If I make it, should I pretend to my friends and family that I lost all my money?

if pic related happens to me im unironically killing myself.

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Just don't talk about Crypto
Literally only cons

Did you even read it? The problem isn't that his friends stopped liking him because he had money, the problem is that all his friends became wageslaves and no longer had time to enjoy life. So even if you hide your money, the same shit is going to happen to you if your friends make normalfag choices.

the problem in the pic seems to be unrelated to whether they told them or not... wagies gonna wage. make friends with rich people

I haven't seen any of my friends from highschool in at least 6 years now and I am 26. I also stopped seeing workfriends after I quit each job. Friends come and go. I expect to make new friends once I truly make it with Link, ones that are on the same level as me.

But this is still true in regards to family though. My family already know I own Link because I tried to shill it to them. There is no way they would ever believe I sold this early either. I've resorted to pretending my portfolio is less than 1 tenth of what it is so far, but eventually even that will be a lot. I want them to buy in so they can make it too, a few of them have bought tiny stacks and one of them a suicide stack.

They will know you suddenly came into money anyways if you suddenly start travelling, buying nice things, going out more often or start your dream business.

You can't build a business in a dream. God you're dumb.

try harder faggot

probably best to say you made some bad trades and sold
I told 3 people honestly about the money I've made in crypto and they all acted differently
2 out of 3 are more annoying and 1 is more fun to hang out with
you shouldn't really speak about it or else your small gifts begin to be expected and judged

I literally told every single one of them. fuck my life, I think I'll just say I became a bitmex degenerate and lost a massive chunk of it

Don't talk about any of your investments
if you start buying nice things and start to travel

If people start to creep in asking you questions tell them you invested in some stocks and got lucky, say you earned a little bit not a lot.

I remember telling one of my friends that I made money online back when I was 16. I was stupid and ran my mouth a lot. I ended up saying it was all a lie. Learn from your mistakes bro.

they'll remember but most will think it isn't significant as long as you don't rub it in their faces
for instance I downplay my purchases and talk about good deals to relate to money conscious people
I don't know my advice is probably worthless but it feels good when the people you told responded with you're stupid it's a scam and then it's you got lucky you're lazy now you're not doing it the right way






Starting off/bear market:
> "crypto 'investing' is just gambling haha, I'll stick to hard graft and not being scammed."

In profits/bull market:
> "drinks are on user! Come on help us out, just had a big car insurance claim"


Yeah, that's what I'll do.
"I sold a little to early, made a little money" etc...
It would feel alot like bragging, and then I think everyone would expect you to solve their money woes or they'd start to resent you

>kills self because friends are retards

>not setting aside a chunk of your post-tax make it money in a trust for your friends and family

What the fuck's the point of seceding from the world if you go alone?

Holy FUCK is that relatable.

I went to my old workplace for a social event and I could literally not talk about anything I have been doing. What am I going to say? I made 100K off a single trade due to the iron ore price rocketing? It just sounds like bragging and douchebaggery.

Even jobs which are only for money, like banking, at least you get to pretend you're doing something meaningful other than being a cash tree.

But when much of your life is crypto, you won't have much to talk about.

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better to tell them that you exited too early, that way it won't seem like you've been irresponsible with money. they'll still think you didn't make that much or have spent all of your winnings, you can pretend you treated yourself to something expensive (like a vacation), something they would understand drained most of your "too early exit"-gains

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Only one of my friends knows I hold some crypto. He saw me checking my blockfolio when we were just chilling at someone house, and asked about it. Hasn't mentioned since, and neither have I. I guess it's better not to have everyone know.

This in a nutshell. No matter if you win or lose money, nothing good will come out of talking about it. You're either considered dumb if you lose or lucky if you win.

Thing is, everyone here already knows they shouldn't talk about this shit. They're just so fucking vain that they can't help it.

gee, i dunno, maybe bring your friends along for the ride?

give them 15% of it as free money to do whatever with. for the rest get a trust made with a lawyer and apportion their spending so they cant fuck it up.

you cant be friends with people who know you're 100x or 1000x richer than them if they arent also, at least, retired

Plenty of retarded neets here hold a lot of link. Looking forward to these cocky faggots losing their head and money faster than they can imagine.

>he has """friends""" in 2019

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I've got a friend who works at a local tech company. In my circle of friends, he's seen as the smart guy, the "tech whiz", even though he's kind of a know-it-all contrarian idiot sometimes.

