I'm leaving this place once and for all. Forever

I'm leaving this place once and for all. Forever.

Goodbye and good luck to the good anons here. Thanks for the company.

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wait, give me your btc before u go

See you tomorrow

see you in a few hours
love you user

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did u buy chainlink

Is this a suicide letter nigga this aint Facebook

Best wishes

>he thinks he can leave

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NO. I'm never coming back.

No, I'm making one last attempt to avoid that. Part of the plan is this place has to go.


see you tomorrow


We're going down together user. Its alright, you're not alone.

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Well, at least have a good night or day wherever you may be, fren

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good for you man. Most of us are depressed.

check it out

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Depression is a Jewish scam to keep you from trying to change the world around you. Use advanced placebo effect to force your mind to be happy with your situation and change the universe to do your bidding. Ask and you shall recieve.

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Was thinking about doing the same....whats your plan user? Help me get away

You'll be back within a week, faggot

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Cold turkey.

I deleted all my fap material
I deleted all my wojaks and frogs
I'm going to do other things in my free time, read more watch more movies, go to the gym, amongst other things
I'm going to take risks
I can't live like I've been living the last 10 years anymore.
If it doesn't work, at least I tired and I can find peace with myself in that.

Join me user

That's not going to work.
And you are a retard.

This place is not keeping yo from anything.
You are here because you have nothing else in your life.
You are just blaming 4channel for your own boring life.
When i'm busy I don't come here for weeks. When i'm not I spend hours shitposting because it's fun.

Just accept it and git gud.

Your post proves my point. There is nothing good here.


you'll be back in a week tops, if you've been around more than a few years

good luck brother i hope to do the same one day but Jow Forums is all i have at the moment

what's a good book i can read on harnessing placebo?

Jow Forums isn’t a super healthy environment. You are right to leave.

try taking vitamins, 5htp, gaba, l theanine, and other supplements.. it won't fix things but it helps get serotonin and dopamine back to stability. vitamins is most important prob most of us eat like shit

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No thanks internet addiction is comfy

K, see you soon.

I still remember the good old days when anons who said this meant they finally made it, all the buttcoiners and ETH Marines/whales have left us.

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Go back to plebbit u feg