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>Fuck Adderall
200mg of this last night and I felt like George Soros mixed with Elvis Pressely
Almost died though

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is this legal or prescription

Mini Heart attack?

How can I get this? I need it to learn coding really fast

Prescription for USA but there are vendors you can purchase it through

Just drink three Red Bulls faggot

Not even I just tried sleeping after being up a solid 30hrs and it just wasnt happening lol watched a solid 4 movies to come down enough to sleep 7hrs

does it show up on any drug tests?
it's not amphetamines so I don't think it would idk

Red Bull couldnt do what this shit was doing lol it was like I had no choice but to be productive and engaging

It’s a stimulant. It will show up in certain tests

Well shit link me with your plug....I want a bottle

Ill be real i took like 7 of the 20mg tabs
Wayyyy to much litwrally only need 1-2 max

Modafinil is shit tier. Literally does less than a coffee. It is reddit incarnate.

doesn't work for me, i've tried pharma-grade armodafinil and it just feels like a coffee, maybe i'm just too depressed for it to actually wake me up from this fucking nightmare

MODAF is a code to get a little discount too. You pay with BTC

reddit drug

take adderall

It's like the first coffee of the day but it lasts for up to 18 hours.

Advertising thread. Reported.

The fucking military uses over amphetamines

Obama used it lol

What do you suggest as alternative?

> modafinil
This is what gets redditors off? Either take adderall or have a coffee, don't waste money on this shit.

>fuck adderall

I have a prescription for adderall and a huge pile of armodafinil in my medicine cabinet. The armodafinil is borderline placebo compared to the awesome effects of amphetamines.

Kek can u amerilards really buy fucking speed in the drugstore without prescription?

Modafinil is the only"to go" pill approved by the Air Force. If its good enough for them to pick it over addys its good enough for me. You fucking faggot lol

Adderall is 400x better if you want a wired lift. If you want a few hours push do coke. However 9/10 times you just want coffee or an emergy drink.

Modafinil just disrupts your circadian rhythm so later in the day you don't feel like it's late, it doesn't give any push and will make your gut feel rotten. Check on reddit where they all talk about taking coffee to "potentiate" modafinil. If you need to take a coffee to get the energy boost then its the coffee doing the work.

This is just an advertising thread.

No, it isn't you dumb chink.

any international plugs?

Provigil is pharna grade A+. Theres a ton of cheap alts coming from India, that might suck.
Just ordered some Provigil myself

Lmao retards wanna take literal Meth and Coke frying their brains while I'm a Special Op Military Grade tier Trader/Coder. Eat a dick you shills this isnt advertisement its advice to peak performance.

Makes you concentrate only worse.

jesus *christ* thats a lot. how does your mouth feel after that?

Mouth was good. I just couldn't belive how I couldnt sleep even when i fucking tried. I could sleep on the addys but this was another wave

> adderall is meth
Maybe stay away from chemicals if this is your knowledge level. Modafinil is not officially sanctioned by the armed forces nor is it side effect free. Adderall is a much better effect to health cost deal.

To answer my own question, I just researched it, yes amerilards can just buy their speed in fucking drugstores kek

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This is the difference between meth and adderall...

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Oh dear user. Oh dear.

It is an amphetamine, Legal and less potent form of meth. It could show up on drug test as an amphetamine.

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Hahahahahahahahahahaha you fucking idiot. Go open a gcse chemistry book.

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Helium is basically hydrogen, right user?

no you fucking idiot

His image isn't even remotely right. The structure is literally in the name, 'meth-' meaning a methyl group. He's an enormous brainlet.

This is you.

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wrong, different class

This. Don't take medication advice from some chink shill who lies about product effect, legality and doesn't even understand school level chemistry.

Coffee and adderall. Anything else is junk.

Okay there Big Pharma shill

Yes you can buy modafinil and Adderall which is nothing more than speed under a fancy name faggot

ofc you can buy them if you have prescription

You are the one pushing drugs to sell based on vice news misinformation and an embarrassing lack of understanding of the drugs you are even talking about. When asia sends their pushers they aren't sending their best! Better luck next time Nguyen!

Look there are only so many things that can keep a mutherfucker focused. I literally am giving you anecdotal testimony of how i felt on the Mod. Take it or leave it because ive had an adderall prescription and while it had its benefits i definetly lost money trading with it and it made me irritable. Modafinil is good enough for the military which means its good eniygh for me.

Modafinil is shit, like duramine leaves you feeling dirty, adderall is where it’s at

>americans and cucks calling amphetamine ”adderall”

White Thai Kratom.

I used it to get off Addy. Gives me energy without the impulsiveness that came with Adderall.

Withdrawals are a bitch though if you don't taper so be careful.