BTC will never be below 10k again

BTC will never be below 10k again.

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big if true

Now all the leveraged longs got wrecked, it's time to destroy all the shorts.

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The immediate bounce backs the second it goes below 10k are impressive.

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Btc is underpriced as fuck the stock to flow ratio gives a price of 50k by mid next year

You sound semi smart. Why are we dumping so bad today and when can we expect to rise back ?

The bottom is in cap this.

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My red ID and dubs say otherwise.

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yeah except shorts are at an all time low. that's how you know this has much lower to go.

BTFO on both accounts

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>green ID
Thank you bogs

>Why are we dumping so bad today
Could be a billion different reasons from no reason to someone really, REALLY wanted that mansion + yacht package .

I really hope you are right user.

pleb tier indicator.
Shorts and longs are always equal because there is always a short and long side to every contract.

well that didnt age well...

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i think this is the last cheap buy of the year.
then probably 15k-70k eoy btc.

will probably be $100.

Back up faggot

6200-6700 is the floor

Says who. Your mom’s anus ?

see you on the floor tomorrow, fren

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Nah dude, my dubs and red ID right there

This is the floor my fren

Says the crab market. Spent the most time at 6k and 3k, which also happens to be the estimated price to mine 1 btc. Maybe that's the "fair price", at lesat before tether printers were turned on.
Imagine the mega bull that would come at the end if it spent several years just safely hanging in this range.