FUCK it's so hard to get a japanese gf

FUCK it's so hard to get a japanese gf

I can get an asian chinese pretty easy with some effort.

But ffs the jap girls just laugh a bit and smile at my joke then try to just ignore me or leave or pretend to do something else. They can't flirt for shit they just smile and at best giggle a bit.
Tried being funny, tried flashing cash, tried looking good (I'm 7/10 apparently btw), tried just straight up telling them they're my gf now. Touch them and stuff they move away and not it an acting hard to get way.
And their friends (white) will MASSIVELY COCK BLOCK YOU.

It's bullshit.
There's practically NO japanese in UK where I like I have to travel to manchester I only met a handful.
My japanese is shit. I can't even understand kids cartoons properly.
I'll date any age 20 to 40 I'm not picky.

Fucking Trump was gonna make anime real now he's shitting all over corn btc is 10K and I can't get a jap gf.


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get a korean gf

wow surprise surprise this mentally ill attention seeking trip fag cuck is also an insectoid loving incel? no one gives a shit you perma virgin

Why need a human? Get a non-human animal. If you need sex, masturbate or get a Davecat doll.

have you ever even been friends with jap girl? I have they're so cool and chill. They're so pretty too and have that classic azn skin. Just don't talk shit until you know a bit what ur talking about. They're language is like 10 billion times better than any other language but you wouldn't know what i mean since you already made ur mind up to know nothing.

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ITT weeaboos

Flips are sluttier and better plus Japanese girls make dumb noises while you're fucking them

I have a friend that gets all the Japanese pussy
No money needed. He's someone nice who likes to have fun and never overthink things. He's very outgoing and likes to laugh and be honest even if it shocks people. If that helps.
(btw money is a meme anyway)

u may be rite but i don't give a fuck what a girl does during sex i'd rather she let me feel her up for 2 min then put her in my fav position then go to town for 20 mins on that pussy. if she makes dumb noises i can ignore it honestly or just tell her to keep the noise down.

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ok cheers man
gives me hope at least
I used to be a real kinda nice sorta type as a teenager but grew out of it. maybe that's what i need to do to not scare them off.

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falling for the "just be white in asia" meme

Sorry to break it to you user, that shit died almost a decade ago. Go look at the happierabroad forums, men are now loing to laos, vietnam, and cambodia because japan, china, and korean women all know the white men who go to asia are losers

men who can actually get laid in the west don't even bother with the asian women when in asia, they go straight for the western female models that live there


This, Jap is one of the least attractive Asian races. I say China is #1, and they are attainable. Jap and Korean are super hard to get with and they are less attractive.

>I used to be a real kinda nice sorta type as a teenager but grew out of it. maybe that's what i need to do to not scare them off.
Tbh it's a bit more nuanced than that, but I had to start explaining somewhere.
I'd say...it's mostly about not being awkward and being a beggar. You don't need anything from them. You're here to have fun on your own terms and give a good vibe even if what you're talking about is not what they usually talk about. People, mostly girls, just like passion and good vibes. (which isn't an excuse to be lazy and be the bad version of "a nice guy". Like, the quiet, shy version that hopes to get liked just because he doesn't hurt anyone.)

Btw you can't please everyone. You're going to alienate some people by being genuine. But that's ok. Feel the vibe and move on to the next. Do not get attached to any girl or person in general if you're not feeling it. Practive practice practice. But respect and take interest in everyone too cause people like to talk about themselves and feel understood.

Sorry, I'm ESL, not a good teacher, and it's a bit complicated. There's many phases or learning here. You just adjust between everything I said.

happierabroad is full of hardcase austic virgin boomer incels, but this is mostly true

Japan and Korea are as hard as ever, and China is getting there.

I'm getting all kinds of hot Asian pussy in Japan or China or Korea whenever I visit.

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true, but a decade ago even they could find a gf or wife but now just complain about how asian chads/changs are stealing all their women

in 2019 if you're not getting laid in the west you aren't getting laid anywhere, time for biz neets to stop running from their issues and get their life in order

South America have beautiful, white ladies that would start ovulating as soon as they see an american/white european.

South of Brazil is insane, you guys just don't want to try.

Have sex

You look like a fag bro

I don’t understand the appeal of Japanese girls over other Asian varieties. I mean it’s literally all the same slant eyed shit.

If that's him in the pic and he's getting results, he's getting results.

Probably due to anime and having more western like features. Liking the exotic.

There are physical and value differences at the very least. Still, parts of Asia are slowly becoming more homogenized, and cross pollinated without even physical contact due to sharing of culture via media.

Fetishizing Asian women. What could go wrong?

Bullshit...i have lived in Asia 10 years....every single expat i ever met agrees the local women over there put western women to shame.

Western women are ignored over there completely for the most part. Maybe just complumented on their blue eyes or some shit.

I remember when I though Jap girls were better than Xinese girls....how far I've cum...

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>Japanese girls make dumb noises while you're fucking them
true..its a real boner killer irl

Try not being a manlet

dude authentic chinese girls smell like sheep shit China is completely undeveloped and it shows. Japanese and to a lesser extent Koreans pretty much all grew up without farmers for parents.

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It's just due to it being such a large cunt. Of course there are gonna be farmers cant feed all those people with nintendo cartridges.

they don't look like anime at all

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you're seeking the wrong japanese. find one that has good english and is black-pilled to her society. she'll fuck you alone from wanting to rebel. if she's not terrible (95% are) and will not cheat on you, marry.