ETH is an embarassment

After weeks of dumping in both fiat and ratio, this piece of shit is down 18% in the last 24 hours. Only BSV did worse today. Its ratio is the lowest it's been since March of 2017, a full TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO.

Absolute fucking shitcoin. Out of the Top 10 when?

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user I... I don't know what to say

Every altcoin is a shit coin. The blockchain is a closed system and those guys tried to create smart-contracts for real life application anyways. Should've kept your digital gold. Btc is going back to 90% dominance sooner than later.

>hurr durr the big red number next to shitcoin A is bigger than the big red number next to shitcoin B, that means shitcoin A is a worse project than shitcoin B
>not understanding that the direction and quantity that swarms of strangers collectively decided to trade a financial instrument by an arbitrary time when you decided to observe the result encodes almost no information about the project's real-world presence.
not gonna make it

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You guys dont see the obvious? People found out that they can increase ETH without holding it. How? Buying shitcoins from IDEX and swing trading everytime it makes 2x 3x or so. Then go back to ETH and again to another shitcoin that is undervaluated. For example

>QNT will dump
>NKN will pump
>LIT will dump a little then pump
>MRPH is pumping
>LTO is pumping

Price stays hovering around ICO and people keep making more ETH without holding it. Of course once ETH gains momentum, everyone will flip to it again. DUUUHHH

if you haven't realized that ETH is a failed project, steadily run to the ground by underperforming pedo-commie devs whose only real use case was ICO scamming then YOU are the one who isn't going to make it. back to plebbit with you.

It will never go out of the top 5. Deal with it. Hopefully we hit $105 again, as I'd like some more for staking.

In the mean-time, I'm buying as much TRV as I can.

Such short sightedness only a fool could posses. There is no such thing as coincidence, Nothing happens by chance. If only you were smarter in seeing the long term implications.....

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Can we make ETH great again?
Basically here is MLM as it is, you getting money from your referals, if you want to get more - you can pay to one of your uplines to have an opportunity to get same fees later.
You getting fees on your wallet, so, even if site is down - everything else is gonna be up.
Smart-contract is open source, tho.
And you start from 0.05 ETH.
Check FAQ to learn more.
And also, welcome aboard, bois.

All you have to do as of this moment is hold, BTC might go as low as $9,200 and take any other alt with it but the golden bull run is yet to come. Be patient, don't be weak.

It doesn't matter whether you bought at $300 or even higher, you've already lost at this point there's nothing else left to lose than making it worse by selling your bags.

When one person calls the shots, like rolling back the chain to save his friends from getting scammed, then its been doomed from the start

the last time ETH was fudded this hard on here I bought as much as i could afford. it is almost 3x up since then.
might be time for another purchase.

Posting this irrelevant trash in every thread. Kys pajeet.

if aint accumulating eth now i dont know what to tell u

Don't be so angry, boi.

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Bitcoiners/whales are very afraid of a successful ETH 2.0/PoS, as this will pretty much mean the end of their hugely gas guzzling BTC dinosaur longer term. They're calling for altcoin armageddon for a long time already and are trying hard now to make it happen.

>BTC might go as low as $9,200
btc might go a lot, lot lower


Reddit tier sõy scam shitcoin. If you're holding more than 1 ETH for GAS to transfer ERC20 shitcoins you're going to be in for a bad time. That's all this shitcoin is good for. It's an ICO scam token printer.

3/10 on the FUD scale

>only mooned past $1k due to ICO demand
>soon to be classified as an unregistered security after PoS implementation
>PoS implementation will also drive down cost of ETH production, meaning validators can and will dump it even more
>community has no real sense of censorship resistance and will actively censor dissenting political opinions (see pic related)
Good luck.

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read the whitepaper

You really aren't doing a good job defending your worthless shitcoin that just hit a 20 month low in sats

BTC is literally unusable. Remember 2017? When people found out that "money of the future" could only do 4 transactions per second and it could cost $40 to send money? Yeah, this market can't survive on BTC alone. It will crash again when all normies realize its literally unusable. It won't ever be able to go up past a certain point because a certain level of adoption actually ruins BTC because its so slow.

