Working with women in the corporate world

How do you non-NEETs handle it? Their drama, wearing low cut shirts and short skirts but then claiming they don’t want attention, etc.

Can’t they report you for harassment for virtually anything these days?

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jerk off before work so that when you show up you're stoic as shit and not distracted by thottery

As an intern in a hospital i can live with how nurses treat me but not how some of them treat patients. Can't do anything about it since nobody takes patients seriously and treats the nurses as saints.

>some of them treat patients

How do they treat them, exactly? Also, why not report it and have the patient support your complaint?

I work in tech so there are barely any females here anyway, other than the token "diversity" hires.

Just be chad

>ignore the woman in office
>they get very butthurt about it

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What I do is record every interaction on my phone and archive it daily.

My interactions are like this

>Jenny: Hi user
>Me: *hold up hand to signify to wait* press record on phone, Begin convorsation with my legally defensible phrase (had it drawn up and notirized by a lawyer" Jenny this convorsation has no sexual innuendos and I will not make any sexual advances or gestures toward you"
>Me: "any sexual harrassment you percieve is in your head and I am completely innocent of any charges you may bring against me"
>Me: "If you agree to this, continue with the convorasation, if not do not talk to me and I will not be interacting with you"

Then proceed with the convorsation. It works really well.

Spoken like a true virgin larper

Wrong im a manager in a major company. I record these to protect myself. Its way too easy for woman to get away with false accusations (which are 99% of the accusations). Ive been praised for this by my bosses as they do similar things, such as not taking meeting with woman with out the door open or without 2-3 other witnesses in the room.

I thought tech companies usually hire roastie HR and receptionists that you're forced to greet every morning.

How are your female colleagues? Are they all ugly chink females or pajeetas?

I know you're memeing, but at my old work they had to give sexual harrassment classes because some dudes were so scared of talking to women after #metoo that the company actually gave a class about all the things you're allowed to say to women that they can't report you for

I took a similar course at our company. Im not memeing. When i get home ill post my archive folders. I have 3 years worth.

When will we admit that this whole men and women working together experiment has failed?

I mean you can just walk past the receptionists and not say anything, or say good morning if you're feeling friendly, no one gives a shit.

I have only 1 female out of like 30 team members that I actually interact with on a daily basis. She's quiet and not bad. I did have to deal with this pajeet girl once who knew absolutely nothing and that was rough, but actually been good experiences with females aside from that.

None of them have ever been attractive so I can't comment on that.

>claiming they don't want attention
They just don't want your attention sperg

Yeah I avoid the woman at work because of this only take do after work activities with more than 3 people and the majority must be men

I believe you lol, you don't have to post them

it's worth noting how much women's mobility in office jobs got fucked up by #MeToo though, them being excluded from meetings probably did more damage than the old system since now no one gets to advance instead of some getting to advance through kneepad mobility

I'd say not all women, the ones that are foreigners still do a good job. It's usually only the white girls that cause trouble for men, particularly the ones that were the town bikes during college since they expect for everyone to put up with their bullshit for pussy

>got a job doing electrical work
>haven't worked with a female in months

What kind of gay-ass IT are you in? Every fucking scrum master, product manager, and
"designer" is female.

are you gay?

Also, completely disregard their opinions. After they speak, don't even give feedback. Just move on to something else or bulldoze over their points as obvious and irrelevant.

this guy scrums

Just carry a secret recording device on yourself 24/7

Yeah. Thats a fair point. Ive noticed it has fucked up a lot of things among females in my office. Ive just been trying to raise awareness in professional settings for men. Ive heard too many horror stories from good dudes who got absolutely fucked for just talking to a woman in the office.

How many of the girls were white? I wanna see if my theory is true

Gotta relax, fren. Females are people too and it makes everyone’s day easier if you can carry a conversation about most anything work appropriate. The greater message is not to shit where you eat. No innuendo and behaviors or words that could be perceived as you hitting on them. People that get involved co-workers are maximum dipshits of the highest order.

I'm generally well liked by the females in my office. We're all in our 20s/early 30s though and not American, so no weird #metoo bullshit

It's not going to take long for them to be "edcuated properly," and if they're not their kids will. Exceptions are there but the percentage doesn't need to be particularly high for it to be a massive liability regardless.

I tend to not chat with single women at work too much, only the married ones. I do occasionally fuck single colleagues at conferences, though.

