So is Holo still the best fundamentals in the market? Seems like everyone has a bag of hot...

So is Holo still the best fundamentals in the market? Seems like everyone has a bag of hot, ftm and link but what really is the next etherium?

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Holo will be what Ethereum should've been.

>This is literally the best new alt coin out right now
I would wait until they prove they can deliver. they miss almost every deadline they set for themselves.

Holo is where I'm putting my money atm based on the chart returns, I think within a couple months it will at least double, possibly even triple investment. EOY? 100x.

it seems like they never stop updating the code to make it user friendly as possible, doesnt seem like incompetence but more perfectionism?

the next best thing is the dApp bubble of 2020 via CHR. you have been warned.

Crypto perfectionism = minimum requirements for usability in the real world. I think they're just trying to do a product that someone would actually want to use. It certainly ain't a simple task, since all blockchain projects to date are complete abortions.

This is a good point. Many projects in crypto are usable, but there are very few people who can actually use them. Many are difficult to work on/build on. Maybe they are just trying to make it so that building dApps on HOLO doesn't require a specialized skill set.

My mans

I have 100k Holo, my stack used to be 250k but I sold a little bit to buy some ONE. I plan to buy back in when it starts to pump a litttle bit.

Sasuga /biz


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I'm a degenerate gambler, and I want to buy a bit lower. I will bukkake myself if this doesn't work out.

What the hell is this shit? You plan to buy on the green and sell on the red? You have 100k holo? Never change Jow Forumsness men. I always think of me as low tier but when I see these are people doing with their lives...They can't even spend 1000$ on crypto.

40% of all IT projects are delayed according to empirical research. Tech is inherently complex and less predictable than other sectors, in other words, similar delays happen all the time and this is reddit-tier FUD. ETH for example has easily delayed "scaling" for 2+ years why is that not an issue? Cardano roadmap deadlines have been REPEATADLY changed and/or removed without a proper statement by the team and the project is still among the most respected projects out there... HOLO is being as transparant as possible about project status and i appreciate that a lot.
quads of truth
incorrect, read the dev pulses on

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kek guy in purple is thinking about how he'd fuck her

>they never stop updating the code to make it user friendly as possible
How do you do code user friendly? You just document it and follow proper standards, something they seem not doing based on the chaotic repos. Notice that they are not working to optimise stuff, but to make it at least run. The whole thing crashes and leaks like a pig. Investing in development hell and vaporware, no thanks.

>Implying you know when I bought or sold
I sold around ath, to buy something with a better return, will rebuy later because it’s not mooning anytime soon and I’ll have plenty of extra money from other shit to spend on HOT. Does that make sense to you now mong?

Based and redpilled

If you're bragging about having 100k HOT left...I got bad news for you. That's $120...I'm sure you sold the top, with a nice $200 profit! ahah

enjoy paying crypto to crypto taxes goyim.