Hey guys, I went to Mexico to bang some sluts. I was hoping one of you would be kind enough to tell me what happened?

Hey guys, I went to Mexico to bang some sluts. I was hoping one of you would be kind enough to tell me what happened?

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shit goes down after it goes up, who woulda thought it

Sure but first where’s the best place to go in Mexico for this?

I'm driving home now but if you can keep this thread up I'll tell you all about it. But the basics are to go to Hong Kong Club. If you just do that you'll be fine. But there's definitely more you can learn

Did you put a stop-loss?

Ok I’ll keep it up. Where’s that located? Tijuana? Mexico City? Cancun?

Do they take virgins? I’ll be 34 in a few months and haven’t fucked before.

Of course

Yes. Tijuana. So in the Hong Kong Club pretty much imagine the strip club From Dusk Till Dawn except more extreme and more girls and you have sex with any of them. The downside is it does get kind of hustle e and expensive and it doesn't seem like the girls are willing to blow you without a condom. Maybe they can someone's probably going to jump into the thread and be like yeah they do. But it seems harder and more expensive. So the pro move is to enjoy some time in the Hong Kong Club just for the strippers and giving out $1 bills, but to get your own hotel room and contact these girls via WhatsApp. You can find all of their ads on mil eroticos. I pretty much just gave you the best advice you'll ever hear

Do they have HPV or anything? I don’t want to catch any STD’s.

Anyone who has fucked more than like 3 people almost certainly has or had HPV.

If course they have HPV. Probably some have aids. You just wear a condom don’t think about it and let your hornyness rule. You’ll be ok

Hong Kong is in Tijuana, they same owner owns the adjacent Cascadas Hotel which is next top/on top of HK. The higher tier rooms are actually pretty comfy, and its super convenient if you're gonna be spending time at HK anyway. Taco cart down the street on the corner are bomb too.

Meh, not worth it. I want to remain untainted and it’s worth it to me.

Dude Hong Kong in TJ is the best. American strip clubs cant compare

I love whores almost as much as I love LINK. Do the whores at Hong Kong club accept LINK?

Probably. I've been using mileroticos for a long time. And along the way I got to meet an 18 year old Who's down 19 and we met twice through her agent, but at one point she gave me her email which I lost for a few months.

Anyway I found it since I left a message and didn't get a response, but I Googled the email address and eventually found her social media stuff and now she's in my Facebook Messenger. Literally a nineteen-year-old hottie badass that's not even a professional hooker or stripper she just fell into it for a little bit and I'm like one of the only people that contact her at this point.

I fucked her with out a condom and yeah you could say it's risky but she deserve to have my seed inside of her. I have given her ass and pussy a smooch but I've never gone whole hog and ate her out. I don't do that for any chicks.

Your folks must be so proud.

Holy kek

What about cartel violence? Sounds like a great place to get shot

Well that's an interesting point. The statistics on the murder rate in Tijuana is unreal. But I've never even heard on shots in the distance. I don't know where this murders are even happening. But that is why just hanging out in and around the club might be your best and safest bet. Like user saidI haven't actually heard of tourists getting shot or anything but I think that being out in the streets by yourself in the middle of the night would be a little bit scary but if you're in the club or in a taxi and nowhere in between I don't see really what will go wrong

Can they get coke for you to do up?

I'm sure you can, but then you will be dealing with agressive men who will certainly not hesitate to scam you in all the ways you can think of and a few more.

The drug of choice in the red light district is meth.

It does kind of suck for me because i dont like drinking too much, don't like those hard drugs either.

I have gone to great lengths to smoke weed and have even tripped on shrooms in Hong Kong club

just do Colombia user. cheapest coke and hottest whores cheap as hell. Mexico is full of Colombian whores and Colombian blow at quadruple the cost.

Some of those Colombian women are adorable, especially the natural beauty’s with ass implants to look like porch monkeys.

This seems to make
More sense. Also at this point Colombia probably is safer


welcome to tijuana
and marijuana

Tgis is literally my end game


cartel people don't mess with tourist zones, they are pretty much safe zones and they are close to the border because gov and cops know there's lot of money going on there