I wish a girl would do that to me

>but not how some of them treat patients

share red pills. i've had awful experiences with nurses. they are full of themselves

I’ve had a woman at work literally invite me back to her place for a “party” that turned out to be just me and two other guys who were her neighbors. Throughout the night she kept trying to sit on my lap, making sexual comments, innuendos etc. After the two neighbors left around 10pm, she sparked up some weed, passed it to me, and literally asked “do you mind if I take my bra off?”, and proceeded to try straddle me. I have a girlfriend and politely excused myself and immediately left, saying it was too late for me and that I had drunk too much.

Guess fucking what? The next week at work rumors start coming back to me that she was saying I got drunk and made a pass at her, that I grabbed her ass, or that I put my hand up her shirt.

Never shit where you eat gentlemen... and in this era, that means don’t ever even socialize with another woman unless multiple men *who also work with you* are there. Thankfully this blew over because three weeks later she started gossiping about another guy at work who she put into EXACTLY THE SAME POSITION and claimed exactly the same things about, plus or minus a few details.

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Yup. Work is where you go to earn. Never mix money with pussy unless you’re a bonafide pimp.

I actually think the user who records is smart

>with more than 3 people and the majority must be men
>Go to chili's with 3 guys and the girl
>Consume alcohol
>She accuses you all of a brutal gang rape in the mens room and you all go to prison

>Get one of them drunk at company party
>Dick her down better than she has ever had before
>She tells other co-workers because women can't STFU for 2 seconds
>All the women make not so subtle advances
>Claim sexual harassment
>Settle out of court for $300k
>Beat them at their own game

>wear fucking nothing
>turns it up to 78
>every man wearing a suit or slack+long t-shirt has to suffer or be reported to HR

Don't you think you're being a little paranoid?

>how many of the girls were white
You bet your ass it was almost all of them. They really fucked themselves over for, in the long term.

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seeing total whores wearing a white wedding dress is a black pill. it's meant to signal purity and virginity

This is a larp or you are that guy who was being talked about on "the quartering" working for some game company. And she was friends with or ran HR.

Solid advice

>wearing low cut shirts and short skirts
Doesn't happen, and most places i've worked at have dress codes that don't allow it. SOMETIMES the receptionists dress a little sexy trying to land upper management, but the actual workers? Buttoned up and slacks for miles.
I know of one manager who was written up for having too many buttons undone. The fatties in HR don't like it when stacked women show off the goodies.
The corporate world is sterile these days. It's true that most guys are nervous and are very careful what they say or do, but the women are are pretty much the same, the fatties in HR keep them in line. But you keep believing the corporate porn is reality, NEET. It's adorable.

CEO of a company. Went to conference with co-workers. After-party - ended up sitting in the hotel lobby with a female employee. I'm usually very chill and have conversations with everyone. Employee knows I have a girlfriend. Starts talking about threesomes and how she loves them. I subtly decline by saying perhaps the other women may have found it awkward afterwards.

Next week, colleague tells me that the female employee was telling her work friends that I was making a pass on the employee. I lol'd and asked how - in a public lobby, no alcohol and sitting across the table?

Moral of the story - Men retaliate with violence. Women retaliate with damaging reputation and gossip. Sorry but no fucking way!

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I'll take "Trying too hard to defend his lame larp" for $500, Alex.

i like women at work they are always nicer than the dudes.

My office is all white except for one black guy

Literally the only person itt who is not larping
>Corporate world is very sterile
By design. Workers are scared of interacting casually with each other=better productivity.

It worked fine until the #metoo shit started. I've worked for big and medium sized corporations on both coasts, and issues were rare. This whole idea that it's always been bad is complete fantasy. I've heard many older women in the upper ranks complain after a few drinks that they wish it could be like the old days, when nobody really gave a fuck. (Going to conventions and conferences is fun, people loosen up at the bar at the end of the day, you hear all the good shit then, like why a VP stepped down suddenly, for no reason.) (Got nailed with child porn.) (true story)

Don't get me wrong, plenty of females are fantastic co-workers, great work friends, and very helpful.

Avoid the crazies - male or female.

This. Women are usually not bad when working with men. They tear each other apart, though

>Never shit where you eat gentlemen
Goes without saying, but nobody listens. They have to learn the hard way.
It's not as bad out there as everyone makes it out to be. From what I hear, it's the worst in companies like Twitter, but for the majority of corporate America, in the companies I work in, it's pretty much the same, just way less happy hour gatherings, or going to lunch with someone, or open flirting. It's just more sterile. It was bad two years ago, everyone was on edge, but it's calming down some.

>CEO of a company.
Nope. And rewriting the other post doesn't make it credible at all.

i always wanted a work wife
but alas my gf would kill me and her

Fuck off roastie. We are not talking about unwanted advances or misunderstandings we are talking about plain false accusations.

