Buying Precious metals

I'm seriously considering putting a portion of my savings into gold or silver so that it retains its value over the years. Any basic tips or things to consider when buying gold or silver bullion?

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Only buy from reputable sources... I use Kitco ... they will buy the precious metals back from you when you are ready to sell.

Don’t tell anyone when you get them... word gets around and you may get robbed.

Maybe get a heavy safe if you can get it into your house by yourself.

I have 1,000 out of silver... silver is more volatile and has greater up and down side potential... gold is less volatile but is a safer bet

Always weigh what you buy to ensure it’s authenticity

To be fair, weight is nothing. I've seen good Chinese counterfeits of gold bars with tungsten cores.

Yeah buy directly from the company's eBay account. Example Scottsdale silver. Also be patient they will run good deals every 2-4 weeks because they need to raise cash for mining

If my crypto investments take off I will buy more silver and maybe a few KGs of gold

Is apmex a reliable silver source?

American Gold buffalos and Eagles you can't go wrong. For silver don't buy anything over 10oz. Try to stick to 1oz Silver Eagles and Canadian maple leafs. Don't buy hand poured stuff unless you like wasting money.

Yea, tungsten is close but not the same exact weight... I mainly invest in silver

I do plan on getting kg of gold however, that’s about as large as I would go in gold... all bigger sizes are prone to being faked... that’s why you can only buy from reputable sources that will buy the metals back from you

No don’t use eBay.. use the actually companies website

Like kitco dot com or Apmex dot com

I like 100 ozt silver bars but they are not as easy to sell if you want to sell locally ...

I stick with pure bullion... I don’t buy the fancy coins because they have huge mark ups... even American eagles have mark ups... just buy bars... the heavier the bar the better the deal


thanks for the advice user

No problem... been investing in PMs for about 10 years

yeah, im definitely going to start my own stack soon

It’s very comfy

When I make it I’m going to buy one of these and pass it down through my family

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Apmex is great, buy Krugerrands.

Buy .999 at the lowest possible price. I buy from Apmex, often. Good prices and fast shipping.

I wouldn't even bother with gold at this point.
For every ounce of gold you can get 93 ounces of silver.
You're better off just buying a 10 ounce bar of silver than a 10th of an ounce of gold.

2019... bullions..

Why not just open a brokerage acct and buy SLV or GLD.

A lot of these companies sell on eBay....

better to have it on hand for when the globohomo collapses.
why would you buy non-existent gold or silver when there's no way of obtaining it during a crisis?

>He doesn’t know

If you don’t hold it you don’t own it. The whole point of owning precious metals is to be able to survive if banks close and shtf scenario. Don’t even put your precious metals in a safety deposit box. If shtf the bank will not allow you to get it out.

If you buy in person the government doesn’t know you have it... you could skip in capital gains tax if you want... but that’s risky

Been calling globohomo collapse since 1980s...

If it ever came to that, just buy food supplies and guns.

buy collectable coins, they go up in value even if spot value of the commodity stays flat. dont just go for weight

Buy gold and buy 10oz Silver coins or silver bullion Numismatic coins.

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I’m a weight guy... buying marked up coins and specialty coins is a whole different game... you can do that if you know what your doing, but I wouldn’t advise someone that is just getting into PMs to do that

Here is my stack
All RCM 100ozt bars
I want to get 90 more

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Wait. So let me get this straight.

Y'all buying bullions and bars so that you can barter "when" the society collapses?

>just buy food supplies and guns
already have those

But that is an option.. I am buying because Silver will likely hit $50 in the next recession.
If JPmorgan stops manipulating the market silver could hit like $300 but I doubt that will happen

Agreed but some research and price listings can ease you into making the right call on certain Numismatic coins. I’m focusing on graded ms70 pandas from between 2000-2008 because of low population of ms70 grade and the general mintage numbers being low compared to other Bullion coins.

Silver can easily bump up to $100/oz when a new technology requires it. Miners will take time to catch up with production. If you have silver on hand you can easily cash out when it begins before it tapers off.

I'm not buying it for when society collapses.
Society has already collapsed.
I'm buying it for when the financial system collapses.



Become a silverchad. Silver fundamentals are super bullish.


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i want to buy it because i like shiny metal. I dont know how u guys leave this shit in plastic and not take it out to hold it.

Over equities at the moment. Not trying to pile it on any deeper than I have it. Silver is cheap as fuck, it’s slow accumulation time. Looking to get to 1k ounces silver 100 ounces gold over the next 10 years.


Lmao, you have like 6 months max to accumulate my dude

I have some that I keep sealed and some unsealed to hold.
Also junk silver is pretty safe to hold for the most part.

>Society has already collapsed.
>I'm buying it for when the financial system collapses.
sad pepe

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No the FED is busy laying the groundwork to take this thing terminal. It’s weekend and Bernie’s time and it’s only Friday.

don't be sad
life is about to get a lot more FUN

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this is true
had an old math prof who'd always tell the class,'may you live in interesting times'. he was probably red pilled as fuck

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