Giving my gf my credit card to buy herself a bunch of sexy lingerie. Is this a patrician move?

Giving my gf my credit card to buy herself a bunch of sexy lingerie. Is this a patrician move?

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must be outta ya mind

Fuck it man why not, better than watching it evaporate into nothing on a Sunday evening in July

That's about as cucked as you can get

Hey user! Can I borrow your card again?

don't ever give your girl your fucking credit card retard. jesus christ wtf is wrong with you?


Post her pic so that we can make a better judgment on whether it's a good move or not.

But she already has my card wtf

Halfway. Better is shoping in person. Even better is announcing she is going lingere shopping now with you, you grab her, and go then. Chad tier is leaving the box on her bed with a note telling her she is to wear this and meet you at X pm. End of story. Radio silence until she shows up wearing it. Then fuck her.

Based, you get it. At least one of these faggots is not an incel


I have plenty of money you cucks, i want her to look good for me before i dick her

Speaking of dicking her...later vigins

Why do you care what she wears before you fuck her? Do you have ED you fucking faggot?

Not a virgin but I am borderline incel. You should be buying bitcoin instead of lingerie for a woman you cuck.

Because i have taste and care about aesthetics? Wtf kind of question is this lmao

chad tier is chastity belting the bitch and only taking her out to br**d her and then tape up her pusy with your swimmers in her, and have her go commando out on a date, wearing just a dress, a bra, and her taped up, slightly-leaking pusy

as a result you'll never have to command her to do shit

what you described is everyday "i think im an awesome alpha (but im actually pretty normal)" tier

Looks like you busted a nut in just over 4 minutes to rejoin your Jow Forumsbros. Now THAT is patrician.

Haven't even started mate, moments away, cheers though.

My link stack is bigger than my dick and that's sayin somethin

you realize that women have to be fully naked before you can properly have sex with them, right?
so, why would you waste money on clothing items you will just be ripping off anyways?

nigga, you got wagecucked, LOL!

>He doesn't rip a hole in his gfs pantyhose everytime to instafuck then after as she is complaining wink at her and give her a sexier pair.
Not a Chad

Unironically based, just make sure she’s afraid she better do a good job and not over spend

CFNM is patrician tier especially when accompanied by SPH

Women buy their own lingerie in the 21st century

Absolutely cucked. That money could easily be spent on accumulating chainlink. Then you'd have not just one girlfriend, but multiple 10's on rotation

>My link stack is bigger than my dick
your dick is smaller than electronic, non-physical electons

>and then posting about it on biz.
The absolute fucking state of insecure faggots.

Mate this is the most content i have ever been in my entire life. Lots of money, beautiful woman, getting in shape, freedom to do what i want. Thank you sergey.

No, you're giving up power. Buy TRV and move to Asia.

And now i am back

And she'll max it out on uber rides and drinks for Tyrone

That's great for you user. But if you need to ask, you're not. A patrician does not seek validation. In any case, you might be on the way.

t. on the way