The current state of Bitcoin is an absolute shitshow. Honest to god, I have no idea who to believe anymore and the whole debate is so riddled with misinformation and intentional obfuscation of the truth that it's impossible to know who's right and who isn't.

>muh miner centralization
>muh 1MB crippled blocks
>muh CSW is satoshi
>muh satoshi's vision
>muh blockstream is evil
>muh chinese miners are evil

I swear to Christ, Bitcoin will have no chance of widespread adoption until this mess is cleared up.

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Its not really that complicated....what were the prices of each 6 months ago? What has been the relative gains to each in last 6 months?
Whats so complicated about that...the markets been very clear.

The markets have clearly been in BTC's favor, but that doesn't really mean much. I'm interested in knowing whether all the criticism of SegWit is actually valid, and whether on-chain scaling is a viable solution. I still haven't gotten an answer to this question despite researching the topic since the fork occurred.

Buy them all and then it wont matter which is right.

Bigger blocks = mining becomes harder = less diversity in miners = more centralization

By "on chain scaling" do you mean....will everyone be able to buy a coffee with bit corns?
If thats your question I think you are misunderstanding the nature of a deflationary one wants to do that...
Clearly btc is becoming digital-gold which is a totally different asset than being used as a day-to-day currency.
These day-to-day currencies will come and you will seamlessly exchange from btc to this currency via some app on your phone and buy coffees that way.

If BTC hypothetically becomes about as liquid as the US dollar with minimal deflation (slightly below 0%) it won't discourage people massively from spending it. Buying coffee would be feasible thanks to layer 2 scaling solutions like the lightning network.

digital gold ponzi or peer to peer electronic cash?
check the whitepaper and go from there

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0xBitcoin. The only implementation of Bitcoin that can advance with true decentralization and where a death spiral is impossible.

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The solutions already exist on Ethereum.

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when coss listing?

>I have no idea who to believe
the level of dumbfuck since reddit infiltrated this board lately is astounding. Bitcoin is BTC. the whole fucking world knows and acknowledges this. a subset of the reddit hivemind dumbfucks are the only mongloids on earth who thinks there's a 'debate' - yes that's you you cashie dumbfuck. as to BSV nobody cares - only paid shillers care because they get paid to spam this board although since creg cried in court and is getting BTFO'd by the legal system he has stopped paying retards to shill.

all in BSV budddy

BSV is the only PoW crypto that can scale. they've already done 14,000 tps on testnet, enough to replace Visa. the same software is being rolled out on mainnet on July 28. it doesnt even matter if Craig is Satoshi or not, BSV is the only crypto that can scale and thats true to the whitepaper. DYOR and take a look whats being built on BSV right now. streamanity, twetch, tokenized, drive markets, metanet, etc. etc.

its tanking to 0
are you worried yet fagboi?

If it's so shit, why does everyone keep copying it?

bch is the real bitcoin, the other ones are absolute and total shitcoins

when BSV is tanking all the hopium threads pop up lmao get fucking rekt retards

btc and bch are forks.

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>digital gold ponzi
Hey Rog...I like you and think its good you are following your convictions, but you are going about it wrong.
You guys need to understand that the "last mile issue" is real and will be the thing to sink your plans. You are trying to take on the whole world and cover everything from being a store of value, to last mile payment the end you are just going to make an enemy of everyone and they will lobby govs to keep you out.
BTC's strategy -- and evidenced by market reaction -- is the successful one. Talk humbly..."little old us...we're just a digital gold kinda thing"...and in 10 years it will have swallowed the whole thing piece by piece. Thats called "marketing" knowing how to position your product in a hostile and difficult market to gain a seat at the table.

Scaling is worthless if it compromises decentralization

When COSS accepts the application.
This is why a deflationary, almost technical copy of Bitcoin on Ethereum is preferable over BTC, BCH, and BSV. It's the most decentralized crypto to date. Banking on Ethereum upgrading and scaling. When Ethereum does that, 0xBitcoin will emerge as the best available store of value and cryptocurrency.

