How long until the 10.3k support is broken?

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fuck off beartard


It won't be, there is literally unbreakable support at 10.3K

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We will go up Bobo. You gonna see

It's coming. They are setting up a massive dump right now, when it drops it will tear through 10.3k like a finger through wet toilet paper right up all these bullfags asses!

This, they’re letting the leveraged bitmex longs build up slowly

Remember last week when bobos wanted to flash crash to 9k?

Now bobos can't even run it to 10k.


You may have your doubts but this is the bottom. We will be back to 11k within 24 hours.

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Except it’s literally dumping rn

Are "they" the inside traders in this context?

Crashing this economy.

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Banking cartel counter trading tether pumpers

So you think it will keep dumping forever? That's not how it works.

10.3 opens the way for a triangle correction for another wave up. It will be a big fight. IMHO it can hold, especially if you check how the c wave of current ABC correction is forming. Still waiting for a leg up before the test. Short responsibly bobo

They might squeeze some shorts before they do it. I doubt they will break it today.

>ABC correction
kek. TA is a meme, right?

I‘m ready to pump the market with another 50 Million at anytime my dear Bobo

You won't do it.

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Reddit is the other way

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the start of an impulse wave and how it respected the fibonacci retracements. Works like a clockwork user. I saw it in minute charts on July 2nd start of impulse wave and we went up as an ABC correction to 13k levels. This correction is harder to read. Can't count properly but if there is one thing which is real in trading, it's the cycles, waves and fibonacci retracements/extensions. Once you catch the impulse wave, the only way is up.

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>He didn't account for the moon phase and the bonger skidmarks
Not going to make it

this always incorrect "elliot wave" shit suddenly appearing on biz and link chan(els), with the poster then being insulted for it, is unironically one of the most bearish signals here. it really is 2018 all over again, isn't it. fuck my life.

Thats because its fabricated. The charts would work normally but this market is literally being manipulated by Tether whales and BTC whales fighting for control.

The only reading is what "they" want to do. Think of it as a mass hysteria game. "They" want to make the masses do something so they can make gains.

Do the opposite of what your instinctive reflex says, "They" want to make people FOMO in and then lose money on the way out. So if you act like the masses, you'll get the same treatment.

Samefag here from PC. Here is my primary count, which is the bullish scenario which opens a triangle corrective move before the next leg up.

I did user, July 2nd was new moon and July 16th is the full moon. Full moon usually is a good time to get rekt so trade carefully.

user, I am usually wrong. However since Fibs and Elliot Waves, I don't panic sell / fomo buy. What goes up comes down and vice versa.

The almost feels like a trench warfare and Fibonacci retracements/extensions are the gentlemens agreement. The market always gives a second chance is not a meme

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