What's your stack?

Just picked up 21 more for a new total of 74. I think there's only 1 or 2 of you on here who have said they had more. Feels good man.

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9.4. Not very happy atm

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I got 200. Not sure how i feel 2bh

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Sorry man. This is what crypto does.
Best thing you can do is identify the best project and then hold for the long run. I original bought BSV at 133. It tanked down to the 50's...

I bought some more at 57.. It went to 250..

Drop to 165.. I bought a little more..
130 I bought some more..

It's all good man. I'm accumulating because I think BSV has a great future. I care about how much BSV I have and not what it's USD value is in the short term.

Consider doing the same.

Are you a trader or are you buying for the long term?

Purple lines are the resistance levels. We just bounced off a very major one. If we break through, we may got to around 100, but I don't think we'd break that. Lots of strong hands from people like me that actually use BSV.

I won't be selling. I'm already accumulating.
Especially with the cap being increased to 2GB by the 24th.

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>Imagine choosing Craig Wright over Elon Musk

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Long term but i might change my strategy

Less likely to lose by playing the long term, but you've got the big bucks, so I assume you know what you're doing.

I mean, I love elon... but.... BSV!

This thread makes me sad cause it really doesn't sound like a larp


>Imagine larping buying the real bitcoin.

Just buy the real bitcoin while it's cheap man.

Craig cried in court.

I sold mine when craig walked out of court. good thing too. I just don't trust craig. he's going to be the death of this coin.


Thanks fren.

i think he cried in the car too

He also created BitCoin. I can forgive him for shedding a tear over criminals using corrupted bitcoin core for sex traffic crimes.

I have around 90 but just spent nearly a grand of it on buying cities on chain and moneybutton paymails

His mother said he’s a pathological lier in court. Craig wept.

Damn you must have bought either a fuckload of $1.00 paymails, or a few highly sought after ones.

What do you mean by "buying cities"?

You're disingenuous, and as bad as a SJW
stay poor

I bought a load of them for $1 yes, and a handful of ones for a little more. Most I paid for was “Arsenal” which was $40. I got a few good ones at $1 including bieber. Regarding “cities”, check out cityonchain

Truth hurts. Don’t be a craig.

I pulled it up on

It's a world map..

It's in jap or something tho. Not sure what I'm looking at.

I'm basically all in with 135 buy i have to sell about 20 in the next few days to get some cash for shit. I have a erc20 token that's probably going to be switching to tokenized real soon so hoping that will make up for the 20 i sell now when the tokenized boom happens.

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What is wrong with this worthless piece of shit

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Sold that shit after the pump. Long term might be viable but it needs more info.

Maybe it’s too soon for you.

>still up 150% over the last 2months
> worthless piece of shit.

105 most likely.

Roger and Jihan probs dumping.

Well for starters it's a literal scamcoin


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Oh it's for purchasing advertising space on real world locations. I'm not sure how that would work though. Advertising where? AR?


There was a mystery miner on the network with a lot of hash rate also, could have been mining to sell, also they are so afraid of this coin they delisted it so not many markets for liquidity so any movements are exaggerated which is good when it's going up
It's still performing incredibly well though, bought the very bottom at $30 myself. Investment opportunity of a lifetime!