The bitcoin core team also has no real plan to do anything to fix this. And people think ETH is a mess.

spare me

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Street shitters can use BSV. BTC regards block space as a scarce public resource. txn fees will have to compensate miners more and more with each halvening. BTC is not Satoshi's original vision but it is the real bitcoin.

You can't refute any of my points because they are all true. Thanks for conceding.

it's a world computer, not money silly!

daily reminder that BTC is vaporware with no scaling pipeline

Just buy a low cap like SNTVT before the McAfee "i told you so" in a month.

People saying stuff like "every altcoin is a shitcoin" are insufferable cunts that pretend to be an authority yet are just sad little men sitting in front of their keyboard repeating stupid BTC memes that make no sense at all. It's all absolutist religious bullshit.

No, ETH 2.0 is vaporware. BTC has been producing blocks for 10.5 years straight with 99.98% uptime. That's the antithesis of vaporware.

its all, quite literally, priced in. youre ignoring a revolutionary financial instrument for fickle tit for tat

99.98% uptime for a relatively simple distributed system like BTC is easy and doesn't mean anything if you still have to wait days for your transaction to go through.

irrelevant by now
10x reduction in issuance estimated within the next 2 years, even talk of being deflationary eventually
overblown since day one; was a contractual error and no regular transactions were undone - simply a surgical state update, thus no immutability lost
>only mooned past 1k due to ico demand
at least there was demand; BTC is purely speculative because it can't do the only thing it was designed to do - and NOTHING is being done about it, so it will stay that way barring drastic shift in sentiment (which won't happen because the bitcoin demographic is fucking retarded)
>soon to be classified as an unregistered security after PoS implementation
>PoS implementation will also drive down cost of ETH production, meaning validators can and will dump it even more
there is literally no link between "cost of ETH production" and willingness to dump - are you absolutely fucking retarded?
>community has no real sense of censorship resistance and will actively censor dissenting political opinions (see pic related)
community is 13290439014901390x more pragmatic than BTC and honestly also just less retarded overall - buttcoiners are invariably crypto ILLITERATE, they don't understand that BTC is vaporware

>markets itself as a currency
>cant exchange it without paying exorbiant fees or waiting days (and this is with SHIT adoption, not even REMOTELY mainstream, yet shitting the bed)
>noT VaPorWaRE

literally n o o n e cares about ethereum. lmfao

the only people left holding are sovereign funds/endowments/VCs e.g. a16z fund who 'bet across the ecosystem' b/c they're retarded and think diversification works in this paradigm,

and then, in the minority, boomer-tier BRAINLETS

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10 minutes is far different from days.

but there is no real world use yet

imagine how clogged the network will be with just miniscule adoption

500k tx/day !== global currency

maybe there is a lesson there?

Kek you just got shitted on so badly by that other user. Literally kys you degenerate loser.

zoom out retard

imagine being the amateur venture capitalist who skimmed a whitepaper and bet on a team of furries to develop a uber real-time asset optimization network

while anyoen with a brain / any genuine engineer in this space would tell you they're still working on the packet integrity layer

the flippening is c-coming 1 day along with proof of steak 9 years later , dont worry :)

which boomer are you parroting this shit fud from?


at least you guys are directionally correct unlike 99% of these retards, but still shot yr load 2 early

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don't even know what you are saying

nice selfie though

Lol someone actually took the bait

you sat cooking a reply for 30 minutes and
>i was only pretending
is the best you could come up with

another day, another buttcoiner left flustered

That's it, I'm selling my ETH.
Can someone suggest me a capitalist coin to buy?

I post the same shit almost verbatim in every ETH thread I see on this board haven't you noticed by now?

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bang my line if u need some1 to cope to after Google Glass stops hemorrhaging out


Coin name: Sparta Token

Coin type: Hyper-deflationary

Initial supply: 300 Tokens

Supply cut: 5% of every transaction

Distribution: 100% of the supply, all 300 tokens will be distributed to the first to respond to airdrop


nice try

will bang your sister instead, thanks anyway

Well you fell for it xD
I hold ETH, not as much BTC though. The real takeaway is that while ETH has some cool projects using it, it did in fact moon because.of ICO scams. That's never happening again. ETH will be lucky to hit ATH ever again

I bullish on sparta.