Die in a river of semen

It's not so much casual interaction, it's more avoiding anything sexual, political, or religious. Most people I know sweat out having to deal with trannies, than women, because trannies cause WAY more problems across the board - hiring one or having a dude start wearing a dress to the office just means eventual chaos. HR is TERRIFIED of trannies because of lawsuits and PR, so they allow them to get away with outrageous shit, that they would never allow a woman.
But people still chit chat and gossip and hang out. Office I'm in now, they have BBQs and invite everyone - i went to one last week, for the 4th. Fun times. But sex, politics, religion? Do not go there.
I do watch myself, and try not to be alone with certain women, though. We all know who they are. And, I'm not trying to fuck anyone, so for the most part, the problem women leave me alone. The last office I was in, I was single when I came in, so all of the single women thought they had a shot, until I told the more gossipy women that I do not play where I work, period. The word got out. (Always figure out who the biggest gossips are, and use them to your advantage. Learned that from having 3 sisters.)

At the lower end, the temps and entry level people, sure. They limit opportunity to interact, because nothing would get done. Like when offices started getting internet connections - place I worked at did that, and a year later started looking at the traffic online with the sales department. Yeah, that was ugly. (The biggest hits? At least 75% of the department were married women. LOL. You can't make this shit up.)

Bro... if this isn't a half assed larp all I can say is you were incredibly stupid for not confirming other office workers attending before even thinking about going. And again if this is real then her spreading rumors is a preemptive defensive reaction to protect her ego after you rejected her. Me? I probably would've slammed the shit outta her and then fucked off because I don't give two flying fucks assuming I was single and she was half way attractive.

Are you home yet? Post the best one you ve gone

if you're an attractive guy, it's on you to not fuck up this sweet deal when working with women. Everyone loves competence. chicks even more, escpecially if you're cute. Be good at what you do, friendly, play the game, and don't ever make a move. Your value will soar, kohais

I don't understand why you think this has anything to do with the thread. Every company I've ever worked for has no fucks to give about anything that happens at home, unless it's rape or you beat the shit out of her, and even then, they'll only move to limit any liability they have.
Unless your job was being threatened, or she was threatening to sue, who cares? This shit happens all the time, it's meaningless. YOU chose to stay even though you clearly knew where it was headed. If true, and I have my doubts - why? Why would you stay, unless you're a degenerate cheapskate drinking all of her beer?
Your story makes no sense to me at all, especially in the context of this thread. It's common sense you don't shit where you eat. It's common sense you don't go to ANY woman's home to "party", unless you want to fuck her. It's common sense to LEAVE if a woman is acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

If any of this is true - again, I have my doubts - I think it's more you pussied out, ran away, and now are making shit up to make her in wrong for your lack of a scrotum to not go balls deep into a woman making it the easiest thing in the world to do.


But women are the problem, clearly.

Aren't you kinda proving his point though? With a male coworker, getting closer and hanging out outside of work just means you're becoming better friends, and can form a better team. Aside from inserting some juvenile lines about "WELL YOU SHOULD FUCK HER BRO", you're literally not even disagreeing with the basic point: That women at work are different in a way that's problematic if not downright dangerous, and the smart thing to do is to stay the fuck away from them as much as you can.

No, i'm not proving his point, angry incel. If a woman invites you to her home to 'party", it's pretty clear what the end game she's thinking. But you wouldn't know that, because you're an incel who has a childish view about women that's based on fantasy.
>stay the fuck away from them as much as you can.
And the incel agenda is revealed. Weren't you just defending becoming friends in the same post? Make up your mind, incel. Do you become friends with them, or stay the fuck away from them?
Don't even bothering to answer, we all know you're choosing "stay the fuck away", and it's not for the reasons we're discussing.
Shoo, incel. Real men are talking.

>If a woman invites you to her home to 'party", it's pretty clear what the end game she's thinking.
But that's *E X A C T L Y* the point, retard. Why can't you connect the simple dots that make,
>Weren't you just defending becoming friends in the same post? Make up your mind
such an obviously stupid thing to follow up with?

You are emphatically agreeing with, even bullheadedly asserting, the basic understanding that adding women to a workplace introduces a bunch of flirting/fucking-related drama that is just plain absent from the comparative smooth-sailing of colleague-relationships among men. Hence, the perfectly obvious conclusion for any professionally-minded man (as opposed to a juvenile virgin like you, who's clearly thinking with his desperate dick and just thinks adding sex to the office is nothing but a plus) is that the smart thing to do is STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM WOMEN IN THE OFFICE. In stark contrast to male colleagues, with whom one assumes no comparable risk in cultivating more of a relationship with.