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>proper bitcoin according to the white paper (longest pow)
>brand name ("network effects" is the faggot way to say "inertia")
>subverted by blockstream, axa insurances, bilderberg
>highly manipulated through tether printing
>unusable as p2pcash
>centralized rentseeker oriented development
>centralized pow through chinese mining farms

>usable p2p cash just like the original bitcoin
>has actual idealists
>started tainted with asicboost, basically bitmain's pet project
>pow centralization worse than btc
>technically inept in the long run

>there is an ai living on the blockchain
>creg satoj is a good source of drama
>faggots who fall for this deserve to

also ETH, because ETH is really the most bitcoin of all
>same spirit of silent revolution as original project, only next level through trojan horse strategy (offer efficiency benefits to insert itself into business infra, then push freedom values by association)
>active development
>all the smart people in the space work on it / use it
>entreprise adoption
>still an overgrown science project
>bad incentive model (why push the protocol forward for nothing when you can ico/sto a copypaste token for millions)
>VC/startup scamming scene deeply embedded in the ethereum community

basically, you're confused because you're expecting one project is the right one. but it is indeed a shitshow, and there is no crypto project that is legit. the rational course of action is to only speculate with money you can afford to lose (as in ACTUALLY lose) on the chance one of these moons, but there's no fundamental reason it should. deflationary, proof of stake, store of value, literally all of these words are memes designed to make slightly above average fools believe they have control. if any crypto explodes, it won't be due to tech but thanks to hype and chance

>also ETH, because ETH is really the most bitcoin of all
oh ffs
>the most centralized is the most like bitcoin
giving away 50m because of obvious flaws then invalidating your "immutable" blockchain is a nigger solution to engineering weakness

>basically, you're confused because you're expecting one project is the right one. but it is indeed a shitshow
I guess I just need to come to terms with this.

>the rational course of action is to only speculate with money you can afford to lose
And that's exactly what I've done, however, that was not really the point of this thread. I'm personally 100% behind BTC. I keep an eye on BCH, and I believe that BSV is an absolute joke and it genuinely astounds me that people support it so fervently.

user, you're literally the dunning-kruger example pointed out in my conclusion. either quit your attachment to virtual bags based on youtube videos and start reading books, or consider spreading your drivel on places with greater reach (social media > chinese cooking recipe message boards). you're doing worse than wasting time, you're actively convincing yourself irrelevant facts matter. delusional gambling will not fix your life

your post was the most dunning-kruger in the whole thread. just saying "they're all scams" doesnt mean it's true.

In-fighting and questionable business practices aside, BCH has a working product that fast and dirt cheap to transact with. I’m a smaller fish and don’t like paying larger fees to send bitcoin for anything, so bitcoin cash has my vote.

Also, Craig Wright was forcefully removed from my local library after exposing himself in the children’s book section.

>BCH has a working product that fast and dirt cheap to transact with
Are u roger or one of his sockpuppets?

you should've told me what 'fallacies' i was guilty of while you were at it. massive upboats. you sound super-smart

Nope, just put a wallet on my phone registered an account on their marketplace and procured a few things for my battlestation. I’d be the first to tell roger and the abc crowd to go fuck themselves for hyping a false project, but it’s all been legit thus far..

Literally everything is tanking right now you retard. These coins all move together.

Fees on the lightning network are on the order of 1 to 12 sats. Unless you're doing a large transaction BTC/LN is cheaper and safer since you don't need to rely on 0 conf

If you dont know what to believe anymore you're a brainlet. It's BTC the one and only. The others are low IQ shitcoins.

My whole point is that I wish it were that simple, but it isn't. A lot of people on Jow Forumsbtc are mouthbreathers, and just when I'm about to dismiss the entire BCH project as a meme I discover that there are people there with deep technical understanding of the project. I can't even tell if they're right because I lack the expertise to verify it personally.

I like Roger as a person, I know you shouldn't trade emotionally but he seems genuinely invested in the spirit of BTC and the end goals of crypto, couple that with his history with BTC and I have to hold at least a few

0xBitcoin is a better Bitcoin

answer: it doesnt matter, really, it doesnt. Just buy wait for a pump and sell, rinse and repeat. Be smart about your exit though

All in BSV and everyone who is unironically not has cognitive disabilities (>99.7% of earth's population). Also trading that shit because holy fuckballs has low liquidity made it easy to get more bsv.

>If thats your question I think you are misunderstanding the nature of a deflationary one wants to do that...
I don't understand why someone someone buy an alternate currency with their deflationary currency and then buy their coffee with that alternate currency. Why add that extra step?

Or you could just use BSV to buy coffee. Transaction fee is 1 cent. Transaction happens in 1-2 seconds....

What if nobody accepts it?

>The markets have clearly been in BTC's favor, but that doesn't really mean much
Bullshit. It means everything. That's what we are doing here. When the market thinks something else is more viable it will tell you. The best thing you can do for Bitcoin is to sell those scam forks and support only BTC or something that is truly better. The existing alternatives in the Bitcoin family are not any better and they lack security as well as developer mindshare.

I found the smart people in this thread.

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0.01 USD is about 100 sats. Routing a payment with BTC/LN incurs a fee of 1 sat in most cases.

For the record, I only hold BTC. I've never bought BCH or BSV since BTC with its scaling solutions beats them at everything.

He's a paid shill so he has no real interest in bsv