Another friend had $12k he was looking to invest around December 2018, and so I told him to look into Chainlink when it was like $0.25. My tech friend looked into it first, told him Chainlink was "a bog standard use of blockchain technology" and that he wouldn't invest a cent into it. My friend sided with him over me.

It's basically ruined all our friendships. Tech friend hates me because LINK mooning made him look utterly foolish. Investor friend hates tech friend because he talked him out of an investment that could have made him 6 figures by now. They both resent me because they know I still bought it and made a great return on it so far.

Don't tell your friends OP. Keep it to yourself.

>Post tax
Obviously I would help people. I just wouldn't want them to know that I have a giant stack of money because of the problems like op was talking about

Compartmentalizing your life is for spies, CEOs, and suicidal people. I can't recommend being any of those.

This is a big problem.

If i do make it, im not even going to tell my parents until later on when i can come up with a good story. My mother is a braggadocios loud mouth so she would tell everyone at work about how shes rich and then lose all her friends and then blame me for how shes got no friends lol

On my end, i wouldnt tell anyone of my friends. I obviously cant help but mention crypto trading soemtimes but i jsut say that i have made like £100 and its not making any mroe money

Is it a good idea to stat a business and pretend like it's the business making you the money and not "wow you got lucky" crypto? Like if I start a youtube channel or something and pretend I am getting good income from that?

People are just gonna instantly know if I made money even if I don't tell them. Most of my family are poorfags so even something like taking a holiday or buying nicer food people are gonna start wondering. There is no way I can keep it a secret.

Oof. That's fucking painful. At least they are just workfriends. But Christ that "nerd" must be seriously ego bruised like that to have his reputation so ruined. Why the fuck did he think Link was "a bog standard" crypto project? Either way Link ended up bogging him kek.

>got into an Ivy League with a scholarship
>all my friends are millionaires
>get to go on two free holidays every year
Feels good knowing if I ever make it I won’t alienate them.
>b-but they’ll never accept you as one of them
Doesn’t really matter as long as I’m comfy.

talking crypto and realizing you've now made your friends also put money into it and then seeing when the charts drops, knowing they are also watching the charts drop, is way more painful than just losing money on your own. lucky for me it didn't involve a whopping 12k USD but it's still painful. yeah, best to keep it to yourself.

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I guarantee they think less of the disparity than you do.

oooooh boy someone's in for a pretty big cloud hanging over you for the rest of your life

>You're obviously doing very well for yourself, user. Tell us about your career.

"Well I'm retired now, but I was in ph-pharmaceuticals..."

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Kek. This is actually a good idea. Have a shell company - posts fake clothes being sold. Some IG profiles- some fake medium size clients. Fucking kek.


This o have a few friends going down this path rn. When I think about all the time and blah blah it kinda sucks but you need to accept what's reality and what's likely to happen. They sound like the kind of people that externalize all of their problems and are surprised at the result. If they don't want to help themselves then reciprocate.

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Friends and family only cause pain and strife at best. I'm prepared to leave it all behind if it means I can finally start living the life I was meant for. I'm not a lowly wageslave, I'm a man of leisure and a gentleman of the truest sort. I encourage all princes of crypto to relocate to Nashville, we can form a new frenz and family in each other.

I have*

My friends didn't even try to get out into the world until later which was what kind of put us further apart though. One friend just has a fast food joint on his resume at 27, and another is just getting his license at 26, quit his wage cage and pretends he likes liking off his handful of neetbux. It's impossible for me to say anything without sounding like a preachy asshole from that perspective. I havent told them or family of my gains simply because I know I can't trust them.

Fuck that!

Same. I didn't ask for my family, and I've received more punishment than love from them (with the exception of one person). In the same way, I realize now that I didn't really even choose my friends either. I just kinda became friends with them, without paying attention to the fact they technically are immoral and kind of pathetic and weak. I deserve so much better, especially considering my development in the last 4 years. Every time I talk with these guys it's just different now. Somethings off.
Fuck Nashville though lmao

Why are you here is you love all you highechool friends? We don’t have highschool friends here. I was a chad football player bangin hotties and i still dont have highschool friends. You drop those niggers off before coming here

Just fucking lie and say you flip shit on ebay. How would anyone know? Say you make shit and put it on etsy.
I used to sell drugs and told my family my money came from my job. My bro did the same but lied about being poor(he made 10x what i did) and my parents bought him cars and shit. Eventually he got busted and when my parents found out they were so mad.

