Imagine being rich enough to be able to speak in person to someone this hot

Imagine being rich enough to be able to speak in person to someone this hot....

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wrong board
no dick no date

I don't have to imagine. I already have $200

Ultra keked

She looks ridiculous. The absolute state of white “women”

have sex

Go back to r9k faggots

I wear the same sneakers

Do you think she would go back with me to my moms?

There's nobody and no girl "too pretty" to be "above you". This is unironically just a block you set yourself. I.e. classic spook.

That out of the way, this video with the girl is cool

Andie MacDowell's other daughter is hotter, though

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Hot girl
Talented dancer
Embarrassing performance

It's not funny, attractive, or interesting when women act like Jim Carey. They get enough attention already, they don't need to demand any more.

6/10 would drop 0.5 ETH on her.

yikes and cringe. ive seen cooler videos at my nans gaff fa m

In this case, you are not wrong.

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At face value, I'm inclined to agree with you. But I also dated pole dancers who might agree that it's a mediocer performance but still love the idea of a "free wild girl" like that. It's similar to how many young chicks love Billie Eilish for being oh so cynical "like they themselves". So if there's a taker for this content, why not. Everything is shit from someones perspective, unless it's in a space where there's no competition.

Sidenote: What I actually find cool in the video is the camera/cgi work at 1:54. Look at the camera in the mirror

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not that hard you autistic retard

you don't need to be "rich" to fuck nice chicks retard, that's a loser mentality, you need some status yes, but not "rich", wtf does that even mean, millionaire? billionaire? you're just a retard that thinks money buy charisma

My neighbor is hotter, so...

Imagine basing your confidence off your finances.

Wondering what this whores thinks when they do pictures like that.
If they know that people will fap to them and if they enjoy thinking about it.

It doesn't cross your mind. If I have to think about fapping spergs, I couldn't post an social media image where legs are visible.

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"hot" women are a dime a dozen these days.
many of them are so desperate to be in a relationship with a successful man they'll do anything
its remarkably low IQ'd to think you need to "buy womens love"
there are some good ones out there but you have to look.