So I'm here sitting on around what WAS $1...

So I'm here sitting on around what WAS $1,000 worth of chainlink because of your fucking advice and now im not going to be able to fucking make rent. Can someone explain to me why the Christ so many of you trolled this board into buying? Yes, some of you may be well off... but not everyone is. I was hoping to make some money here and trusted all of you. This is ridiculous and I'm not really sure how I'm going to handle it...

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I'm financially ruined

we were trolling into buying all fucking 2018, had you listened to us then you'd made 5-10x, instead you fomo'd at the top like the redditard you are

So I'm not the only one then? I can take solace in that, at least...

Why would you gamble rent money you degenerate?

...because it wasn't a gamble according to you assholes

its always a gamble buying a giant green dildo you fucking retard lol

Jesus, you’ll never make it, sell what you have to pay rent. In fact sell all of it, you have no appetite for risk, nor any self preservation. The biggest scam we pulled on you was getting you to think you could take care of yourself or you future.

> Don't listen to a bunch of anons that don't give a shit about your well being.
> Don't spend more than you can afford to lose.

Just take it as a life lesson. Learn from it and move on.

So you do admit link is a scam, though?

Lol this never gets old

Yeah, just like taxes, rent, or putting your goddamn pants on.

We were all bullied into buying it at some point. We're all up from when we bought it. You will be too, soon.

if you bought it above $0.20 you might as well kill yourself already

I will never put my pants on.
I dont give a fuck if you send the goddamn pants police after me.

> He fell for the biz meme
Sorry user, always do the opposite of what biz says for maximum profit.

Why did you gamble with money you couldn't afford to lose? That was silly.

>he fomoed with his rent money at the top

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Should've bought last year, retard.
We told you a thousand times and you didn't listen.
OG Marines are still comfy and we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Imagine listening to these $1,000 eoy retards and not selling at $5 and rebuying later when it dumps lmao

dude are you dumb? crypto in general is a whole fucking gamble. its the same shit as stocks i dont get why people still do this shit if they cant even comprehend that

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