Did you know that you can earn 140k AUD to work as an entry level drill fitter?

Give me one good reason why you aren't

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i already make that much drilling your mom

Because I made more than that just last month on Chainlink alone.

Plus being a tradie in Australia is literally the lowest of the low.

BECAUSE Australia has the worst internet connection I have ever seen and is 99999999miles away from the NA servers EU servers ASIA servers so ull always have 200ping and your anime will stutter and

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This is fucking true. Pic related. This is the 5th day of attempting to download this fucking thing. Every fucking time I try either the internet shits out or the download drops out and I have to restart again. And when it's on it's so fucking slow.

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These jobs are too hard to get you have to suck off someone’s uncle to get in

Download to a server in EU/US and use SFTP to transfer from there brainlet

Thats only 100k usd or about 70k usd after tax, you will be working twice as many hours as a normal job so basically 2x 35k usd jobs plus on top of that you dont get to go home at the end of the day just living in a shipping container in the desert with nothing to do but go to the local bar and drink and whore all your wages away.

This. If you don't already know someone in the industry you aren't getting in.

Beats McDonalds. Am a head chef/restaraunt manager, earn 70-80k and basically roster myself on whenever I feel like working. Still wanna escape "waging" one day though wish I went all in Link at 30c but am all in with a dca of 95c now.

you also have chance of dying, a mate almost broke his back. This not the biz way

Imagine being a rational thinking white man and selling your labor to the highest bidder like a common prostitute.

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How much Link do you have? If it's over 10k you will make it fine no worries. Even 1k Linklets will make it if they hold long enough.

I'd rather just move to the EU/US/SEA after Link staking happens and I cash out some staking gains.

what kind of restaurant? How many tables do you do normally?
I used to be a cook at my uncles restaurant and could not stand it. Honestly wanted to murder myself. I don't even enjoy cooking and have no idea why I agreed to doing the work.

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Well I saw them advertised on seek

Not twice as many hours. It depends. But the pay rates can be $60-80 ph which is pretty good.

worked with drillers in aus. They’re bready based - work hard and get paid well. 2-1 or 3-1 roster. Tons of frequent flyer points. Borderline alcholism is part of the culture. Ran over a shit load of roos and emus and goats. Gotta got the Roos on the downbounce or they go through the screen. Out in the fuckin Aussie sun all day boils your brain. A lot were into hookers. After the 14 day shift ends, some would head to Thailand for their week off. Some were ‘gold-tier’ members of brothels.

true. The drillers I worked with carried their porn on usbs.

you mean working 12 hours a day underground for 2 weeks straight doing back breaking manual labor? Yeah can’t imagine why everyone isn’t doing it.

That shit is incredibly hard work with long hours. You think any of these basement dwelling neets want to work long and hard? HAHAHA

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why the fuck even bother

$300k income here. No slave labor. That’s why

Im not Australian and I'm a musclelet

Imagine all the money going into your stinkies

It would help if you added some kind of context

CEO/founder of tech startup. The honest truth in life - if you want to be wealthy you need to have equity or ownership stake. The salary will be peanuts on acquisition day. Don’t rent your time without purpose.

>140k AUD
Buys a can of Fosters and an hour with a kangaroo


I'm just another German backpacker scum trying to steal your jobs!!!
What can I do to earn money fast? I have whitecard and PPE am strong. I just want to do a brainless manual job!! and no I don't have 3 years experience no I don't have a car I just take the train you dirty bogans just give me a job!!

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Hello mr. Mcdonalds how much do Burger flippers earn in your fine establishment? I will do anything at this point.

t. Desperate German backpacker

What a sad sad degenerate ""life"" these swine live.

why not farming, like fruit picking? Im sure you would enjoy camping and hiking in the country side.

There’s plenty of fruit picking jobs out in the country side. You’ll be treated like shit and will work very hard but the bright side is you’ll get paid fuck all faggot.

Farming in most places is literally a scam by the (((Chinese))) Mafia. You have to pay ridiculous prices and bonds to earn the rights to work grueling hours for well under the legal minimum wage.