What usually happens after this

What usually happens after this

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Number maybe go up maybe down

Kek, the truth!

We crab for 3 months

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It goes further down, look at 2018

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No one can tell you. There's been no negative news about Chainlink. It tends to go up rapidly when there is good news and then slowly bleed out until the next news.

You have to understand Chainlink's value right now is 100% speculative. It's not a working product at the moment, it's a product that is in work. Any price it has right up until the moment it is a fully realized product with actual customers utilizing it is speculative.

The speculative price is not the price that matters. We aren't going to pump to 1k off of speculation. We will get 1k when the product is complete and institutions are utilizing it for smart contracts and millions of LINK are being staked instead of traded on the market.

beginning of an uptrend/crab

which is EOY


Buying link now is like buying oil fields before the invention of cars

Ah sweet I'll be rich in a few decades

LINK isn't going to be a fully adopted and working product by the end of the year. It could still be another year before the team has LINK in a fully functioning state. Hell it could take even longer. It's going to happen eventually, and when it does LINK's price will blow up as long as it has no competitors, and right now there are no competitors.

And you have to understand, even when LINK is fully functioning, it still needs adoption by major players who will use it, as well as the customers of those major players. Right now it's looking pretty good on that front, they have Google, SWIFT, Oracle, etc.. But they need the customers of those companies on board as well. The industries need to see the value of smart contracts otherwise they just won't use them. Adoption could take awhile. You are going to go insane if you truly believe it will be 1000 EOY and then it doesn't occur. I think it will be 1000 eventually, and well above 1000 at that. I just don't think it's happening by 2020. This will be such a major shift it won't happen quickly.

In a decade, 100link will make you rich

No one is gonna hold that long tho

Yeah that is a good analogy.
I don't think it will take decades, but it will take years. I'm trying to be realistic because I can't stand my job right now. I know a lot of other anons hate their jobs and lives and they have their hearts set on being filthy rich by the end of the year. It's not going to happen in 5 months guys, be realistic. You will go insane if you think it is going to happen that fast. It will happen, but you need patience.

all what you said is happening this year

This desu, the only ones that held bitcoin who bought early are the ones that forgot about it

The entire structure of all major businesses world wide aren't going to completely restructure in 4 and a half months.

Keeps going down until it finds sellers.

>what is PSD2
>what is ISO20022
dude are you a moron? sergey has been working on this for 5 years. this is the year all this shit comes out nulinker.

I doubt people are going to go HAM with it until Ethereum becomes something beyond a proof of concept. It might already be there since I haven't kept up with ETH too much over the past year, but until it does that LINK doesn't have much of a future

You start realizing that you don't have magic power to see the future and also realized that you missed out on VID's 7000% increase in a span of a month...


This. I agree with realism user in some points. But dude, this has been cooking for over 4 years, the team is expanding hugely, and the partnerships are unprecedented. I agree it might take until end of 2020 to see more and more adoption, but come on, the people who wanted this shit head hunted sergey to help him build a vision that wil cut bottom end by 15% and greater. The moment one big company clearly displays the value of automated smart contracts, it is game over. Everyone will have to follow unless they want to keep paying their backend paper pushing boomers 60K a year

To quickly add, it isn’t exactly simple to develop foolproof automated smart contracts, but the whole
Point of LINK is that these companies Won’t have to restructure their back ends. It’s called middleware for a
God damn reason my children. It is plug and play. That’s why the big boys are involved and we arent even 2 months out of mainnet launch.

I missed the VIDT train, what exchange was it on when it mooned?

another one from drunk user. yeah thats the whole point of this, you dont have to do jack shit except make a chainlink adapter.

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the strongest FUD Link has ever got was this week, and it's the realization that the devs will sell their third of the LINK token and have repeatedly said they will never do a token burn.

No one wants to really buy when they know over time the market supply will double.

I hold LINK as the lion's share of my holdings, and honestly I want someone to debunk this but I don't think it can be.

you change your memelines after its done what you werent expecting

He fixes the cable?

he's trying to scam you. VIDT was/is on IDEX


Loaded up on VID already. It's going to get me out of the poorhouse!

it will

I agree with you on most of your points.... but
-Speculation along can drive price up to a point where some of the OG marine can stop wagecucking while waiting for the moon. What that price point is? It will different for every user.
-Chainlink will not flip a switch and everything be magically done. Sergey has stated start mainet just to start sending out data.... not necessary for reputation of nodes (in the begining), KYC nodes in the beginning is a smart move...
-With fully finished product and industry adaptation, owning LINK will be fuck you type of money.... Not going to happen before eoy 2019. I am looking forward to simplified version of staking, and more actual customers to come out and say that they are onboard. If speculation and some name drop (like ISDA) can drive price anywhere between $50-$100. I think many user here can at least stop wagecucking, while waiting for the real moon.

dont look at charts, just focus on fundamentals and accumulating as much as possible

and buying LP is like investing in ford motors before everyone and their mother drives a car

Who would sell at this point though? seems retarded.

traders looking to pick up a bigger stack. Like it or not bitcorn is still king. It drop, Link will drop too (at least in the short term)

A lot of people dont get how long it will take to chainlink achieve to become widely used

Blythe Masters explains this at around 4:00


the only way to see thing develop that fast along, is if they use centralized, semi-centralized nodes that went through KYC.

>A lot of people dont get how long it will take to chainlink achieve to become widely used
This is what I've been trying to explain. People here have deluded themselves to think Chainlink will be widely used within the next 4.5 months.

Absolutely this.
The jury is still out on ETH and any decentralized smart contract platform for that matter.
Yes, they were good for shitcoin ICO's, but we're past that now.
Like crypto mommy says, until we get sold real world use case apps with significant capital flowing back and forth through them all this is just academic.

It is all so tiresome

this. its a sideways correction. we stagnate for a few weeks and then break out to higher lows and continue to stair step up. we're still in a bull cycle bois, no need to worry.

my dixie wrecked

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Why would anybody sell their whole stack?

based delusion poster

100 link poorfag here, I have literally nothing but time. And iron hands

Two outcomes: 1. holds the higher low and attempts to set a higher high. or, 2. Loses the higher low but holds the double bottom.

If price rejects at previous resistance, it's headed back to the lows again.

Both you guys are idiots.

Widely used or full adoption means, that yeah, all business across all industries around the world have implemented fully or close to it in some way.

No one ever said that is what is needed for $1000. if "widely used" happens. LINK would be closer to $25,000 - $50,000 maybe more. We are talking about quadrillion dollars worth of data running through EACH industry using Chainlink. That is mass adoption. That is "widely used". That is insane value.

This year industries will start to integrate Chainlink and LINK will be used as intended. It will be slow at first but it will only take a few months for usage to really kick in. I don't even call that 2% of "widely used". But I do think it will take us to #3 marketcap. Think about it for a second. barely anyone is using XRP after 7 years. Its trash. LINK at 1% mass adoption will be more heavily transacted then XRP. It will blow past it EOY or ENY(Early Next Year).

Peopl are getting too stuck on the extremes of "mass adoption" and where the price will be. You brainlets just need to think about it logically. There is no other B2B option in crypto like Chainlink. It is the standard.

Just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

goes to zero 100% of the time

On what time frame? Dude anyone can make an argument "for the next 50 years". What about this bull-run? Stay localized.

I'm rock hard right

my time frame is top 3 EOY or ENY.

As for mass adopted. I have no idea. it wasn't the intention of my post to give a time frame that all industries would be reliant on blockchain in some way.

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alright alright but for real are we talking like thousands to make it? or will hundreds work?