Do you think of crypto in your sleep

Do you think of crypto in your sleep

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Well that pic summarized me pretty well

thats basically summarizes 65% of all people
what is the chad rest?

Chad slumber vs virgin rest

Me except i do sleep with my gf. I just can't stop thinking about LINK. Plus as a britcuck all the market moves happen at night time.

The first time I moved coins off exchange and into my own wallet I dreamt my consciousness "physically" touched and modified the blockchain

>the Chad slumber
>lights out at 9pm sharp
>leaves phone in kitchen at night, no point in useless distractions
>approximately one gallon of pure filtered water on bedside, entire thing drank by morning
>30 minutes of meditation every night to ensure restful sleep
>never had a girl in his bed, always pumps and dumps at stacy's, for the bed is his sanctuary
>would never watch porn for it disrupts the brain

>has never had felt the warm of another woman in the same bed
can someone describe how this feels

It can be hot in the summer time

This x100000


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Not often, but I actually had a dream this morning. LINK had hit $3.77 and I hadn't bought in. Then I woke up and saw it was $2.77 and that my auto-buy at $2.95 had already triggered.


It’s a really comfy and deep kind of heat. A woman’s warmth is magical.

If you're naked you're gonna get sweaty and sticky pretty fast so you should wear something, but it also gets hot and annoying, there's no comfortable position to sleep with another human unless you're the one being spooned, but as a male good luck with that.

This. "Sleeping" with a girl is fun the first time. Next few times is ok. After that its a nightmare. They fart, snore, roll around, drool, flip, kick the covers, get up, etc. I sleep alone. Girl has her own bedroom too. Better sleep quality.

I'm scared to go to sleep right now because I'm afraid we will dump further.


I use a bluelight filter

This. Sleeping in the same bed as a girl consistently is a meme. Cuddling is fun for like 20 min after sex max

Grab the $80 USD you get free from Coinbase then just buy, more link never hurts anybody

>tfw kissless at 21
are having Aspergers and studying engineering valid excuses?

I'll agree. Sleep quality takes a massive dive when you share a bed.