Whats up losers? ;) i just got accepted to pilot school;)

Whats up losers? ;) i just got accepted to pilot school;)

Yep thats right my job is gonna be cooler than your shitty pathetic job ;))

ill enjoy a 300k euro salary and fucking stewardesses ;)))

enjoy your lowpay 8-16 job


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I'll probably be retired off my fortune by the time you start wagecucking. Halving and next bullrun is in a few years at the least.

Have fun working, slave.

Stale pasta

Glorified wage slave. Airplane crashes are on the rise.





Dilate, tranny.

Every pilot I’ve ever flown with has looked sick and hideous with weird marks on their skin. That much radiation exposure is not good for the human body. Enjoy the 300k.

Have sex


Literally have sex

Cope seething



Your mother hahahah

Contract hep C bootlicker

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>luxury gaming parts ;)

Jelly? ;)

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have fun spending 20 hours of every day in a glorified bus, either flying it somewhere or being flown somewhere

its like joining the army, you lose your entire life

Grats. Now you can save 90% of your salary easily.

Airplanes are literally safer than boats, cars, trains and buses combined.

You can go check that statistic yourself.

Its not a glorified bus
Its a 100million dollar engineering marvel

Wrong kys

How can someone be this retarded?

Only because there is less of them silly.

Have fun deliberatley flying into a mountain with hundreds of people aboard due to your inevitable mental breakdown.

Pilot school cost 100k. Enjoy your loan
Salary start at 45k for first officer
Tf dad of a airline pilot

Ah you bought some VID too, you'll be at the moon pretty soon by my calculations...

I make 500k a year
Suck my cock pajeet