Good to know user.

I used to live there, it’s great. Tichest place in the country is literally attached right below nashville. Literally richest people in the country live in nashville it has the highest income per area than anywhere else in the country. Even niggers know their place there

this.never tell them how much you actually make.
my older brother could buy a lambo but he wont since driving his rs4 to work made made the slaves there mad.

>find out about chainlink late 2017
>shill my cousins (coworkers at the time) on it
>reserve a small amount for my mom
>get my dad to put in a little over 1k
>tell everyone in my family to buy in
>stupidly show off my gains to my friends when they were under 10k
>only did it because they were showing off their stocks
I did everything right except with my friends. They are like brothers to me so I'm not too worried, but they don't ask about the price anymore because they know.

That’s pretty fucking funny. I dont think my extended family would give us stuff if they new i had tens of thousands saved up or i own like 20k in collectibles as well. No reason to tell people shit. We struggle and they know and help us but i never ask them too.
Like we struggle in our family and people know it i am just good at spending money and finding deals. And anyone that shows they have money everyone comes asking for shit. People are shameless it’s better to hide your power level. Her family also loves asking how much my tv costs, car, house, etc. its fucking weird how asian families have no shame. Its a fucking prius how much you think it costs! “Oh wow a 4k tv that must be expensive.” “It was $700”, jesus christ.

Worst part is, and I'm ashamed to admit this, I sent my passwords to my friend group in case I ever lost them. I was retarded I know, and all I need to do is buy a mew ledger. But fuck I feel so stupid, and now I have a seed of mistrust in my closest friends. They haven't ever done anything with them. I doubt they still have the passwords, but I'm getting a new wallet ASAP.

I plan to start a niche ecommerce store. Actually a good source of passive income because so much of it from marketing-->sales-->fulfillment can be automated. Hire one person to manage customer service and monthly reports. Tell my friends my money comes from the store.

yeah .he lost some friends because they were jealous and talked shit behind his back.
women with this kind of attitude can be even worse.my former neighbour had a wife like that and his work made it so that he only saw her once month .she did not work nor did she give a shit about her own children to the point that he won the costudy at the end thus turning her from a neet back to wageslave.

>user, this is the 3rd trip overseas you've taken this year and why do you eat out every night at a restaurant now, how can you afford this, not to mention every time I see you with your gf it's a different woman
>Oh I flip shit on ebay and etsy don't worry about it

It's not gonna even cover basic shit user. What the fuck are they gonna ask if I buy a house? I still live at home. They are gonna fucking notice and unless you just continue to live like a turbo poorfag they will know, and then what's the point of making it if you still live like a turbo poorfag.

Jesus fucking christ user, at least put them in a new metamask ASAP. God.

A big house and noticeable possessions are a fetter to any person.

I said a house. I'm in Australia. Fucking shitbox houses cost over 1 million here because fucking boomers treat them like investments and not a place to actually live.

Boomer answer:

You eventually won't talk to your high school friends anyway. Most friends come and go. People grow apart. Even your lifelong friends you're going to hate them for one reason or another at some point.

Second truth: If you are in a drastically different financial situation, you won't even be able to relate to that person. You'll always feel like you have to tiptoe around shit, can't do the things you'd normally do, etc. Very few poorer people are comfortable being friends w/ rich people as well because they always feel inadequate. You might have 1 friend who you can always be the same with despite a huge gap in wealth, but most will grow apart simply bc they're leading a wholly different life experience and money plays an important role in that.

This is why a lot of people who get rich take their friends with them. The 5 guys burger and fries guy for example when he saw his business was doing well he invited all his friends to buy some ownership in it. They're all millionaires now. He's super fucking rich but at least his friends can hang and don't have financial worries and aren't jealous bc they have him to thank for their financial independence.

Rappers go broke doing this shit, but really they are in a weird spot bc a lot come from the hood and can't relate to having a lot of money or people in high society, so they need their friends from the hood around to appreciate their newfound wealth.

Jesus christ user, if this is true, you're borderline braindead. Move funds to metamask ASAP like this user says and then entrust 1 or 2 close family members or friends to FIND your seed phrase after your death, and secure the funds. You don't just give access of your funds to fucking anyone.

tfw I seen this happen with everyone else but not my circle of close friends. We stayed in touch and even hung out regularly through our teens, 20s, and now into our 30s. Though now with one moving away to get married and another passing away, I guess our circle is now broken.

