Tether up now or no bros?

Tether up now or no bros?

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Umm id avoid tether

no faggot
some other 1$ stablecoin

Well yeah I meant USDC

No you retard

Tether = collapse

Too late bro. Shoul've tethered 3 weeks ago

>“Tether up”

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I'm all in USDC, looking to buy back in at about 9k.

Why now when it's already dropped from 12,000? You fucking up if you didn't sell then.


so what makes you usdc fags think your stablecoin is "safe" ?

Because we're probably going to 9k

Better off jumping into a random alt at this point.

maybe he just bought at 10700? the fuck do you know?

Tether blowing up is bullish idiot.

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Because he's panicking like a cuck.

we're going way lower than that, son. and we ain't coming back to these prices for a long time, if ever.

we are hitting cope levels that shouldn't be possible

I'm not panicking at all it's just a meme you faggot

but it's also not happening

Holy fuck I’m gonna laugh so hard pissing on your moonbaby graves