kind reminder

If you're over 25 and haven't found them yet, you won't ever. All these npcs that come at you are scripted to be drawn to your variables. The real experience is found in youth. After 25 and over it's just refuge and capitulation.

Wait it out, your gains aren't made to be lost or spent, they're to be invested for further growth.

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Imagine believing some variation of this.

he's kinda right, secure your motherfucking place on this floating rock

can you actually even do that, npc?

It's kind of true, 25 is a bit young for guys though. Definitely over 30 it's less like finding your "soul mate" and more like finding your "very good buddy"


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you're sick if you believe in romance user, romance is a roman invention hence the name, it's the created of material representation of emotional value, why do you think christmas, the time of gift giving, is so important to this reality? Romance in itself used to mean homosexual and pedophile tendencies, which explains the current situation with US politics being that USA is rome 2

>If you're over 25 and haven't found them yet, you won't ever.

Lolwhat I know so many dudes stealing zoomer women who are in their late 20s/early 30s.

>stealing zoomer women

do you even fucking understand the words written out or are you that sick and degenerate?


You're probably a mutt who still listens to rap

only got 4 years to find someone

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it's all just flesh suits anyway
they're all skeletons underneath
don't fall for skeletons' tricks

feels good knowing those cucks will be getting cucked in divorce. i used to not like the way women were turning out, but seeing cockholsters getting ass raped in the courts is unironically enjoyable.

please stop this is very depressing

t. 21 Year Old White Male INTP

I think you're just having a bad day dude. You'll get over it

If found this out too late, but hopefully this advice can help you out: Don't find, let them come, then filter out with shittests, they shittest you, you should do the same, downplay your wealth but come off as comfortable and do things which truly satisfy your childlike happiness. The more chase the more waste, be a beacon rather than bacon.

let them come doesn't work for me lmao. Just finished a 3 year uni course without meeting a single girl. Wouldn't class myself as ugly either desu. Just a lack of effort and being a bit socially awkward. Tried tinder and got some matches but its just attention seeking whores.

men peak at 35

hope restored

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Observe gentlemen, a pseudointellectual faggot who grossly overestimates his own intelligence and values his own opinions as fact. >120

Unironically told my GF that I'll marry her if LINK goes over $250

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absolutely based

I'm 25 and get told I look a decade younger. OP ironically btfo.

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>written like a female feminist
generalized response from a triggered npc

You're chasing women on social media applications, go do the activities you wanted to and loved when younger. Doing those activities will usually dovetail into physical gains and a more aesthetic self.


Day of the rope will come

absolutely based. Good lad

For a second I thought you were talking about gains then I realised you were talking about roasties and I stopped caring.
I made 400k this year off LINK at 27 years old so I think I still have a chance to make it.

I'm 32, my gf is 18 and I hold 120k chainlink.
Life is good.

lmao same, im 31 and getting 18 yo girls have never been easier

this is incredible wrong, it's actually the complete opposite believe me
the people who find "the one" early are the ones who get divorced usually
You need to realize the type of person you are gonna get is someone who is on the same status level as you, so if you spend your youth working on yourself and fulfilling your potential, you will attract a women who chose a similar path

I... I know love exists
You will never convince me otherwise

You're ID is starting to convince me otherwise holy fuck

>USA is Rome 2
no wonder my car keeps clipping through the ground every day when I drive to work!

I'm 25 and have only been with one woman which lasted a year, and that was 4 years ago. Got a tinder date with a cutie tomorrow though, so could be worse.

I'll find Her, and so will you, frens.

>tfw no amphibious war galleys during the independence day parade

The resemblance is uncanny.

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Unironically this

>Generalized response from a triggered NPC

lol fuck off you. you write about shit you have no understanding. Love and romance go hand in hand you are not some noble marrying for political gain while having a mistress on the side, romance plays a large part in building love with someone after shared hardship. You are marrying someone who will be your partner with who you can raise offspring with, bonds are formed when objects of deep love is shared, like children, there is no need to "find the one" for a man at the age of 25, a well taken care of man can find a woman who is worthwhile into their early 30's because age is not as limiting for men as it is for woman.

Your concept of love is like a teenager who just got dumped, romance is courtship behavior which does not end the moment you put your penis into a woman you fucking degenerate. It's biological and without it, you are defective from a biological standpoint. Most likely because you fucked up your pair-bonding with porn or a promiscuous woman. I do agree with you that a man should really try to be a woman's first true love, this includes romance and presupposes youth where I think you are making your mistake.

>Wanting a partner of equal worth or greater
>Hypergamous behavior in a man

You are the most feminine man on Jow Forums.

>the people who find "the one" early are the ones who get divorced usually

Also wrong, people who find love early on and marry as teenagers have a higher divorce rate, people who find love early on and wait into their 20's to get married have a married success rate of almost 80%. So for your statement to be correct, it should be: "People who marry early (and displays low IQ and lack of long term planning) get divorced usually not people who find love early.

my little sister is a zombie in a body
with no soul a role she has learned to play
in a world today where nothing else matters
but it matters, we gotta start feeding our souls
not our addictions or afflictions of pain
to avoid the same questions we must
ask ourselves to get any answers
we gotta start feeding our souls
have been lost to the millions with lots
who feed on addiction selling pills and what's hot
i wish i could save her from all their delusions
all the confusion
of a nation that starves for salvation
but clothing is the cloest approximation
to god and he only knows that drugs
are all we know of love