Link has discovered price. Now that we have found price parity with other crypto...

Link has discovered price. Now that we have found price parity with other crypto, how far will it go up on the next pump.

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How far up before it consolidates sideways, forming another stair step on this stairway to singularity?

One moment, OP...................

hmm, it all depends on if the Market Makers decide to redistribute price by a traditional ratio (to $8.60ish) or if they want to shake out LINK from those who sell too early only to fomo back in around $12ish, only to then get dumped on and sell again.

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Keep your eye on volume.

What interests you most in terms of volume as a means for inferring potential levels of price discovery?
Admittedly, I dont clutter muh chart with indicators, not even a volume indicator. That said, i am cognizant that LINK has 5th to 4th highest volume in the crypto market this last week and a half.
Thats said:
>retraced to ATmedian of 2.60
>now making higher highs, higher lows despite team selling into pumps
>it may move to dip to 2.30ish but im not worried about it

what am i missing here, senpai?

t. user who namefags as swing demon and called the 2.60 bottom for the last few weeks
>check the catalogue

Think of it as fuel. Look at other charts behavior re: volume.

Its about to dump you tard

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I have no idea what this means

where do you think we'll be in august/september?


LINK will not break $4 until SIBOS, at which point it will shoot into the double digits never to return again

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the only individual allowed to explain it is Michael Huddleston.
Otherwise you get a knock on the door by the FBI.

Honestly I keep seeing the patterns but I'm too much of a pussy to swing it.
Which sucks major dick because I only have 3.8k and I'm looking to grab that hot 10k suicide stack.

don't youll get burned


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But I need more than 3.8 million and LINK is the last moonshot.

Add this to your collection too then you massive faggot

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Then just buy more you fuck

You're only saying this because you're anonymous, fucking retard. Saved as well, bitch.

Don't have enough to significantly increase my stack.

Im saying this because ive been trading this fucking chart all week. yes we will go up, but it is very likely we will go lower before that.

Can this memecoin finally die in peace pls?

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>very likely
>already walking it back

Lets wait an hour shall we? take your time to come up with something smart in the meantime

It discovers a lower price every day

How much is significant? Just keep throwing it in

Wish I had a nice house with calm lighting and granite countertops...

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Based ICT poster.

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Tick tock, nigger. Been an hour. Ready to apologize?

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For being right?

>let it go higher then you can be more "right"
What a surprise.

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I'm feeling $10. It will take some time of course but that's what I'm feeling.

It's more aligned with BTC in price movement now. When BTC stops struggling, it will go up. The pumps are more effective on LINK for now, at least.

Also crypto dumping is unironically good for LINK as it starts to mirror movements closer. There wasn't much more room for BTC to moon.

Every link is an eventual $1k. Even buying one is the easiest money you will ever ever make.

I would unironically wash his feet with my tongue as a token of my appreciation. He is the reason i no longer wagecuck or worry about trying to win the lottery.

between that and LINK, life is pretty comfy, desu