XRP will pump

Get in
Dont tell I didnt warn you guys
Use stop loss 3% below

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how long does this pump last?

I'm getting so sick of this fucking shit coin. I have 10k... its goingt obe another 5 years before anythign fucking happens

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yep, I margin longed this puppy, liqui below 0.24 USD and willing to double down if we go anywhere near that low.

i need targets

I bought more of this today a.30. Comfy af, and my DCA keeps getting lower.

how many do u have

buy up to: 589
stop loss: none

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I bought today at .30

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Dont know... perhaps a lot. My algo pointed a very big movement incoming.

Said my original post failed.

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Buy more right now. My algo dont lie.
Target is 4490 sats right now. But could go to 13000

How could ANYONE see XRP as a way to make money? Literally 50 billion just sitting there waiting to be shit out

Dude do you think the creators will sell and dump to the ground? or they would rather periodically pump it to sell a lot more in the future? Simple game theory, wait for a high volatility, low sell pressure and pump it

They've practically created a stablecoin because anytime it goes up all they need to do is release some and it stays the same. This might be all fine for them as they want mass adoption-appeal by FIs, but not for a speculative trader.


i agree on the gradual upward momentum but the last hurdles pump and dump dont match your formula. we'll see but i think it indicates stabilizing, not another big boom.

fuck me buy signals

>using stop losses

not gonna make it. jsut buy ETHPlode.

it's great how my anonymous ass on the internet spouting bullshit can cause someone to interpret a buy signal. it just verifies that i should never be trusting ANYONE here for advice if they are making decisions based on comments from someone like me

mental gymnastic failure. dont flatter yourself user, you're a dud.


My algo totally should NOT be trusted

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It's just like 8500% profitable in the last 2 years


hey what are those little bars at the bottom and why aren't there any on the right side???

youve been getting rekt since 4k sats

if you were watching other coins this is not a buy signal. BTC is beginning a descent. inb4 "altcoins arent so tied to BTC anymore!" sorry, they still correlate.

i swear to god i should just stay in /smg/. the get rich quick crypto idiots are dissolving my brain cells

at least have the sense to wait until BTC rises and passes resistance again.

that graph doesnt look favorable man. it looks like the gap is closing in quick and you're trying to swing trade with dynamite

Just bought a shit ton. You better be fucking right or I'll never trust this board ever again!

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kek, I see your point. Noted, but I'll keep the trade.
No, indicator just pointed green at 3k
Just jump out of the ship if you cant handle man, never move your stop loss

just as a guys said on twitter

xrp reclaims inverse correlation with dumping btc similar to the last time btc broke under 6k, and ripple:btc pair runs as btc dumps

but they pointed blue at 4k

Yes my algo would have bought at the blue arrows and yes it is 8500% on profit even buying there. However I didnt buy there, if I had, I would have used stop profit. That wouldnt be a loss, you can see price went up in the following days.

THX 4 The post op. biz hates xrp. im signing off but 1 ;ast question. how many days will the pump last?

XRP pumps for a week or so, only


This is also a cool fractal if you ask me

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xrp has literally, not ever, in it's existence exploded without at least a month of consolidation before a big move.

I hope you guys enjoy waiting for a month, two months for this to *maybe* pan out for you. rofl

"My algo"

go back to youtube faggot

If you don't join our mining group - you literally hate money

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A fucking settlement token.

its not gonna bounce here, maybe at .27 depending on btc

UND is unironically the new XRP. Screencap this, nerds.