So this is how it ends

So this is how it ends...

Trump was right.

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Based. Trump obviously has chosen LINK.

Crypto isn't for you.

newfag, you have seen nothing

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>what is a bear trap

I've seen it all.

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then you know this is far from the worst

Every end has a beginning. This is it.

>Baby's first red day

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>baby's fist Netscape maximalism

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>Down 7%
>This is how it ends
Stick to index funds

Btc is dead for sure this time, be sure to sell at a loss

>july 14th 2017

you fucking moron lol

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Shit has happened a few times already. Are you investing or swinging?

This is different. Trump magic is at work this time.

Set your buy orders at 0.

I'd rather have money in crypto than cash.

Change my mind.

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WFT is up with these cunts are they new? Are they paid tether shills to get our BTC?

But nuke

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good ol times

trump is old minded degenerate like all the financial government official. Crypto is future and everybody with half brain knows it. He can puffs and crying all day but still he won't stops technology progress.

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>checking your own digits

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