He wants to get rich for a gf and a family

>he wants to get rich for a gf and a family
>not for power and glory

May I ask Jow Forums, what the fuck is wrong with you?

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I just want to make enough money to fuck off away from everybody while still eating good food and living comfortably.

shrouds don't got no pockets

>gf and a family
all women are whores if i may

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have sex

glory can only be achieved in combat faggot

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>attention from the peasant majority
>over a loving relationship

Kek good goy

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There is no glory in modern mechanized warfare

I want to get rich to have a legit reason to look down on people. I'm extremely arrogant and consider myself superior even tho I know it's irrational. But I can't help but feel this way. So I need something tangible to back up my delusion.

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>loving relationship based on a society maintained by debt and usury

who's the goy?

This is all I want too.


>Wow i can kill 3rd world shitskins i'm so honorable

>most ''military'' combat operations are now just remote drone strikes or heavy swarmings with high tech graphene body armors or biochemical based

kek, war isn't a martial arts tournament you aspie retard, go back to rewatching dragonball for the 20th time

>yanks are third world shitskins


I wanna get rich so I can eat like this everyday

I want money to become a GOD

I don't care about a big home or nice cars. Only thing I want is the largest gun collection in west-europa and enough money/resources to get anyone I want assasinated within a day

who would you kill first

everyone who supports immigration

im going to die one day.

I want to get rich because of the tingly feeling it gives me when my stocks rise in the background. Also for a sense of security and not being a wage slave unless I want to. I wouldn't even change my way of living, I believe you can't really change. Your rich self will end up the exact same asshole or shy loser like your poor self used to be.

I want the money and the power. And revenge.

I just want to be able to not answer to anyone and be treated like a human bean.

Who did you wrong, friend?

Pay me 21BTC and I'll tell you.

You'll have to wait till the price drops to triple digits

This. I want revenge on all the facebook normies and people i shilled bitcoin to when it was $1000 but they didn’t listen. I want it to be worth $1 million per coin. The revenge will be better than anything else life could possibly give me.

They're one and the same. It's a multigeneration game we're all playing, modern people have just lost sight of it.

t. pathetic

I want to have a fortune so I can live off grid in a self sustaining echo/time chamber with cryo-stasis in a bunker the shape of a pyramid. Eventually by 2025 all my funds will be in order for me to begin construction.