel, you perform a LAYER ONE TRANSACTION
because you'll take old estimates and say it's dogshit
right now loop in loop is working, next is splicing, there's transaction batching and a bunch of other efficiency upgrades to make this system smoother
problem is people like you are too retarded to see this and probably transact with pay to pubkey hash instead of segwit, pay 100+ sat/byte because a shitty exchange or outdated fee estimator told you to, or are just ignorant
the goal is to keep the node requirements low but that's over your head because you don't respect decentralization

>because you'll take old estimates and say it's dogshit
what the fuck are you talking about?

you can spout layer 2 optimizations all day but it doesn't solve the fundamental problem of layer 2 settling on layer 1

if layer 1 is clogged I can't even get money off the second layer without paying exorbiant fees or waiting days (assuming just slight adoption and real world use) - how is this not a dealbreaker for you? are you retarded?

thank god there is a sane project that understand this problem and is getting closer to a solution every day

Nothing, in a land of complete scams ETH is the ultimate scamcoin

Cope harder faggot. Your shitcoin just hit a 20 month low in sats.

you sound like a woman, and it's clear you don't understand

How dare you assume someone’s gender

another buttcoiner left speechless by crypto 101

Any credibility you had in this thread is now non existent. Keep buying this mess and clog crypto space for years.



some fun reading for people who think LN can survive without a strong layer one

and once you've read that and agree it does need layer one, you'll tell me what the bitcoin scaling pipeline is for layer one, or you'll admit you're buying into a massive ponzi that will never see real adoption unless something drastic happens in the core community (unlikely with such a RETARDED demographic)

if you invest in crypto because you think it may have real world value at some point in the future, you're currently buying ETH and not BTC, otherwise you're an idiot

eurofag so going to bed, sleep tight buttcoiners