Fuck off Pranjit

you post shit you don't understand and you're too much of a coward to stand behind it when you get called out

just admit you're an idiot who spoke out of turn; it's okay to be stupid but at least preserve your integrity

He cant help himself. He knows what he is doing is wrong, but just thinking about the money gets him sweating. 50 cents for every post he makes. There is theoretically no limit to the riches he can get, if he just posted 24/7.

Just admit you got baited and moved on you fucking faggot you're really not being a good sport about this.

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2/10 FUD

ok but shes into rich guys and i dont think -53% yearover will impress her
just for laffs, ill point out your mental framing of 'currency' is what rekt you

it doesnt need to be a MoE to matter at all for the time being -- it could be fucking 10 tx/day, the implications of being the first-mover (+last mover in this paradigm), immaculate conception, winner-take-all net fx, fairest distribution, nopremine, fixed cap, most secure, most hashpower, most relevance, best brand, ..., ...

everything will be built upon the existing stack, and that stack will not be ethereum with all its irrevocable fuckups. ETH boys generally overrate engineering prowess/importance, and underrate economics/brand/politics, and sorry sweaty it doesnt work out that way

Is it hot in here or is it me

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so.much.fud. lol

every single srs blockchain application in development atm is implemented in ethereum.

solidity is total fucking garbage, but it's also the only thing out there that allows you to realistically ship something on a blockchain.

hard to say if ethereum as a currency will make it or if companies will go private blockchain instead. my bet is ethereum will make it, pos will be huge and coinbase will offer staking services (aka dividends for crypto).

buy orders (again) set at 150 and downwards until I have enough to retire on staking.

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cum pee and poo all rolled into a circle

ah yes. ICOs. those useless ICos that every other coin is desperately trying to get a market share of. what a useless thing.

Why try and make ETH great again when we can just restart with Unification?

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sad again had my trigger on the dip, but got greedy waiting for another...its going up by morning boiyos.

>posts pics of generic buttcoiner fud
does nothing for me, sorry buddy

>ok but shes into rich guys and i dont think -53% yearover will impress her
thank god I got in at 30 dollars and am a succesful software developer by trade, she'll come around I'm sure

>mental framing
nice roundabout way to say "common sense"

adoption won't happen because it isn't being facilitated; that means the only reason BTC is going up is speculation

if there is a real demand for cryptos BTC can't fill it; that demand will overflow into Ethereum (and it already is; notice how nearly every noteworthy project and corporation is implementing on ETH).

With ETH 2.0 and beyond we'll see several orders of magnitude improvement in throughput, bringing us closer to mainstream adoption

>for the time being
you don't understand that this isn't just for the "time being"; BTC is not on a trajectory to solve scalability issues in any shape or form - if BTC is stuck at 500k throughput and Ethereum is doing 50 million throughput, people will just not use BTC; why would anyone pay 50 dollars and wait 24 hours when they could transact free and instantly with ETH (or a layer 2 solution built on ETH)? they wouldn't

BTC has placed its entire future on LN, which itself is useless without a scaled layer one (which isn't a priority for some RETARDED reason)


i get the scalability argument, and its an issue in the short-term with tx fees etc (even with moonshot LN + the cash app literally working at scale backed by Square) but, like i said, it doesnt matter in the slightest if it was 10tx. digital gold is digital gold. there is one Earth, there is one Internet, there is one first and last mover cryptocurrency.

on top, it just so happens to be completely auditable (good), fixed supply (great), and conservative by design with 0 mishaps (godmode). that isnt speculation, that's the king's crown.

the fact that ETH 2.0 is still relied upon (literal vaporware for years running) while LN and among hundreds of others projects are making tangible mainnet moves is questionable logic at best

in an absolute worst-case scenario, bitcoin remains the reserve currency in the ungatekept cryptographic universe. still beats cryptokitties and the other 0.000 apps running on the unstoppable world comp

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>we need to scale!
Is this 2011 or something?

