$LINK listed on BitMax Exchange

No word yet on mArgins

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This good or bad?

Short term bad as there isn't much to rumor about and therefore will be shorted to prob $1.50 or so. Good news long term because once rumor mill stirs up this shit gonna fly to $7-10

Whoopdeefuckingdoo a shit-tier exchange

I'm sorry but who?

5x the volume of Binance

Fuck this sucks dick those niggers are going to push it down all the way to $1


if it can be shorted it can be longed. After all the news, why the fuck would it dip to $1.5? It literally couldn't go below that after the google announcement. Link only goes this low if Bitcoin shits the bed and hits literally $6k again.

Then we can accumulate more.

>240 million

Get ready for a short to 75 cents.


Shorters will get liquidated.

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oh nononono

if they offer high leverage on link i'll move my trading stack over there

that way you can swing trade link without having to short

I guess but I'm up to 12k and don't feel like dipping too much more into fiat.

Is margin trading the thing that will keep a 2017 scenario ever happening again

How is this gonna work if every Marine out there is gonna long the fuck out of Link all the way to 1k. How will they even pay out?

This is such a loser state of mind
Greed is good

Oh man this is comfy as fuck to consider. Shorters will fucking neck themselves harder than swingshits. They will literally get liquidated and lose their entire stacks.

No, Bitmex and BTC longing and shorting were around in 2017 retard.

The "Google/Link" announcement is fucking FUD & a Scam. You losers believe every piece of bullshit. If you have not figured out how these pnp Erc 10-20 projects work, well then have at it faggots. Hope you lose everything... you deserve a slow painful death.

Downgraded to ERC-5
Avoid this project at all cost

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cope mofo.
Shorters will be liquidated.

wait until u hear about the secret erc-11

I hear they're even considering creating a holding category for dead projects like Link called ERC-0

>he doesn't know Vitalik himself will be upgrading Chainlink to ERC-1000 on Dec 31st 2019.


1000 ERC'S EOY

Burger anons can we use this safely with a vpn? Any withdrawal restrictions? The idea of opening a 2x long on link is enticing.

>Shorters will get liquidated.
they will be the fuel we need
>they expect one of us in the wreckage

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Why even respond to these retards? Only reason LINK would go down is if the whole market takes a shit, as is currently happening.

Like this fucking retard. Just mute these no IQ no social lives dweebs.

>what is wash trading

literally a scam exchange