How much LINK do I need for a wife like this?

How much LINK do I need for a wife like this?

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About 1. Damn that is white trash. Look at the fetal alcohol syndrome on those kids

i think thats a man


Just a little meth or heroin will be enough

>Low 6s face
>Ugly tatoo
>Tits may be nice, but with bras you never know
'bout tree fiddy RSR

Not the mothers fault. She wouldn't have even had the kids if it wasn't for alcohol.

A bag of meth.

see what you faggits look like, bringing up 2 kids in that age
>got breasts will whiteknight

Looks like a chick I met at the bar that I started plowing on the regular.

>this is the master race

>saggy tits
>50 iq looking kids
Hard yikes.

I see women with kids that don't look like they'd take out their dentures to give you a blowjob for a fiver.

Does she have the kids already? Probably like 5 LINK in that case.

40k to bring her from motherland

Got damn

She looks like like kind of wife who takes it in the ass on request. I would wife despite the face.

a couple LINKs are enough.

That's her tinder pic. Her bio: "my kids are everything. No hookups. Need a Good Man™ who mans up and provides for me and my kids. As soon as he will have my student debt paid (I graduated in Gender Studies), I'll eventually divorce him to get his house and child support and alimony. And the dog as well".

Brown eyes=not white

>entire thread of virgins
This woman is literally the most standard (and I don't mean that in a negative way) woman aged 30-45 you will ever see. Solid 8/10 for her age.

fuck off roastie

according to her profile around 100 LINK for two hours

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have sex

Where the FUCK do you live???

you need to sell all your link to get this wife


Lulu Lüstern

kek theres vids of her in gangbangs
now look at the pic of her with the kids
then the gangbangs
imagine if that was your mother desu

>how much LINK for a trailer crackhead with 2 kids


those arent her kids, its her nephews.
she doesnt have kids.

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jau wir schaffen das

America. And I actually go outside, so I see roasties left and right. The other pictures in the thread definitely drop her to a 5/10.

My first thought

>Imagine feeling the need to remind us Euros don't have (white) kids

We already know.

About tree fiddy.

Ugly with fake tits and man hands. No thanks. Kys summerfags.

>Lulu Lüstern
Her instagram is what you would expect from an internet thot, partial nudes and cat pics.

The internet was a mistake

What's $100? Like 35?

t. angry single mother crackwhore

The tattoo is the giveaway, you just know the drug addicted lifestyle before the children, literally the meme of dick carousel

smart women don't get tattoos but still keep that lifestyle, hidden

Meth and cheap whisky. She'll gum the hell out of your dick.

is that tatss near her nipple? Asking for science

free if you go to the right bar

She's master race. German. HH's favorite.

Kill yourself jew fuck