Timed the top perfectly

Timed the top perfectly
8k here I come

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11k incoming

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11 before 8

why mess with longing and shorting when you can just sit comfy on the CHR floor and await a 50x with the 2020 dApp bubble? idiocy.

trying to identify as an actual Bearman which is fucking ridiculous

Leave them nothing.

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dApp bubble popped in December 2017
Everyone realized they are useless and moved on

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My sweet summer child...

Just you wait until the next gen of platforms start actually launching. And no, your EOS and ICX bags don't count.

Hint: Buy Chromia and Cardano
it's about the hype.

There are anons who bought at 13-14k less than a month ago. Some of them were planning to hodl for a decade, and they gave up today, taking the loss, and not learning a thing.

Crypto is over. There will never be another bullrun.

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>Cardano being useful
Kek. That platform never got anymore when its founder just splurges on money given to him by his investors.

8k away!

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I don't understand bobo memery. They want a permanent bear market or even it's destruction. Why? If they want cheaper coins to accumulate, it's dumb because bears keep the prices low forever. Shorting? Short term income until the market is destroyed.
Bobo mentality is one of self destruction rather than real profits

You don't understand the truth about bears? They hate neets. They hate monopoly money. They want to see you all serving them fries and they will make it happen. The days of pretend dollars are over. Supersize it.

retard. Bobos and Bulas are two sides of the same metaphysical person. Bobos becomes bulas when there is an uptrend and bulas become bobos when there is a downtrend.

So basically, it's a coping mechanism to feel like they're always right and thus won't need to feel like idiots fucking up. Gotcha.

>They want a permanent bear market or even it's destruction. Why?
Because we already sold high, and want to buy back in low.
It's pretty simple really.

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Gonna be hilarious when you fags buy in, only to get screwed by other bears who actually influence the market

Hasn't happened yet.

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promising alts are at a all time low

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At these prices it’s like stealing

The absolute state of this board. Good traders arent bulls or bears moron, they trade with the trend. Hodlers and permabears need the price moving in a specific direction to make money, good traders only need volatility.

>good traders
That's the key word. Like 1% here is actually good traders rather than being lucky.



7k imminent

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its mindblowing how the brains of newfags work.

>hurrr the price is moving against my position. hmmm should I ride it and make some money? nah I'll just post pink wojaks instead

>They want a permanent bear market or even it's destruction.
Because we enjoy misery, also the screams of pinkies sustain us.

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You won't know till you're older, son

Trading the market in the longrun is the art of just more-or-less selling the top and buying the bottom or DCAing on the lows
Nearly everyone on here who isn't a dedicated /smg/ goer or a faggot nocoiner metalbug believes that crypto/bitcoin is still gonna rise in the longrun
But there's nothing like the feeling of gathering more and more worth in bitcoin, for doing nothing but going with gravity and watching (often newfag) moonboys cry over the money they lost fomoing in with 2 weeks ago

Well said friend.

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We've had a return to normal like four times already, it's clearly a consolidation period before either a bust down or up but won't happen before more crabbing

AOC change her hairstyle or something? Looking better than usual in this pic.