I'll most likely say "i got some money" or something and keep buying stuff for myself. I'll probably smile a little if they ask me if I got rich or something, but then I'll awkwardly change the subject while they are trying to solve the mistery. I think you gotta ease it in. Probably will only tell complete truth to 2-3 people.

I shilled to my friend group. 3 others I told only one bought in. He has 890 Link so only a small stack. I told them all I had 5k stack so when it moons the new money is explained. I didnt tell anyone about the 45k stack I also have.

>This is why a lot of people who get rich take their friends with them.
>tfw told friends and family to buy Chainlink when it was between 16-30 cents and they didn't

Goddamn it. At least they can't blame me for not trying.

Say you drop ship. You literally can even say “i work an online job in marketing. There are fucking millions of reasons. Maybe you do a few different things that net you a few thousand every month


I actually unironically want to hire models and run a pornhub account to get a second stream of semi passive income from a dream hobby. But I can't tell them about those activities either.

I just have to accept that my family will know, I already told them I have Link back in 2017, and I shilled them all on Link all throughout 2018. They know the price is going up as a few of them bought some linklet tier stacks. They are gonna fucking know it was Link that made me rich. They have no idea how big my stack is or how much it's worth though, just that I "bought a few k" back in 2017. When the staking happens I will just say I am selling off staking gains and that's how I am getting my money.

Guys I don't have any friends. I have no social media. Even if link moons only my mom will know about my gains. Am I fucked

The opposite. Friends drag you down. The world is your oyster, user.

I don't care about the emotional fallout and downsides of getting rich because it's probably not happening. But if I get rich, I won't tell a soul.

So what's the general consensus?

a business about dreams huh?

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I have told a lot of people to buy crypto so they have a piece of this coming new era of currency. I know most of them will not. And I figure some of them may resent me for it when it moons. It stings a lot more missing out on shit when you were aware of it.

It's okay, user. It is not that they deserve it, but it is very hard to modify a mindset. They are not willing to risk their financial security in order to reach a more important goal.

I had friends. I grew up with money. I still always do the right thing and help everyone I can.
I have little money.
I have no friends.
My family is shit and they all only bring me down
Every job everyone shits on anyone for the smallest gain

You are doing things right user. I know it doesnt seem like it now but after you make it you can buy happiness. Trust me money buys happiness. It can’t fix mental problems but if you do it right money can fix anything, just remember money is a tool not a magic wand

>I sent my passwords to my friend group in case I ever lost them
My condolences, marine.

>wanting to be a porn peddling jew


Nude photo's/video's aren't porn you fucking christfaggot Jow Forumsfreak.

I will just be uploading to pornhub since they give good revenue for content creators.

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what a fucking retarded cuck you are.

Nah you are contributing to the decline of our society you kike you don’t deserve LINK.

this clearly jew gravure though

If we make it we can fix it

Of course those things are porn and you know that. Dude, join the struggle to make the world a better place for conscious men like us. Hedonism won't make you happier, nor will it make the world a better place for us. Please reconsider.

>muh art
if they are intended to make male dicks hard it's porn

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show your tits you fucking bitch

>They will know you suddenly came into money anyways if you suddenly start travelling, buying nice things, going out more often or start your dream business.
No fucking shit. I thought everyone on on here was supposed to go stealth wealth?

i'd show her tits if this wasnt a blue board

We should all pick a place to take over. What’s a dope cheap place a bunch of autists could go to? We could call it autist island. Best internet. We could import thots and tendies

you are still a child. you havent realised those 'high school friends' are exactly that, high school friends - from that stage of life, and you (and them) have yet to mature beyond that.

You are suppose to make new friends as you level up in life, not get stuck behind with bitter NPC's.

seriously wtf with this, it such a common story. Why helping gets so much hate

you know you have tits cunt

>51. – Advice that wasn’t asked for is rarely appreciated, let alone followed. Don’t give advice that isn’t asked for, don’t advise everybody who asks for your insight, only advise those you think worthy. An “I don’t know” will keep things civil without forcing you to waste time.

>42. – It is important to work smarter than harder, but better to be seen as dumb and hard-working. Few like a rich man who earns more in a less arduous condition, for jealousy of his privileged position is rife. A smart man earns more than a hard-working man, yet a smart, hard-working man who appears average outearns both.

>43. – It’s easy not to outshine the brilliant, but it’s difficult not to outshine the incompetent. Regardless, know your place and behave accordingly.

that's why you shill them to your friends too but carefully