I really can't emphasize enough that you're literally not disagreeing at all here, just making bare assertions about how acknowledging the logical conclusion here makes people "incels". Stop being such a spaz.

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Being angry doesn't make you right, and being lectured on women by someone who refuses to even engage with them is pointless, and not even entertaining. I can get that all day on /pol.

You're coming off incoherent as fuck and trying to divert this into an attack on the original larper's masculinity. Nice try on derailing, fuck off cunt.

Tits or gtfo

seething roastie

I am 66, retired early working in a hospital as a biomedical engineer due partially to having to deal with 'entitled women' in the hospital. Many women have very little knowledge of the usage of the highly technical equipment they use for patient care. Sometimes to the detriment of the patient. A common statement " I don't have to know how to operate it. I should just be able to just turn it on and it just works." However, to operate it, they do need to know how to change settings, what those settings do, and how to obtain the best readings possible for each patient. I have tried teaching them but they almost always start with statements concerning their gender and they just can't possibly understand because they are women. But if I referred to their gender in any way, I would have complaints against me. There were cases where I got complaints just because I did try to explain the operations. I was totally acting as a teacher, but the complaints were as though I said or did something inappropriate. In those cases, I was never told who complained, what the exact complaint was or anything that would define the situation. I did find out most times by asking around afterward, most women just have to brag about it to someone. I was threatened with my job and told to just be more sensitive to women. I responded, "So, you are demanding that I be more sexist when dealing with women?" I never had any problems with being able to explain the exact same things to their male counterparts, nurses, technicians, managers. There were probably only five female staff who were able to listen without interrupting me, who listened and asked questions, who appreciated the extra knowledge and who then had the expertise to use the equipment to better serve the patient. Female nurses displayed very well their irritation of being instructed by someone 'below' their status.

After the last complaint in which i was again given no information about and therefore could not address in any form I or fashion, I turned in my resignation after mulling over it for three weeks. Then management started begging me to stay. No, there were other reasons also, but this was the main reason. I have seen patients harmed due to operator errors but I was told to just let it ride, be quite, or blame the equipment. Because it was women, I had to not blame the operator. This did not happen when it was men who screwed up, But the men never had a problem admitting their failure or listening to information to prevent a repeat of the problem. We men were expected to be sexist 'for' women. So I decided to retire a year early. extended…. I live in Alabama, I am a very patient man, and very knowledgeable , I had no gender bias but I was very professional. I myself avoid the medical system altogether. It is shocking to know just how bad the medical industry is. The lack of knowledge among the nursing staff is high. And they refuse to know. Every piece of equipment comes with an operator's manual that is required by law to be read by every operator, however staff usually get by that by going to an 'inservice' which is conducted most often by a manufacturer representative that used to be a nurse who's purpose is to accentuate the positives of the new equipment. I have attended many such 'in-services'. There is almost nothing given to explain briefly how the equipment does what it does. And only the most commonly used functions are explained. Considering that only about 10% of such classroom training is retained without further self education most never even see the manual. I have asked, which also got me into trouble. But the operator's manual almost always gives that information in a format that should be understandable by any nursing school student. But I have dealt with some nurses that appeared to not understand basic human biological body functions.

>Being angry doesn't make you right
I agree. That's why all your shouting "INCEL!!!" when people like me explain the simple, straightforward logic of certain choices does a lot more to make you look like an assmad spaz than it does to make anybody else look wrong.

>being lectured on women by someone who refuses to even engage with them
Only a person who *actually* fails to engage with women will feel the loss by keeping contact to a minimum in the workplace. Again, your virginity is showing - most of us engage with women enough in our social/love lives that avoiding them at work to hedge against a lot of unnecessary headache isn't exactly catastrophic.

>pointless, and not even entertaining
Yeah, I'm sure it's pretty boring to have your mind completely turned off. It can't possibly be fun to replace actual thought with a simple routine of shouting "INCEL!" at the first sign of disagreement. Your mind is most certainly an uninteresting place to inhabit. You'd probably better go play video games or watch porn before you pass out for want of stimulation.

Those who appeared to know were great and those usually do know because they cared to know and learned. You would be also shocked at how often women remind us that we are dealing with a woman in that womanly wording that women are so good at using to 'beat around the bush'. They remind us so we will not expect too much from them, yet be warned, because they are women. Comments like, "well, I'm just a women so I don't understand such things", or "That's a man thing", or "a man's job." "I don't read manuals, who can understand such things?" or manuals "are boring, I was trained by a nurse that attended the inservice". When I attempt to show the two extra buttons they must push ,they balk, get pissed, or 'whatever' or make false complaints against me. Other biomedical techs face the same thing but say they just learn to correct the operator error, say nothing more and be prepared to do it all again later. I got tired of trying to get management to setup a position with training department for someone with actual technology knowledge. Most training staff had no technology training. I have asked. Most probably could not explain how a basic blood pressure cuff works. Is that important? Only if you want accurate readings. I would never work again in any business which employees many women.

