Obvious 100x

I am a chainlink maximalist, and even I am holding a suicide stack of 500,000 RSR

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im ready for the dump

this is a preloaded pump and dump turdcoin

The major problem with the majority of stable coins at the moment is many of them dont have the capacity to actually scale when the crypto market cap enters into the trillions. This bullrun we're in right now will see massive adoption of stable coins as anons begin selling off into them at the ath. What the Reserve protocol manages to accomplish is the establishment of a regulatory compliant stable coin that has the ability to scale for world wide demand and a crypto market cap exceeding 100 trillion. For these reasons, and a long list of many others, smart money is in on this dark horse early, and make no mistake - marketing for Reserve will kick into high gear in Q3 and many nu-bizlets will miss this boat.

I honestly feel bad for you.

You don't sound like you've DYOR at all.

me too

seriously when is the dump coming

Buy orders down to 0.000012

Peter Thiel has Donald Trump to make sure Facebook Libra does not materialize.

Reserve going to be the standard Stable coin believe that !!

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100% will dump. Wait for it before you buy. IDEX pajeet exchange will fuck you in the ass

1.6 mill RSR reporting in

weird we have the exact same amount

dumping now
see you at 31 sats

Will acquire 1 million more soon

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Sorry now but whats the story with 4% of the total supply currently in circulation? Explain it please thats what it seems like on cmc or what am i missing ?

RSR is erc20?


4mill here

oof, sorry to see this. RSR is the next scam coin PnD junker

peter thiel, sam altman nigga wut?

If putting about 8k in
Tbh losing 8k won’t hurt me at all
On the flip side, if we get near $1 it would be life changing for me
I have to take these risks
Further, the team looks really solid and they have great investors and advisors

I hope to get to 10M coins before it moons

shut the fuck up sanjeet

stable coin are integrating the space. Dai___Maker, Tether and many others. Rsr will be a great asset to own. At least on the top 50 on coinmarket cap

I agree!