We won’t let you VIDTfags forget that Lition is stronger than your shitcoin

We won’t let you VIDTfags forget that Lition is stronger than your shitcoin.

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Both LITtards and VIDiots are rekt though

I am not rekt until I sell, user.

Protip: I won’t (not before 50M market cap)

>Lition free falling with end in sight
>VID holding its value well
Real bosses don't talk we just sit back and listen

Get a load of this faggot. I like how you guys bitch all day about VIDT holder's shitting on your scam when you niggers are the ones slinging shit to begin with. Not buying your hot trash and I'm still well in profits.

>VIDT holding its value well

LMAO your shitcoin is -70% from the top, Rajesh

If that’s holding well, imagine how it is to hold it badly LUL

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>8x in a month

So it is a PnD after all? I see

both are trash and the gains are over.

Buy SNTVT before the McAfee "i told you so"

It’s still over 4x :^)

Can we please get flags to ban these pajeet trannies

If you bought on the bottom, which I doubt very much you did...

Also, in no time that’ll be a 3x... then a 2x... then a 1x... then 1x/2... kek

>LIT down 50 percent from it’s ATH
>still touched 20k in between that time
>Lition wars
>no in house devs
What a good little online marketing volunteer you are

>no in house devs

VIDTfags are so sad they start spreading false information on 4channel :((((
Sell your useless tokens now and cash out

Kill yourself for making this board a breeding ground for marketing. Your shitcoin has not performed nearly as well as the one that 8xed in a month and receives monthly fiat deposits from real companies. Faggots like you who feel he needs to do this sort of thing are the reason I sold the top at an 8x and will continue to support this project.

LMAO you got triggered didn’t you salty boy?

>bought the absolute bottom and sold the absolute top

Yeah, sure. I did that too with every shitcoin biz shilled me. Remember 0xbtc? Uuuuh great times! Lmao

Sad! Many such cases

Try not to cry before going to bed today

As was trolling you for the most part of this thread (while also telling the truth about VIDT being PnD shitcoin tho)

Get a life dawg

Now you’ve hurt me with your harsh words

>9 posts
user, I....
You are, by evidence, a pajeet shilling discord trannies. Please just stop with your baseless claims
Anyone willing to invest has done enough research to know if its lucrative or not.
>insert clownemoji.jpeg

Lol this pajeet retard with 9 posts ahahahahah reckt

>checks CMC

Lol... Oh Little Lities

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I was having a direct exchange of words, aka conversation, with your fellow VIDTretard friend. Can you aborted fetus stop offending me? It is getting painful TT____TT


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>Stealing memes

Thats how you know its trash

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Aaaaaannnnd we’re back, thanks for playing