Gtfo bitch

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>should be understandable by any nursing school student
Biochemist that once taught undergrad chemistry here. Nursing students are the dumbest students, bar none. Their entire academic life is one of flash card memory exercises and charity event brownie-point collecting.

Thanks for the story desu, what brings you to Jow Forums at the tender age of 66?

How do you deal with women that are taller than you and wear high heels that are longer than your little penis?
They are so powerful and intimidating and its so easy to submit to them...

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i took that from a youtube comment because i am also a biomed engineer in a hospital and i agree with everything he said. make sure to read all 3 posts

>Nursing students are the dumbest students, bar none. Their entire academic life is one of flash card memory exercises and charity event brownie-point collecting.
same goes for doctors. i am abysmally unimpressed by doctors. all they do is google your symptoms and agree with webmd and prescribe kike pills to treat a symptom while the cause could be more effectively treated with changing the patient's diet and getting them to exercise.

don't even get me started on how much i fucking hate the patients... type 2 diabetes is going to crash our medical industry with no survivors

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confirmed not a larp

Some interesting stuff. Nurses are fucked and I cannot wait for them to be automated. I have personally witnessed family members go through the healthcare system and it's truly terrifying how little they care. Almost lost a family member when they administered a high dosage of fentanyl. A drug they're deathly allergic to and it's written in the patient file. They still went ahead and did it.

>A drug they're deathly allergic to and it's written in the patient file. They still went ahead and did it.
your family should have lawyered-up and sued the dogshit out of the hospital. easy millions.

I tried to tell them that, but they basically pussied out about it. It drove me nuts, but it was ultimately their call in the end. If something like that ever happens to me, then yes I will absolutely sue them for everything I can.

what if they stepped on your micropenis with their heels haha

they turned down a guaranteed multi-million $ lawsuit? jesus fuck i wouldn't be able to forgive them

>because you're an incel
I think that'd be you.

Not corporate, but I work at an auto parts store in the south, have one female employee who is constantly shit on by male customers. She's conservative anti-feminist so she just goes along with it. I tell her after they leave that they're just sexist pigs, but secretly, I think it's hilarious.


>She's conservative anti-feminist so she just goes along with it.
As in, she just thinks the quips are funny or something? All of the Conservative/Trad women I've known have been tough enough to actually command respect, and not take shit (goes along with being able to think for themselves enough to be Conservative these days in the first place).

Not a larp. Hey, I was kinda drunk, she is pretty cute, and even though I was in a relationship I won’t pretend I didn’t consider going for. Mostly I was just having fun dunking on the beta guys who were her neighbors who obviously wanted to fuck her but who she was obviously trying to make jealous by having me over and flirting with me outrageously. It was fun, and I was happy to ride it out because I had some beers in me. I realized as soon as the other guys left that it wasn’t a game, that she was someone I didn’t want to get involved with, and that I might end up in deep shit unless I got the fuck out of there, and so I did.

And because of that, her ego got bruised and she started bullshitting to other people. There is nothing women fear as much as being spoken of as someone who is a) throwing themselves at you and b) was still rejected.

>Spent an entire night putting his relationship and career in jeopardy to "dunk on" other guys with female approval
>Calls other people beta
The neighbors weren't the only betas in the room, my dude. Hope you enjoyed your gay orbiter party.

I worked at a company moving furniture for a few months and setting up events for ‘important people’ and working with women kept me horny and motivated all day, good stuff.

top kek

Based on what my parents went through, when you've reached the end of your life, you're better off dying in your sleep at home than at a hospital or nursing home.


>can't even spell properly

you can stop now me larper

Why does every low quality normie larp start with "Hey, I was kinda drunk,"? Is there some shitcom which uses this line a lot?

The only nurses I ever liked were old ladies nearing retirement. It's like menopause turns women back into human beings

Hey bro you might want to cool it. I'm kinda drunk and you're killing my vibe

Just shamelessly stare at their feet (if they're nice feet, of course) then jerk off in the bathroom when it gets to you too much.

Fun fact sexual harassment cases work both ways. Report her for making you feel uncomfortable the moment she does something slightly thoty around you and watch her quit immediately once its been established that her casual flirting means 2 hours of being chewed out by bitter HR hags. Also pretend to be at least a little gay it helps.