>it doesn't matter if shit throughput because digital gold is digital gold
do you normally talk to people who let you get away with non-statements?

>the fact that ETH 2.0 is still relied upon (literal vaporware for years running) while LN and among hundreds of others projects are making tangible mainnet moves is questionable logic at best
ETH 2.0 is relied upon because it's necessary to facilitate adoption; BTC has no BTC 2.0 and it will suck until it does

LN can be the best project ever but it will never matter if layer one sucks - what is it that you don't get? just ask, I can dumb it down for you

>It's okay to pay 100s of dollars to transact!
Is this peak stupidity or something?

Woah woah woah. Bitcoin has had a few mishaps, but none in 6 years. It should be clarified that bitcoin has gone down twice:

>there is one Earth, there is one Internet, there is one first and last mover cryptocurrency.
that's an extremely low IQ argument.

Earth is a physical thing. The internet is also a physical thing. It's cables and towers.

Whereas bitcoin is a purely online thing. Just like MySpace and all the other fads, it could easily get replaced by something else. It's actually already happening, it's losing marketshare yearly.

Did the "Earth" ever lose marketshare to another planet? Did the "Internet" ever lose marketshare to another internet? No.

Bitcoin is not infrastructure. It's not versatile like the Earth, or cables, or TCP/IP. Crypto is not going anywhere, that's for sure, the infrastructure (exchanges, wallets, etc) are being built. But bitcoin itself is not the infrastructure, it can very easily be switched to any other coin that people might prefer for whatever reason in the future.

>uncapped, inflationary derivative coin who's only achievement thus far is parasitically ruin the entire space's reputation through scammers
>proof of stake riiiight around the corner, promise -- Vitalik Buterin (dont assassinate me)

its like an rpg where ur facing empirical reality (the market) and the little blobs on ur character are showing -14% -20% -53% -53% -53%

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aaand back to hehe-trolling because too stupid to keep up

buttcoiner left speechless AGAIN

i actually had a paranthetical exception for this but figured it was so irrelevant to mention that i didnt (wowee sub 100% uptime)
it's a protocol you opt into

i guess u can use betamax while the rest of the world uses VHS? have fun

enjoy going broke i guess, u dont have coherent arguments, i was looking forward to something substantive

>u dont have coherent arguments
>like i said, it doesnt matter in the slightest if it was 10tx. digital gold is digital gold. there is one Earth, there is one Internet, there is one first and last mover cryptocurrency.

Your simile sucks as much dick as you do.

Hes from blockstream hes mad they kicked their best employee Afri out no more delays now. As for the price well just look at the pic to your left, ETH is very much in the same position as BTC except all the Tethers are shorts while all the BTC tethers are pumps. But Fret not user there's a private Eth discord working on the collapse of usdt launching Dai was step.1

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look brahs i was in the same spot once. i hold btc and trace amt of xmr. i once "" invested "" in eth, litecoin, and zcash (yes both xmr and zcash at the same time like a fuckin day 1 retard). no shit none of them ever went anywhere but down.

you still have time to cut the losses and reallocate -- eth is a good #2 or #3 bet but.........

I hold no eth and I ain’t no brah to you. Fuck off with your weak ass logic and your failure to actually say something- while saying a lot. See I can sit here and type a whole bunch of shit just like you. Difference is I really don’t care while you’re sweating over a keyboard

This happens when you allow turing complete contracts which are prone to security bugs.
Bitcoin never had that problem.

Dude you're kinda rude
Putting the smack down to a literal retard
Have a heart, he doesn't know better

Retards don’t get special treatment here or anywhere else. They get special buses

>The blockchain is a closed system
It's almost like a certain project shilled heavily on Jow Forums solves this issue.


Multicolleteral DAi
Samsung Wallet
Google Wallet
Opera Browser
Brave Browser
Digital Identity

for the first time Jow Forums will miss the biggest Moonmission ever.

>10x reduction in issuance estimated within the next 2 years, even talk of being deflationary eventually

You are retarded. Vitalik pretty much guaranteed the supply would not go above 100 Million until 2128. It's at almost 107 Million. They have no control... this shitcoin is a mess